Forgive Her, Forgive Yourself

She gave her life for you,

You can throw me to the dogs,

You really hate yourself, don’t you?

Don’t give way to hating…

Is that how you treat your friend, by throwing them in the garbage?

He loved her, he loved you.

And look, did she die for nothing?

Did they both die for the same reason?

Sometimes you win or loose.

It both amounts to the same thing.

Can you throw it all away and start again.

And not mention it to anyone.

To face death directly is better I think.

To face your fear….

The Faith Of Belief: Love Is…

The narrative of love begins with an experience and ends with a state of mind.

Together with the memory of sensation and this state of mind, each unique person can grow, share and experience this love over and over again.

Each episode of love can be shared and produce longer states of mind.

A strong state of mind whereby positive emotion supplements the experience to love yourself and others.

The love experience can be a person, place or thing.

Sexual love is absent of passion to destroy, limit, or manipulation.

There is also a noticeable absence of lust.

Loving another can be simple, compassionate and long suffering or patient.

Although, love can be used to describe the act of sexual intercourse, it also encompasses an experience with the beloved before, during and after sex and hopefully years to years into your future.

Love is agape:  love with all the disagreeable parts of the beloved one’s faults.

Philia is love of charity or giving to others.

Storage is a show of physical love through touch or expression like a kiss, hug or light touch.

Eros is sexual desire and expressed with intension to arouse or do sexual intercourse.  It is very provocative and can stimulate arousal.

The awareness of love moments help produce the very love you wish to prolong.

The reason for love is the state of mind.

The proper impression of love is not lust or passion.

Love is truth and beauty, that is all.

Love is physical, emotional, and a long lasting commitment.

Love has potential:  it can grow, change and diminish or dissolve.

Two people, with a willingness to experience positive emotion and ‘let go’ of negative emotion can foster a love for each other.  This experience will be emotional, physical and an ongoing experience.

To build love is a choice.

To destroy love is a choice.

To change love is a choice.

Where ever your love leads, choose to build a love habit.

Can Philosophy Help You With Relationships?



There is a counsellor philosophy that is a method solving life’s ups and downs:  change.

One prescribed method is the PEACE method which is outlined in the book, Plato Not Prozac! by Lou Marinoff, PH.D.

Having an interest in philosophy seems to have spilled over into other areas of my life.

I suggest being a life long student in all your affairs.

In my case, I am curious about everything and there by developed a generalist attitude towards knowledge, life and my day to day affairs.

To put it in a nut shell, can applying philosophy to relationships help solve problem?

I believe we do it all the time.

To establish a set of rules or principles to live by is very virtuous and somewhat frowned on in today’s society.

But to be curious and want more out of life has given me license to see the sense in being more philosophical about relationships.

I am not advocating philosophy as a way to practice living with your significant other, but philosophy has much to give to us all in one form or another.




Secular World And Nonviolence

M. K. Gandhi made A case and point for a place for all regardless of sex, religion or race.

MartIn Luther King Jr. made another case to stop military action to help the poor.

This is not anti government or anti religion,

This is not anti sex or martyrdom.

Had these men not been assassinated the world would be learning more truth and love to prevent hatred and exclusion and other passive violent behaviors like oppression.

To truly and lovingly practice Nonviolence can help eliminate our major problems.

Happiness Is…

Another cup of coffee, and a chance to finish what I love to do.

The beauty in nature and a chance to appreciate it by walking through a national park or hiking up a trail in the bush.

Being able to read, write and do math.

A wayward smile or a knowing glance, when I connect with strangers on a morning walk.

Believing in myself, others and the place I live.

Doing what I think is right and being friends with like minded people.

Doing my job, making a living and when I have a moment to assess all the good-bad-and ugly, I can still say it’s better to do this job than whatever seems better when I am upset or unstable.

Keeping my feet firmly on the ground and my mind firmly practicing ways to maintain peace of mind.

Exercising all the ways that keep my mind and body in shape!

Being part of a greater community to explore, work, volunteer and honor the people who make it work!

The list goes on and on , no wonder I am so grateful.

On the flipside, I have grief, sadness, depression, loss, harm to myself and others.

There is not always a simple way to solve my problems.

I miss out on so much, no university education, no good job, lots of debt, like everyone, I struggle with the ups and downs that rattle me.

Yet, mostly I avoid the major pitfalls, I get help from friends and relatives.

But no answer for the stuff that goes wrong.

At times life is tragic and requires lots of time and resources to recover.

Many things require practice, upkeep and improvements to the existing ways I act and cope with circumstances.

The more I live, the more I live, despite all the ups and downs because I strive to overcome all the things that stop me and damage me.

Obviously, it takes a little more to mend a life and it is wonderful when I help myself and give/receive help.

Not exactly an answer, but an acknowledgement that it’s been worth all the trouble.

(So far, I’m hanging in for the long run!)

Processed Spirituality (Spiritual Junk Food)

Empty affirmations, multiple mantrums, no practice, no peace of mind…

With all the technology, and multiple distractions from all the devices, no wonder there is a lack of commitment to any meaningful path or way to be grounded and experience actual spiritual growth.

The cellular phone is meant to be wired into our lifestyle and for all intensive purposes addictive and permanently altering our ability to become “awakened” or self-actualized by a healthy discovery of who we are.

Peace and quite are not wanted or even soothing, without constant access we can not control our increasing need for constant stimulation.

Are we paying attention to our family and relationships? Work?, Do we have hobbies?

Do we even care about sleep, exercise and eating balanced meals?

Where is our purpose and direction?

There is the constant need for work to acquire the ‘modern lifestyle’.

Do we even know how to rest anymore?