Learning how to meditate through a teacher


meditation is essentially awareness,

there are different types of meditations, or form, techniques,etc,

there is no bad way to meditate or to be aware,

there is no need to control awareness, outcomes, or sensations,

all is good and the practice will grow and produce better outcomes,

Virtue’s Too Nice For Avarice And Vice

Or are they one and the same,

Every vice has a craving associated with it.

Every person has a vice and a craving,

‘Who does it’, may sound like the right question.

How often…

Place vice on a pedestal and get really bad.

Deadly sin no longer has a ring on its finger.

Mortal has a better sound, had the flu of late.

Make me date,

There are viruses that would make your hair curl.

The body can’t tell the difference between protein and a virus.

All roads lead to recycling,

Who said anything was good to eat,

We better beat that drum.

Rum, rum, rum.

The race, the digital age, designer drugs

The timer is set, watch the news to hear the latest doom and gloom.

Set the stage with disaster to welcome our next triumph: recycle, reuse,

Are we part of a life cycle or a death cycle?

Cloister, cluster, life can be a mom with despair.

Yet, we are topping out with our population and poverty has been cut in half.

The good news and good life is a proposition.

Gravity is good when it holds things together.

Universal is almost as big, we strive to bring ever piece together.

Gloms together like real life, can it get any better?

The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting – The New York Times

Raising children has become significantly more time-consuming and expensive, amid a sense that opportunity has grown more elusive.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2018/12/25/upshot/the-relentlessness-of-modern-parenting.html

Is it worth becoming aware of the modern parenting needs and wants? Are you ready to dip into a few more popular articles on the subject?

Letting Go Of Power

Loosing power can be felt like impotency,

Embarrassing and a lose of confidence is normal,

Fear is normal, because it is the truest keenest way to feel a lose of power or more like a lose of control.

The adjustment is full of lingering unwanted feelings.

The opportunity to face these feeling requires awareness of aversion and a great way to use the proper use of impressions.

Don’t harm , see what harm happens and try to stop it, it’s not easy, but facing strong averse feeling happens little by little over the years.

Sometimes being aware will take time and extra effort.

Together with family and friends or others willing to be supportive can help us to be willing to change.


I owe a debt to others.

Sometimes it is hard to pay the debt.

Many times it is simply impossible to do it.

Many are able to believe in someone or something that can forgive their debt.


Ted Talk On Opiate Addiction

There is a ‘why’ and ‘how’ to every problem.

Mind you, it takes finite optimism:  goals for doable positive outcomes.

And it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself and your doctor on the problem and the solution.

There is no doubt opiates are here to stay and the drug and people who need to use it, doctor’s and patients, need to learn how and why to step off the drug in a healthy way.

To be completely honest, some ‘start up’ needs to educate these people to help manage a global problem.

That’s, my two cents, if you are curious, watch this Ted Talk:  https://youtu.be/WhpAYw9kCt8