Mike’s Cold and Flu Remedy

Lots of sleep,

Lots of fluids,

Aspirin and full glass of water,

Moderate exercise,

Plenty of mint tea and apple cinnamon camomile tea,

Chicken soup (fluids),

Salt and warm water gargle,

Peppermints for sore throat,

Vick’s to unblock air passages,

Dress extra warm, rest and relax to excess,

Don’t try to control externals,

Do no harm to self or others,

Know your limits!

Black Friday (Shopping)

Is the day after thanksgiving, in the United States.

On Friday, November 23, 2018.

In Canada, the retailers have used this day as a way to keep Canadians at home shopping, although some still flock to the United States for the higher cost cuts.

Not to be confused by a drinking day a week before Christmas in the UK.

Actually, Black Friday seems to be going global, other countries like Mexico, Romania, India, France , Germany,Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand and many more…


In recent years, the United States retailers have been spreading sales for Christmas over November and December (commonly known as the Christmas Creep)

The Positive Side Of Solitude (This is a description not an indictment)

img_0543Deep visualization reveals an animation like a comic strip.

With this core focus, there is a deep sleep and quiet.

A joyful kind of aloneness is being able to contemplate in a still, peaceful and calm manner.

It’s like being alert within the mind in your own wilderness.

At this level of awareness, nothingness seems possible, but being alive and happy about it is part of the satisfaction felt during this altered state of mind.

Here mindfulness of the relaxation kind can help relax the body and therefore the brain.

Being alone does not need to be all about mental pushups.

The relaxed, resting brain allows the mind to relax and rest in a calmer stillness like ‘Walden Pond’ and Henry’s David Thoreau’s cabin in the woods purpose.

An awakening mind may find solitude in this kind of silence.

During times of less mental chatter and very little visualizing, a kind of white noise/starkness begins to emerge like a deep meditation.

There are times when being by oneself is identical to standing mentally beside oneself in the observation mode.

Again, it is like practicing meditation to acquire the outcomes like focus, awareness, stillness, silence, calm absent from all the strong negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, self pity, resentment etc.


The Simpler The Better

Living on what you got,

Perhaps as a janitor, I can afford my place,

I can afford to pay most of my bills,

I can maintain the loan by paying the interest,

I can eat, sleep and work, and play,

I can do no harm to myself, my family, and community.

I can do the things I love:  photography, philosophy, and writing, reading, and research,

I can meditate, walk, rest, relax, play guitar,

And be a good son, co-worker, neighbor, friend, brother, citizen, student, teacher,

I can practice doing all this and then some.

I can practice being patient, compassionate, simple, and a good person.

I am grateful for all I can be and then some…


Oh Country (no free lunch)!

Our place is pretty good, but there are things going on I don’t like.

I really love this place and tend to over look stuff that I should pay more attention to.

I protect me and my family and people I know, but who am I to tell anyone what to do.

One guy I know, makes a point, we aren’t as free as we believe.

But our place is better than most.

Sure, I take it for granted and I tend to care too much.

But the neighbours place is 10 times bigger and he is 10 times angrier than me.

What am I going to do?

I’m going to see what happens next.  It may be time to move.

A Poet’s Muse

The truth is a mean mistress.

She fights you for love and hate.

She may value what you may not,

Or laugh when people cry,

She calls everyone a liar,

Why does she tell the truth?

Her philosophy is partial to virtue,

Her voice depends on my good work.

Her stunning nature reveals all to anyone with no reservation.

My mind blisters looking into her face.

Her power overwhelms the human race.

She answers all her calls

And always stands her ground,

I dare to love her ways.

I blame myself when she is misunderstood,

I can’t help acting like a knave in her presence.

She is demanding, selfish and pure! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth?wprov=sfti1