A Trip For Your Mental Health

An altered state of consciousness is scattered through out our day.

Some people regulate their mental health with a day off.

Others, do it in less obvious ways:  go for coffee, go for a run, stay inside on a rainy day, go out at night, do exercise or a combo of all the above.

To lose our mental health can seem outrageous.

Generally, we go see our GP who will refer us to a mental health specialist.

In the hospital emergency, we may feel we are loosing our minds, or may do harm to ourselves or others.

At this crisis level, we are sent to the emergency and become temporarily secured for further treatment.

If someone wants to confine us, it is for a good reason, and we are released on our own or with some restrictions.

It is frightening to loose control with a mental health problem, but rarely is it so chronic that we need to be in long term treatment.

Today, a new kind of therapy with psychedelics are being explored and tested by our best science and institutions.

Perhaps, we will have a pill and a therapist to ‘take us on a trip’ to relieve our mental stress or problem.

Until then, it is important to become educated on how to prevent and maintain our mental health.

It is good to plan for a mental health appointment with your GP, learn about going to the emergency when having a severe mental health problem, and to stay informed about our mental health.

We already keep journals and diaries, talk to friends and family and we can ‘google it’.

There is probably more we can do to maintain our mental health.


A Good Person

I just have to accept it.

I’m going to upset myself and others for the rest of my life.

All I have to do is not act on it.

‘Do no harm’ is a simple statement.

So is ‘the proper use of impressions’.

A child is born.

One who is willing and able to practice the above two statements and will live a better life.

He or she will learn to become a better person.

Most of us are fortunate to become and live better lives.

The challenge is to stick with it.

You may wish to change, but the goal is to ‘stick with it’.

The Joy Of Compassionl

Wish me luck because I am about to make a lifelong commitment to meditation.

Meditation is like ‘the Eightfold Path’ the Buddhists use at perfecting their life.

It needs the participant to prepare morally and ethically or more importantly in a good philosophy.

The challenge is more ethical than literal, reverse the extinction of humanity.

Or the possibility of more and more violence.

Perhaps my exaggeration will help make sense of my action, let me thank my family,friends and community for the help and support.

A meditator needs to become expert at loving kindness and mindfulness.

Through awareness I will shed some of my many problems.

I hope I will live a long and prosperous life.

I am stoically starting with bite size pieces of aversion and suspending desire as I learn to let go of aversion.

My intention is to develop the trait of compassion to help myself, friends, family and community.

Thanks for listening and good luck with your philosophy and what you apply to living the good life.