Zombie Walk Starts Tomorrow

This event is rated G, family friendly, mostly teens, young adults and the rest of us.

On a good year, people show up around 2-3PM, and meet at Centennial Square,and walk down to meet at legislature grounds. The event ends around 5PM.

Lots of fun costumes,

Hope to see a big turnout this year!

There is a nice small article in Victoria Buzz


Saturday October 14,2023!

Zombie Walk 2022


AI On Bing Vs. Me: Stoicism

AI: That’s a good question. I think it depends on how you define a lifestyle and something more. For some people, Stoicism is just a set of tools and techniques that they use to cope with life’s challenges and improve their well-being. For others, Stoicism is a way of life that shapes their values, beliefs, and actions. For some, Stoicism is even a spiritual path that connects them with the divine reason or logos that governs the universe.

What do you think? How do you see Stoicism in your life?

Me: It is about Cicero, On Living and Dying Well. I referred to a big piece of it in my last blog entry on Michael’s Space. “Grab Hold Of Yourself And Stop Being Afraid Of Your Freedom”. My blog will continue to have elements in future blog posts. But first, do no harm to myself and others. And remember this is about being and doing.

Email Chainmail Of Sorts

My challenge to you is to read this blog which states for all those who purport to do good in this world to do the following.

1. Write an email to somebody enclosing a positive message.

2. Tell them to write another (positive) email to somebody else with the instruction to do the same.

Get it, got it, good!

Keep Calm and Be Kind

It is a lot easier to imagine positive feeling….

I imagine myself to be angry with myself and others.

But I imagine that I am happy, safe and loving or compassionate when I may feel angry with myself or others.

Being mindful of my state of mind is a practice of self-awareness.

I am literally trying to do no harm to myself or others.

Sometimes I find a smile working when I try to enhance my state of mind.

I try to do my best.

It helps me to think and practice a mindfulness exercise in being kind to myself.

This translates to doing my best and doing no harm to myself and others.

It is better than acting on some of my more negative states of mind.


Someone here may remember his innermost peace.

Here again, he taught us mindfulness.

Here he found his compassion to share the world.

Zen Master

Why Prevent Disease?

Some would argue, we have done all we can with traditional medicine and prevention is the next best thing.

Preventative Medicine?

I believe the progenitor of all ways are the pursuit of prevention through philosophy, belief, and imagination or curiosity.

We understand through the senses, primarily sight.

We cure or prevent through thinking outside the box.

The way we do this is through belief.

The best way to believe is to theorize and practice or experiment on yourself in a way that does no harm.

Become your healthspan.

Prevent disease before it happens to you or just live a healthy life.

Pursue health wealth and well being through the senses.

Find what works for you and do it.

This all sounds rather childish without a blueprint to follow.

A good life is the practice of what works for you while doing the least amount of harm to yourself and others.

Examine or get to know yourself.

Find out what you are doing that is self destructive to you and others.

Make a sincere effort to turn those bad habits around.

While you do all the above, keep looking for what works for you and do it.

You will prevent problems in your lifestyle and Improve your healthspan.

Humour yourself and try to do it for a few weeks, reassess and convince yourself to do it again.

If you need some encouragement to continue, come back here and look for some or look somewhere you can find it and do it for another few week. Keep building this habit until it becomes a lifelong habit passion, healthspan!

The Old Guitar

What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily?

My Yamaha C40

I usually fool around with it for 5 or ten minutes a day.

I bought it new in 2013, that makes it about ten years old.

Not much else around here I use that much, I moved back in 2004 and basically started over.

And my interpretation of daily use is key.

Because I do use my guitar each day but I have many thing ten years and older I use once in a while based on need or want.

I pulled out my SIN card the other day, it must be at least 40 years old.

Humanity’s Right To Be Fair

To be fair is not an entitlement.

But it is a right.

Music, math,myth, mate,

Music to warm the soul.

Math to model a better future.

Myth to demonstrate the truth.

Mate to make love, prosper and engage the world.


There Is Some Politicking With COVID-19


Opinions vary, but the left and the right are showing off to people all the time.

Call them who you may, the COVID-19 crowd may be a conservative taking selfies with protest leaders or liberals mocking those who do.

But you may want to stay informed about COVID-19 politics.

It is time to rejoin society in most aspects.

You may have always been a little apathetic about ‘the vote’.

Education is key.

Please read the above article and stay informed in all your affairs.