Why books are no good in philosophy

To use the Socratic method requires being a good guide and connecting with people face to face.

Old technology like books and new stuff like FaceTime, just won’t work.

It is all about making better thoughts to help people make themselves better.

This is the true definition of prosperity or philosophy.

Stoics like Epictetus used the same methods.

Technology isn’t going to advance humanity, humanity is.

Okay, you may not get it.  People only connect, face to face.

This sense of connection delutes isolation and helps with authenticity.

There are many qualities to person to person connections.  Trust is just one of them.

Anonymity (and good)

You may never see me, but I am present for you.

You may not sense me as a threat and therefore ignore me.  But I shall be ready to help.

You could be emotionally spent.  But I will give you patience and understanding.

You have good and bad behaviour.  But I will be with you when things are good, bad, and ugly.

You may never know my name.

You may never pay me back.

What Is Being Mistaken?

I am sure good at being wrong.

I lie to myself:  cheat, steel and beg and borrow.

I judge myself in the wrong way.

I miss my own mistakes by being too close to myself.


Here are the facts:  age, height, weight, education, how I grew up, etc.

Here is the law:  my beliefs in how everything is being.

I make a lot of assumptions based on the stuff I call facts and beliefs.

Sometimes they reach up and bite me.  And/or someone who is engaged with me.


I’ve always wanted a car.

But I don’t want to make the money to buy it.

My mistake will be, I will end up with the money down the road:  I am going to use it for something better.

I still don’t have the money.


Most of my mistakes work out for the best.

I learn things about myself.

And I learn not to make the same mistakes.

I tend to grow out of my mistakes.


What have I learnt about being mistaken?

I need to make mistakes to grow.

I don’t like making mistakes at the time.

Sometimes mistakes do more harm than good.

Being Hateful

Sometimes it is faster burning, this is the adult version of a tantrum.  The hate is short-lived in the moment.

Other times, it is slower burning, something happened to the person, and depending on the event and subsequent training:  the person may act without others being aware of the intensions to harm others whenever it is necessary to get what they want from them.

Usually, we call the above, loosing control over our better selves.  The base animal instincts to survive are much cruder than the higher instincts to live being our best selves.

Sometimes the dark side wins and we slide into criminal behaviour.  The longer we survive like a criminal, the more likely we will join this kind of society.  It is full of dog eat dog behaviour:  lying, cheating, steeling, fighting to inflect fear, anger, physical harm, wonton destruction of materials, eventually harming people enough to persuade and manipulate them into submission.

Being hateful only gets sicker beyond this level.  Education is the best medicine.  As counter productive as it seems on the surface, the more we know the healthier we potentially become.

It is always best to forgive and forget.  Obviously, a hard lesson to learn.