Curiosity Is The Spice Of Life

To learn how to break or form a habit,

Learn how it works,

Learn how curiosity works,

Teach her how to fish and she will learn how to live.

Daylight Saving Time (DLS)

Seeing the ‘big picture’ with DLS seems to be about agreement on society’s need.

Most argue about the pros and cons but most go with the flow because of it’s basic need to produce a working schedule.

Like it or not, it is time to prepare for the time change,

With all the stuff we do these days it is nice to have a heads up.

If for some crazy reason you want more information, it is simple to google the date and time for your location.

After reading all about it on Wikipedia, you may want to check out the article to settle your own mind about some pro or con about this silly but necessary change.

No Cheats Allowed Inside

Virtue is an old fashioned word.

But when we were born, part of our development was moral structuring of our brain.

Through teenage years we developed ethics of morality.

And in adulthood we programmed ourselves with progressively cognitive ways to live.



How to regulate the human body?

Long story short, cut out sugar.

Hydrate and use moderate exercise.

Study what is healthy for you.

We are all dealt a very specific hand.

Learn what that hand is for you: know yourself.

By getting rid of sugar you will reduce inflammation and do whatever it takes to reduce it more for yourself?

What causes inflammation?

Do you smoke or drink alcohol, or have other bad habits that cause inflammation?

To live a healthy life without causing inflammation means your inflammation hand needs to be clean.

Learn what is causing inflammation for you and reduce it.

There are some very helpful videos on the subject.

Check out this one if you are curious.

What I Learnt From Leonardo da Vinci

He is a marvel in his networking and learning ability. Not only is he a great innovator, he is an exceptional student and teacher (he teaches to do). He belongs to many groups: musicians, engineers, artists,scientists, thinkers. He is attracted to people.

He is a modern example of journaling,meditation,mindfulness and creative visualization. Not to mention his ability to do these things on the regular basis.

He loves change. He uses his will to obey sound principles which help him adjust to his environment, his state of mind and his outward interaction with others.

Because he is so active within his mind, he had a ready made schedule of natural ideas and images to sharpen his senses.

He is so down to earth and personable that his charm makes his brilliance all the more surprising to others. His logical mind and artistic mind created the synergy that propelled him to his greatness.

He had a way of being independent and interdependent at every turn.

Lastly, his imagination captured an insatiable curiosity. He simply opened his mind to change and found a world of opportunity!

This Is What I like (community and Stuff)

Going out for a hike in the woods-take a hike.

It’s hard to say who is taking care of who.

There are some pretty helpful people, I just got to ask them.

Sometimes, my pride gets in the way.

Other times, I’m just ignorant-don’t know what to do.

I just happen to know, I like to fish.

It’s been a long time.

I use to go fish on the breakwater, or out in a boat.

I like fishing in the Cowichan River.

But, something is missing, I need someone to go with down by the river.

So, I guess, I need to find someone to ask for help.

I guess community means a lot to me.

My uncle and I went to this fishing derby.

I won an orange sleeping bag.

I think my uncle had a better time than me.

I went fishing with a my friend at the breakwater.

We caught a dog fish in the rain.

My friend had a much better time than me.

But I enjoyed being there with a friend, at this breakwater, even in the rain.

People getting together makes most activities enjoyable to me.

Especially, common interest, they seem to initiate the need to get together and spend time with people.

It’s funny, being with relatives, family, friends, and some acquaintances.

I like being with people.

The need to ask for help and the ability to do it.

I like learning how to do it.

There is a good community at home, abroad, and during my common interests or anywhere else I choose to be.