Nurture: pause and breath

Before taking action pause and breath.

Basically, work within your limits.

It helps to gain clarity.

Like do your job.

Follow your routine.

Be willing to take risks when it is worth it.

And if all else fails, go with your gut.

It works, try it, it really works.

Compassion, simplicity and patience…

Religious Traditions

In the spirit of a year long, world celebration of gratefulness. Set through agreement with the Dalai Lama on his 85 birthday.

Thursday July 9, Insight from the Dalai Lama 2020. “One religion simply cannot satisfy the needs of such a variety of people. If we try to unify the faiths of the world into one religion, we will also lose many of the qualities of each particular tradition.”

I am grateful for religious traditions because it brings family unity in a loving way. To connect and experience a religious holiday brings good benefits to all.

Heart To Heart

Wednesday July 8, 2020; Insight from the Dalai Lama, “If we want real harmony and friendship, first we must know each other. Knowledge is the basis, for without knowing each other it is difficult to build trust and to reach a state of genuine unity, without which it is hard to get peace. Heart-to-heart contact is essential.”

I hope I can connect today. With those willing and able, to risk living another day. It’s not just about the new stuff. It’s being real with people. Here, now, I’ll do my best.

Liking is a lot better than wanting….

When I am scared of dying, all I want to do is live.

Liking life seems like a part of love you can’t do without, but it is a struggle.

Sometimes wanting seems downright addictive: with cravings and withdrawals.

I tend to need a little adversity in my life to really work out the part I like.

That’s why I believe in change.

Change is risky, I need to face my fear and go for it.

Wouldn’t life be wonderful, a dash of change and some struggle with the wants, discover a little like and move onto live and loving….

There seems to be more life floating around than anyone knows what to do with!


When I was a kid, I liked to rub my tummy and my grandmas. As a four year old I thought it makes people feel better.

Insights from the Dalai Lama, Tuesday, July 7, 2020. “Hope is… very close to unshakable. It’s in the pit of your tummy. It’s not in your head.”

I am grateful for good memories and hope.

I hope you are too.

Nurture Anger

To start out with, the sooner we cool off, the better.

Many stoic ideas help to reel in anger or prevent dipping into anger.

We all get angry and it leads to harm. Therefore, do no harm.

Be like a rock, see how far that will get others who try to provoke others to anger. Actually, a great Roman stoic said this, Seneca.

But before quoting or practicing ,it helps to educate.

Please support the effort.

Cyber Savings

You can save up to 50% on all your fears.

Half the battle is to face fear.

Then you need to watch, look and listen.

The first thing to notice is the difference between what you feel.

Try to weigh it, how much is fear and something else.

What are Positive and Negative Emotions and Do We Need Both?

What else are you feeling? Anxiety, loneliness, boredom or depression?

This may help identify your problem.

We all need to start somewhere.


Looking for ways to cut back on a bad habit? Sign up for a 12 day experience on the novel idea of change and philosophy.

To truly change one needs to struggle.

We tend to deny the need for change.

One tip is to go outside your comfort zone to listen and learn. The link above is the challenge. Education is key.

But some people are only ready to watch.

So stay tuned for 11 more entries from this nurture series.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama gives short teaching as part of his 85th Birthday celebrations organised in Taiwan – Central Tibetan Administration

Dharamshala: A group of friends gathered in Taiwan this morning to celebrate His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 85th birthday tomorrow. He conceded to their request that he give a short teaching to mark the occasion. Representatives of the Taiwanese hosts were still introducing the event in Chinese when
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Dalai Lama talked about meditation and said a dedication to his birthday may allow him longevity to 108-110 years of age.

He emphasized the middle way, patience, compassion and much more.

To read and journal about this meditation by the Dalai Lama in a grateful way is expressing the commitment to the year long world celebration.