The Well Mannered Man (Or Woman Or LGBT2)

He watched people behave.

He listens to people behave.

He responds to their ways in a neighbourly way.

He manages his life: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

He is morally equivalent to a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or whatever… secularly morally responsible.

If he is Canadian or any other nationality, he is a nice guy.

Drew Hayden Taylor (no relation), “400 KILOMETRES”

Excellent play, slice of life, modern Shakespeare…

Proper impression or expression,

Does no harm, but tells the truth,

Seems to be genuine about living,

Space, Sound Sensation

Walking by a grove of trees,

A gentle breeze, moving limbs to and from,

Freshness abounds, after a summer’s shower,

Synchronized parts connecting with nature,

Meaningful coincidence breaks the Day louche,

Managing pain, learning to pass by, let go, move on…

Peacekeepers In West Africa

Unfriendly circumstances in this part of the country will make it unfit for travel:

Our military service people will need to work hard overseas and we want them to work safe and come back when they finish the job as best they are able.

I’m sure we all want a successful mission.

Helping people overseas is a thankless job.

Thank you.

“The Three Day Apple A Day Plan”-update

Well it has been about a month of apples.

I am beginning to enjoy my meals.

The Apple habit is solid.

I have forgotten to eat an apple before a meal twice.

The changes for me are slow and easy.

I notice what I eat and when I eat.

The Apple marks each meal.

I am slowly getting into more walking, stretching and weights.

My appetite is becoming more manageable: my cravings are becoming less pronounced and I feel more self-control.

All in all, the gradual change in diet and exercise is becoming better.

My plan is to give a monthly update for the next year.

Wish me luck!

Managing Pain

Carry as much of a load as you can.

Carry as much of a code as you can.

Physical health is just one element that points to quality of life.

Now a days it is common to hear about mental and spiritual health.

All these aspects relate to our ability to process pain and stress in the various aspects of day to day living.

Where to start, at the beginning, what is important to you?

We all have problems, but the single most important problem may be money or the lack of it.

How do you manage your debt load?

Are you creating more harm than good?

What puts a smile on your face?

Do you crave drugs, stimulation, are you down, up, worried, sick and tired, fed up?

Are these ideas resonating with your situation at present.

Can you add to the conversation by writing a journal or doing a tapped journal?

Would you consider talking to someone?

There are programs to watch, and books to read.

Maybe you are a doer?

Where do you want to start?

It is worth thinking about various forms of exercise, communication and study.

You can learn to better manage pain.

Dali Vs. Life: Surrealistic

In this dialogue, Salvador Dali, the great surrealist painter talks with Life to gleam the meaning of life. Can they shake each other up and start the conversation?

Life: “Mr. Joyce will you stop my streaming of consciousness for a minute.” I am really trying to use my meditation program to unplug from my devices.

Dali: “You paint with words like I make ‘time drip’ and ‘slip and slide through reality’.”

L: Paper towel, orange, little teeth under the pillow will grow and grow. You better slow and slow before you get whiplash from your dreams.

D: Use misinterpret my life’s work. I am a provocateur or shock and awe to you new children.

L: I am awake. I feel the earth beneath my symmetrical feet. I eat the fruit of spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

D: But, I must make you angry.

L: Yes, but out of gratitude for your gift, I am willing to practice a form of happiness to drag some ‘life’ into the room.

D: But the room is pitch black. How can you see anything?

L: Don’t be silly, I bring the light I give and receive from life savers like my friends and family.

D: Don’t make me blush you great handsome one!