Socrates Vs. Mother Nature: The Death Of Christmas

In this dialogue, the Greek, Socrates, discusses the ‘death of Christmas’ with Mother Nature.

Socrates:  First, I want to make it clear that I do not understand Christmas.

Mother Nature:  Either do I, all the religions of the world, all have the same thoughtful virtues and holiday in their belief systems.  They celebrate their beliefs.  But somehow, humanity, is still unaware of their destructiveness towards me.

S:  Don’t you think we need to hear from people who were there?  You know, the super natural son of God, Jesus Christ?

M.N.:  No, I am supernatural enough at the moment.  Humanity has enough problems at the moment.  Don’t you think?

S:  Yes, we have enough problems too.  First, let me say, we mean no disrespect to Christmas, God or Jesus Christ.  Or any other religion, group or individual.  And second, the death of Christmas may be thousands of years away.  And who has the certainty to know anything that complex?  More importantly, you are more of a problem.

M.N.:  True, I represent the spirit of earth and the spirit of all that entails.  It is a huge short cut that many find hard to believe.

S:  And the point is to talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

M.N.:  This is true.  Every person, group, culture, and religion values giving or helping others.  And to represent this as such is pretty important too.

S:  And, I think I’d like to say, happy holiday to everybody.

M.N.:  Me too, and I hope you all practise helping each other and doing no harm.

S:  Me too.

Proper Use Of Impression

Image result for pilcrow symbolPilcrow

My writing philosophy is about being honest, authentic and using the proper use of impressions.  I also use the pilcrow as my symbol because it most closely represents my new thoughts or ideas.

I believe that is more than grammatical or structural as in “The first way to divide sentences into groups in Ancient Greek…”  To me, podcasts are representations of monologues and dialogues which also originated in Ancient Greece with the dawning of Western Civilization.

I think multimedia, in all its forms, including vids on platforms like YouTube and WordPress, are useful tools to demonstrate dialogue or plays.

It is important to recognize the advancement in knowledge through language and technology.  But to express the traditions from the past using forms and symbols that still capture thoughts and ideas that call on both individuals and groups to engage and become friends.

I hope to transmit self and ideas through argument or thought that can retain meaning and purpose through philosophy, knowledge, understanding and belief.

We all suffer from a deep need to know, understand and to be understood.

Please, become aware and support the effort.


9th Year Anniversary and 500 Followers On

To keep working on writing, photography, philosophy and general interest like poetry,

To be a practitioner of principles that show peace, compassion and simplicity in day to day living and the proper use of impressions,

To read, write, listen, research, watch, touch, taste and see…

To become and be a better person, perhaps experience, hope and strength to ‘do no harm,

To practice making more blog entries to inform, entertain and engage all of you.

Thanks for your experience, strength and hope,

Best Regards from me to you and yours…

A Podcast

Sometimes, I find it easier to listen to a person than to read what they write.

In that spirit, I am starting to enhance some of my blog entries with augmented recording that incorporate or elaborate topics that I have written about in the archives.

I plan to continue to make more recordings that can be found at the link bellow.


At What Point Does The Conscious Become the Judge?

We all have problems.

Sometimes we judge them.

Sometimes they are bad.

Of course that doesn’t mean we need to judge bad parts of ourselves.

I am bad when my conscious becomes the judge of my stuck self.

Some problems rock me so hard I need someone or something to help me out of the mess.

I tend to love the benefits friends bestow upon me.

Many times they are oblivious to my problems, they are totally present to help me.

They are not suffering and sincerely see my need for compassionate understanding and support.

Often, I just need a good listener.

Often, they don’t feel compelled to judge.

Often, it is a positive supportive experience of a friend , simply listening to my problem.

My Space And Proxemics

A blog is a kind of public space that is very intimate due to the effects of social media.

“My Space” is personal in that I am using my creativity to create a product.

Once it is in the public domain, I have less control over it.

This is a social experiment, to bring content to the reader.

As I become more familiar with the study of my personal space, I will add and take away elements that detract from the product I am posting on this blog.

Anthropology and the study of human behaviour, personal space in particular, is called proxemics.

Stress and Personal Space – When People Invade Your Privacy

Remembrance Day 2019

A day to remember and show respect to those who gave and served to protect us from those who would harm us in a war or conflict.

We may also remember serving others during a war or conflict to protect them from those who would harm them.

Please become aware of each other’s customs and concerns.