Why Eclipse My Heart?

Being too set on someone or something is a passion for various reasons.

Blotting out or blacking out my heart could mean trouble.

I know I am obsessed when…

Why does it hurt so much when I get close to you?

I need to calm down if and when I get obsessive.

There are no simple answers, but letting go of impulsive behaviors are part of it.

And being aware of these negative behaviors allow me to feel through the passion and learn to respond without doing harm to myself or others.

Living with loneliness is painful. Avoiding pain makes one attract negative elements: excessive behaviors like isolation, chronic use of devices (computers, etc.), poor choices, and poor decisions.

I need to be good to myself and be with good people.

First Contact

Alien to me, you may fear me, I fear you.

Would it be presumptuous of me, to think you fear me?

I think not, you may have the same form, but your beliefs are different from mine.

I know we do not have the same ways.

Will you let me share one of my ways with you?

It’s funny, I sometimes forget how foreign people seem to me before we meet.

Speaking For Others Like Human Beings

You can not speak for me unless I give you permission.

It is the same for me, when I want to speak for you.

How can we learn to speak for one another?

First, we must learn each other's ways. Then we must find something in each other that we are willing to share.

When a friend shares his ways with another, it may led to brotherhood or sisterhood.

When, a friend shares their ways with an opposite, it may become a marriage.

When we learn to merge our thoughts and feelings they can led to friendship.

To be human is to connect with one another and learn to speak for one another.

Why books are no good in philosophy

To use the Socratic method requires being a good guide and connecting with people face to face.

Old technology like books and new stuff like FaceTime, just won’t work.

It is all about making better thoughts to help people make themselves better.

This is the true definition of prosperity or philosophy.

Stoics like Epictetus used the same methods.

Technology isn’t going to advance humanity, humanity is.

Okay, you may not get it.  People only connect, face to face.

This sense of connection delutes isolation and helps with authenticity.

There are many qualities to person to person connections.  Trust is just one of them.

[Socrates and Rich man], On Being A ‘Gadfly’

In this dialogue, the Socratic method is about holding people accountable for their beliefs by questioning them as a guide, who is really wishing them ‘good thoughts’. Socrates compared himself to being a midwife in the sense he tries to guide others to having better thought like having a baby. In fact, he also is said to have called himself a Gadfly of Athens.

Socrates: How important is it to you?

Rich man: Money is a road to power, which I enjoy. It is a form of currency. It circulates like an electric current. And it has power like an electric current. But now, we must state the truth. It is an agreed upon system of coins and bills that a group uses to buy goods. This group is usually a recognized country like the USA that has dollars and coins.

S: Why do you want power?

Rm: Who doesn’t? I crave it. To me, there is never enough money or power. I think I crave the latter more.

S: What do you gain?

Rm: More power. I am in lust with it. I will never have enough. It is intoxicatingly everything.

S: Would you help people with your wealth and power? Maybe, by showing them how to built a well to hold water when they have no water?

Rm: I would need some help.

S: I have a friend who would show you, but you would have to pay a small price for it.

Rm: Would poor people pay me back?

S: I am sure they would when they are able. Do you want to think of other ways to help people?

Rm: Not particularly, but perhaps I could be persuaded for a small price.

S: What did you have in mind?

Rm: A small profit.

S: For you?

Rm: Maybe, and for them too.

S: What would you say to doing it for free?

Rm: I suppose I could afford it.

S: I imagine I could do better by talking to many rich people about it.

What Is Philosophy?

The consolation of the human soul or mind.
The use of proper impressions to reduce vice and increase virtue in the practitioner.
To learn the art of learning, living and loving by doing no harm.
To reduce lose of human life through these good practices in oneself and encouraging same practice in those who are a willing recipient.

What philosophy is not!
It is not an intellectual practice.
It is not a religion.
It is not a cult.
It is not a tool to do harm.

Reading The Mind For Memory

The word convey all sense of the mind. To forgive is to forget and but we must retell and tell (again and again) to remember.

'All is said and done', but what is said is not necessarily done. More merrily, some say, 'do what I say, not what I do.'

A picture may capture part of a memory, but it is in the telling that conveys the whole story. The epic journey is full of life lessons like every life shows many lessons.

Part of recent memory is still well remembered through story: the Bible, the Epic Iliad, and The Epic Odyssey. But word of mouth is not so well recorded that we remember what is said or what is being said.

Here lies the student's duty: to recall the past in both what was said about the senses. And to listen to the present to hear what is not written but needs to be remembered for the future. And still, we need to learn how to practice 'word of mouth'.

Our Mind is like a riddle, what we remember is well and good. But what is not remembered may yet be restored after, a proper examination of the 'proper use of impression'. We who understand how to use the mind will never forget. Let us all be students and teachers on 'how to use the mind'.