Celebrating Gratitude


I have been journaling my whole life.

I also like to write, blog and research.

Today I have reached the halfway mark of my daily “Be Great, Be Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living” by Patternity.

I love poetry and blogging, I thing I’m nuts about the writing more than any specific element.

I like language, nuances, details, logic, reason, creativity, the narrative, the archetypal ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviour, being and people.

So, I am discovering I am grateful in the same passionate way.

I think I will simply carry on with my grateful journal or repeat it.

Partly, it has helped me focus my goals.

I am more concerned about being than doing.

Therefore my goal is to learn how to sleep better.

I believe in being better or happier being who I am.

I am not doing this for material gain or to gain anything.

I find it a challenge to put into words: do no harm but live a healthy life.

So I am celebrating all the above by sharing it with you.

Thanks for following my entry today.

Care Maker

Your job is to oversee your life.

Being on site, you will engineer and engage in activities which promote the best assurances for a ‘good life’

You are responsible for this body, mind and soul.

Do no harm, make care work where it counts.

My Version Of Health,Wealth And Happiness

Sleep is my health, after years of hating it or the lack of it, it has become my number one.

Sure you can measure your wealth in terms of money, I need it and try to use it on my needed food,rent and other expenses. But my more abstract need range around job,meditation, journaling and hobbies like blogging.

Lastly, I value the good life: a combination of going for flow, the proper use of impressions and being the best I can be.

Santana | The Official Carlos Santana Website

Santana | The Official Carlos Santana Website
— Read on www.santana.com/

This man is good. His tour will take him to many locations. If you can make it, don’t miss this chance to be enlightened by a master musician/songwriter!

Know Your Limit, Stay Within It

As a human being, one of the universal truths are to know yourself.

As a process, or opus, there are many chances and changes to learn and respect.

The good, bad and ugly make a beautiful song.

We fortunate ones sing throughout our lives.

Another truth is to forgive and forget.

We practice this song many hundreds of times before our end of days.

‘Truth and beauty, that is all’, we are forever being the student and teacher.

The ugly is just another side of beauty and a lie is a lie, is a lie.

There is real purpose within this house, we all live and die.

No truth is too small or insignificant…

The Digital Life

Can you get an algorithm to do that?

I want to spend ten minutes in the washroom, five at meals and one hour at work.

Why do I have to sleep?

Speed dating, why not speed friends and family, speed relationships.

Okay, maybe I am missing the point: digital things are okay, but it is up to me to control myself when I choose to use them.

A Tool For Awareness, Contemplation

The Jack Kornfield book on”Meditation For Beginners” is wonderful.

I like being more insightful, philosophical, meditative in a contemplative and awareness orientated way.

I also like how I am inspired to feel, think, act and believe.

I have more purpose.

Jack Kornfield calls it a way of being, I also like how Allan Watts quotes it.

“The art of living…, is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past… on the other. It consists in being completely sensitive to each moment in regarding it as utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and wholly receptive.”

The first time I heard about “The Art of Living” was by the Author, Sharon Lebell or her translation. I have a fondness for translations and how to choose them.

But I am very interested in growth. New limitations are a kind of growth that accompanies many parts of the process.

I like Jack Kornfield ‘s notion of freeing one’s compassion.

I am dabbling in philosophy, writing, journaling to work towards waking up.

Meditation when not excessive will support my progress.

Good luck with yours!