Understanding Hawking and Herzog’s Last Paper: kinda?

A finite number of multi verses.

Multiple big bangs,

The universe is like a 3D movie with the screen making it finite.

You got to know your theories: Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics And String Theory!

If all else fails, I highly recommend reading the woman who is the Senior Science writer for CBC.



Her visual odyssey to the indigenous of Northwestern British Columbia Canada spanned the late 19 Th and 20 Th century.

As she met many women who spoke to her of their culture and ways that rang true to a discovery of her own inner landscape.

She also connected with animals, the nature and art culture throughout the globe.

But she was born in Victoria, British Columbia and made the west coast her home.

A bronze statue depicting her, a beloved monkey and doggie, her wearing formal yet casual clothing and a pen in her hand is a commemorative of her writing career late in life.

Around town, her house and image survive her in many places.

National news speaks of her work as a mother would about a favourite daughter.

She has many sisters still.

Many stand with her spirit as a respectful way to acknowledge humanity.


Humanity Loving Nature

Climate change is a symptom.

Human behaviour is the problem.

The solution is to change ourselves.

The human imagination can track a love for the planet and the universe.

Our care and attention can change our destructive economy into a planet friendly and universal health care system that supports nature and builds new ways to be green and a live on a happy planet without any destructive behaviour coming from us.

Why not think green, vote green and search for green solutions.

To act on this solution is the best chance for any stakeholder.

Clean up yourself and clean up the world.

The Philosopher King

Plato says this king is not like any other.

Can he led others, or follow when it is better to do so?

Does he know when the people are ready for a new law?

Are his personal values aligned with the values of the people?

Many captains of industry appear to hold the keys to the kingdom.

There are geniuses of every caliper, why not a wise living leader who can work with the people?

Some say this is just a catch all phrase for great leaders like Marcus Aurelius, Jesus Christ, Buddha, mahatma Gandhi, and many others.

Like all these great leaders, there was also good people willing to build a better way.

Who are these kings today?  Who are the good people?  What is the better way?

Subjectively we try to find a better way and practice it’s lessons and build a better life.

Collectively we collaborate and cooperate our teams to build a better way for many of us.

To all those philosopher’s, leaders, good people and better ways…

Leonardo Vs Raphael: The Science Behind The Art

In this dialogue, two great artists discuss the benefits of practice and method, theory and discovery, in the learning of mastery of painting as an art form.

Leonardo: My dear Raphael, I realize you are enamored with Benois Madonna. Can you tell me that your mastery of light and shadow have no bearing on this art form?

Raphael: You are the one who uses science to discover ways to improve your painting method. Who is your ‘captain’?

L: Yes, it is true, I have become engrossed with sciences to show me ways to practice my work. My ‘Adoration’ will forever remain a work in progress. Do you know why?

R: I stand in front of it like a awestruck child. I will copy some of the elements of it’s style. But I can not tell you why?

L: I believe in using science to discover new method, like the use of oils for painting. And as much theory as I can to build practice.

R: I have incorporated the lute in some of my work. Why do you love to play it? You were heavy into competition in Florence.

L: Music is helpful in learning to learn. And I need to learn how to master myself. Is not music just another of the faculties?

R: Of course, you master music, mathematics and as much science as you can learn. This will help you know different parts of yourself. Perhaps now, you can try the engineering of the Art Form?

L: My teacher has taught me to respect science as my ‘captain’. And practice as my ‘soldier’. And I believe not to copy great works of art but to discover new ways to practice it. I have a motto: I am especially stuck by this one: “ostinato rigore”-obstinate rigor. I feel this is true. Now, I need to think and research moral patterns.

R: Why don’t you become a messenger for your captain (science) and a soldier’s soldier to make more practice and a better engineer of art.

L: All the boys at the shop, including myself, have learnt from our good teacher Verrochio. I now teach my own pupils to strive to be universal in all we paint, to learn to paint every image.

R: Perhaps this is your moral pattern, The Proper Use Of Impressions, or learning to Know Thyself.

L: I gave up science to pursue art and science is catching me up. I shall practice using these forms in all my work.

R: I follow where you led.