Yes, I Am Willing To Forgive And Forget

Truth, no one has ever gotten to know me as good as I know myself…

Except for the loving and caring understanding of my friends and family.

The past is full of connections that bridge my present, future and the future beyond my life.

I am willing and able to forgive and forget because of my strong tie to family and friends. They are my rock to all that may be.

I still vaguely feel fears that wisp up from time to time, but my love and connection with others bring more joy to life and the life of others.

I sincerely let go of the past mistakes and embrace the ‘joy still felt’ with people who share a great narrative from our history and shared life experiences in all we say and do.

I love our epic stories!

Gratitude and Gratefulness…a kind of blissful essence

Love to show people how much they mean to me…

I love my apartment and I love this little shelter. I found at the bottom of the stairs: it was made by a homeless man.

He took a bench from the apartment and carried it down the concrete stairs to set up in his new hide-a-way. He had other accessories: candle, flint-lighter, blanket, ashtray, cup and saucer, and other clothing and food. He managed to stay a day or two until he was kicked out…

I am grateful he had a day or two…

I am grateful for my faculties Of thought, feelings, and beliefs…

I love my action, body and mind…

I love doing no harm to others…

I am grateful for my mistakes…

I am grateful for my recovery and relapse…

I am 100% grateful, at the moment, it is the most important part of me,like a touch stone…

I know I cannot be this way all the time…

I know I will continue to succeed and fail in many ways till my end of days…

But I wouldn’t give up this moment…

For me it is a lifesaver…

Just Another Moment Of Positive Psychology…

Authentic Happiness

Don’t dwell on the past, present or future.

Be ready to use whatever works for you.

Volunteer to change your attitude when it serves you better.

Can you learn to be happy?

There is no answer or need for an answer.

But a description will guide the way to a better you.

Happiness is about being true to yourself, so you can be true to others.

It occurs when you become aware of yourself in a playful, less critical way and in the presence of others.

Just setting your mind to become happy is a good indicator that you will attain it in a self-correcting way.

Happiness is not forced or coerced or thought into existence.

It is experienced through positive emotion and training the mind to adapt to change when being yourself and adopting ways to allow socialization with people who can be family and friends in your day to day existence.

To prevent aloneness or isolation, learn to walk away from yourself and visit others.

Even a walk to the store, a good exercise is to go out and engage with the activity and people in your local community.

Discover the people, activities, and destination within your work, family and friends.

Educate yourself in these simple ways and put them into practice to build on your present level of happiness and grow society into a better place to live through being ‘yourself’

This is a natural way we already exist.

Just ask a happy person the next time you feel happy or talk to someone who is happy.

Atheist And Student: Who Is The New Atheist?

In this dialogue a Atheist attempts to express the values of people who happen to be Atheists.

Atheist:  You do understand, I do not believe in God.  Some think because of my belief that I don’t believe in truth.  That I have not got a purpose, therefore I must file for a Leftist belief in Nationalism to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Student:  Do you think that if someone believes in God that they have no purpose and cling to religion to keep their sanity?

A:  Well, yes and no.  I believe I didn’t think to give religious people or people their due.  They all have purpose and all have their sanity.  Like I do.

Student:  Why don’t you believe in God?

A:  Interesting question, I am a big believer in trying on beliefs.  I think it is best for me to try it first, before recommending it to others.

S:  So you just decided to try out believing in life without believing in god.

A:  I had a problem that challenged me to try out a God free way of existing in this world.

S:  What have you discovered?

A:  I must take more responsibility for my life and the way I treat other life.

S:  Do you treat people better?

A:  Differently, I like to take responsibility for my ways, behaviour and try to do no harm to myself and others.  My views have always been hard to express without a clear demonstration without God.

S:  What do you believe?

A:  That people need to be free to choose their own beliefs.  But this sometimes conflicts with your life because others disagree with your Atheism.

S:  Is there anything you want to tell people?

A:  I believe I usually like to keep my Atheism to myself.  But I think we should all have the choice to choose our beliefs and to be in the kind of practice of our choosing as long as we are not harmful to our self or others.  We all make mistakes and it is hard to forgive and forget.  We need to strive to understand each other.

S:  Are you a perfectionist.

A:  Not really, I know I can never be perfect.  I make mistakes like everyone.  I take responsibility for my actions.  I am wrong more often than I would like to admit.  But I like to be as transparent as possible.  I consider myself to be a Canadian liberal, but accept capitalism and democracy because it is our way.  I also accept the ways of a multi ethnic, multi-belief orientated Canadian Society.  I attempt to be the best Canadian I can be.

S:  What do you think I should do?

A:  Keep an open mind, talk to people and explore your beliefs like you would any other part of your life.  And please, feel free to ask me or show me whatever you think is best.  I prefer if you be nonviolent and try not to harm me:


Reading The Writing On The Wall

It says there is a limit to people, places and things.

This is important when trying to assess the use or how to treat oneself or others.

The proper use of impressions is like having a moral compass with problems we are faced with in our day to day lives.

Sometimes it is best to follow the rules or tried and true methods worked out by previous generations.

The past has paid dearly for all the answers, wealth and experience past down from our people, countries and more…

Presently, we are learning much and receiving much that is roughly described as good bad and ugly.

And the future holds more of the same.

Yet, moral discernment is a complex ability.

We need to use it in all manner of ways.

Today I fail.

Again, and again, and then, perhaps I will learn to set myself right.

In this same sense, some of us live and learn to some degree…

What we write on this wall is a true measure of our moral responsibilities.

I like to read and believe ever word on this wall of ours.

May we all contribute many more paragraphs….

Pay Attention

How much is your attention worth to you?

In these days of ‘destracted survival’, we all need to slow down and pay attention to each other, the more anonymously the better.

A distracted driver is seen by everyone and a simple nod to a fellow witness helps calm the nervous system of the witnesses.

A look at someone walking beside you, in a friendly manner, relaxes the privacy issues.

To slow down and participate in day to day living is living.


People are taking more responsibilities with their sexuality and identity simply by asking questions, having experiences and making discoveries about themselves.

Parents and teachers are making great strides in their education and experience as well.

Mistakes are being made and there is a lot of chit-chat, but transparency is keeping everyone safer and calmer than ever before.

Life is still filled with survivors.

Yet, many people are thriving!

And many of the answers are still not worthy of discussion.

But the questions sure as hell are.

Don’t trust me (white, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant, atheist, questioner), meet the LGBTQ’s community who love to knock your socks off.