Or not, how often do you change the subject when you don’t feel like talking about something or doing something?

How often are you conscious of stopping yourself from doing something?

How well do you know yourself?

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the body runs unconscious or autopilot.

When is autopilot dangerous to use?

Being aware is not always possible.

To practice consciously making choices and decisions will improve the habit of making it a practice.

Think about consciousness and how you need to use yours in a healthy way.

What is your prime directive?

Are you aware of having one, and if so, is it worth having it?

Why Do Left-handed People Use Rapid Dry Inks?

Proven effective, Sarasa, fast drying gel ink

-Rapid Dry ink

-no smears, no smudges

-from Zebra Pen Canada Corp

Yes, this is a good pen for us ‘lefties’. I have been getting ink on me and my writing smeared by me for years. So, I finally found a product that works for me and for any left handed person who needs to improve the hand writing experience.

Mike’s Book Recommendation

Who Knew?

Are you from the Island or do you want to come and visit?

In either case, you would benefit by reading “The Haunting On Vancouver Island” by Shanon Sinn.

The Haunting of Vancouver Island: Supernatural Encounters with the Other Side by Shanon Sinn (

Information Theory Can Be Proven Through Science

Some people may be more interested in the facts.

Difference Between Information and Knowledge (with Comparison Chart) – Key Differences

But most of us have a hard time considering how information can be practical for our own circumstances let alone for society as a whole.

The idea is to come up with an idea or theory and put it to the test by building an experiment to prove it is so.

There are so many obstacles to refining ideas let alone information.

In math there is a basic concept about finding the lowest common denominator, the idea is to take a fraction or some problem in math and reduce it to its simplest form. An example is 2/4=1/2.

In real life, I may need to get to an appointment at 2 PM. It is now 1. I have one hour to get to the appointment. Again, to make any generalization can be incomplete and result in a bad understanding of the meaning and use of the idea.

Mostly, our default is to make up a story to help us understand or communicate an idea.

Most of us believe the story, even if it is untrue or some equivalent.

But stories make us feel good. And they are convincing, and entertaining to be sure.

So, this story is about Health span.

If I told you there is a bucket list, you just have to see, you would want to know, right?

Personal medicine may be something the future will produce, but you need information about your health span now.

The idea is to build the best habits you can to live a healthy span.

Personally, I have focused on living with no sugar, no alcohol, lots of sleep, managing myself in healthy habits. But I am only human and living is a messy business. I am not looking for perfection, I am practicing restraint.

Define a healthy lifespan and just do it.

I personally like to keep calm and write, read, research and study.

I think this is a good topic for me.

Death Is Really Easy To Count

“Nothing! Count that as your experience of death.”

“Nope, maybe, death is like a snow storm, how can you count that!”

“I’m not going to humor you with, hallucinations! I’m going to die like everybody else.”

“Okay, but can’t you stop quantifying and just relate to an experience. Like a snow storm, then falling asleep in the storm and everything fades to white.”

“Nope, it’s nothing like that, or if it is, it’s like fractals. It’s like the answer a fully functional quantum computer will give you. Just input, how much is a death? Zero? One? All?”

“I think this problem needs more study.”

“You think?!”

glass disposal

It is a complicated thing to understand that the best place for your household glass is either the landfill or sent to get a refund.

It starts with the false notion that it is practical to recycle glass.

Then it turns out glass is more valuable than sand.

Then there is the need to remove garbage from a household.

It is not worth taking to market.

There is no practical method that presently serves the scale needed for reusing, reducing and recycling.

The product is glass.

Whoever finds a way to make it worthwhile for garbage companies to process glass will also find a practical way to remove it from households.

Nobody wants to hear about the glass ending up in the landfill and no one wants to be billed to remove glass from their household.

Many people don’t even want to send their refundable bottles to the return or bottle depot.

Let’s start finding solutions that will work for all these needed households.

For Greater Victoria, recycling can be a pain in the glass | Times Colonist

Come Hither!

Who art thou?

I promise you, five years from now, on November 8, 2025.

I will be older, but so will you.

What kind of promise do you want to make.

Practice the good life, ‘cooperate and collaborate’, then maybe we can talk.

Yes, we can think tank together.

No violence, no big money, unless you come up with a good enough reason.

But, why not, why not have a closed forum, with all members who think, are compassionate, and practice non-violence.

Why not meet behind closed door and see what we can come up with.

It is not revolution, it is evolution. Growing up by any other name.

People And COVID-19

Summer is coming to a close, and in the fall many parents and students are preparing to return to school and work.

Many people are concerned about the ‘second wave’ and ‘cold and flu season’.

In BC, Adrian Dix and Bonnie Henry, are doing their best to lead the province into this transition as calmly and safely and thoughtfully as the leadership can muster.

Employers are also putting their best foot forward.

We are being reminded what important steps we must all undertake to keep safe.

Preparation for September 2020

Please support the effort,