Peace On Earth Is Going To End By The Next Generation…

Provocative, maybe,

  1. Threat of nuclear war (all billions of humans dead).
  2. Threat of climate change (global destruction).
  3. Threat of Korea and Middle East (start of nuclear war).

Lack of attention, to global destruction,

We are rapidly approaching global destruction,

Are we dedicated to destroying human life?

Noam Chomsky believes we are.

Is organized human life finished?

There are options, ‘obey the law’.

Stop these threats and head towards global peace.

Can the world survive?

Will China save the world?

Your generation is being asked to determine humanities survival.

America is being asked to save the world?

Here, now, by everyone, who wants to change for peace.

All advances come from grass roots movements.

That starts with student/teacher relationships.

What needs to be changed in today’s world and how do you do it?

Check out this video and decide for yourself.

Get together with other students and discuss your future.




Polar Ice Cap

Earth’s story is riveting because it smacks of climate change.

Mars on the other hand may be interesting for those going to mars but most of us are bored to tears.

Interesting that earths North Pole cap is mostly floating on sea and South Pole cap is on land.

Worst still is the sudden loss of the ice in both regions.

It speaks of some kind of global problem here on earth.

What are we going to do about it?

The Web

‘www or the World Wide Web ‘ is not specifically the same as the internet.

I just like the idea of collaboration and cooperation globally.

But this is the tool to do it.

Unfortunately, not everyone has it or wants it.

It would be good to get access people beyond the day to day or within the common interest of all.

Gratefully, their are never a shortage of contributors or content.

I just can’t see the importance of universal communication, it may help keep the door open or more transparency, but there are problems.

Like we have a lack of compassion, so the permanency of record may create problems for those who use to be forgotten in analogue forms.

The vague image of the information seems a little challenging to use, it seems to make everyone a researcher or nobody an expert.

But I think the web is worth looking into and using on the regular basis.

Better try to limit use to 4 hours a day, it seems more addictive than TV.

Just A Roll Of The Dice

‘Why me?’, is a common way to express the stark realization of harm that may and does happen to people.

Yet, just as often, ‘Just dumb luck’, it could be someone, anyone who wins the lottery.

The math must be a challenge to figure and a number generator must be another challenge.

Is there more too it?

When I think of ‘I Ching’, I begin to ponder fate or meaning, purpose and belief, but what does randomized numbers or generators have to specifically with the meaning of life?

The fact that random ways exist make me think of nothingness exits and if infinity exists?

The whole notion does seem a little beyond me.

Reddit – canada – Biggest problems in Canada.

Reddit – canada – Biggest problems in Canada.
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People need a safe place with the resources to live and thrive and grow a good lifestyle.

With the federal election people will vote for the party they believe will make better in roads to a better lifestyle and health outcomes.

To be free in a first world country is a challenge worth willing to strive and exercise for each day.

New Fact Sheets Show Growing Racial Disparities in Canada | OCASI

Media Release March 21, 2019 / Toronto – Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change (COP-COC) is releasing today a new set of fact sheets showing racial disparities in education & learning, employment, food & water security, health & child welfare, housing & homelessness, income & social assistance, immigration & newcomer settlement, justice & policing, and poverty, to mark the
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Who is being troubled by these new statistics?

To be aware of racial differences mean people need to see and understand others.

Our truth is what makes us who we are today.

To be human allows us to cooperate and collaborate with others, regardless of who we are today.

Becoming aware of the community is a good thing.

Human beings helping human beings.

Please support the effort.