A Cougar, is just a woman’s way of having an affair.

By the time, she really needs it, she has been there and done that, so why do it again?

She wonders what is going to happen .

She feels dead, she is going ahead and does it with all her passion.

At my age, a cougar stops me dead, she is wise and doing the wild thing in the most attractive way she knows how.

But if she is a representative of everywoman,

Then, the kind of man she married is the everyman,

Who is she?

Who is he?

Men and women break apart and when they do, they never come back together again.

Or so some seem broken up by divorce.

But, for others, it is a new lease on life.

A Strong Teen Is Curious To Go Out And Meet The World

A strong person will go out and see the world.

To learn about life and to live it,

To practice being with people and affirm them,

To open up and be curious about life.

Do you have the courage?

Support the effort,

Please read this person’s vision.

Click to access 1661.pdf

Living The Good Life

I reflect upon good and bad and properly use these impressions,

Command my will,

Some say, I have consciousness.

Understand and know, I am conscious.

Shame not consciousness or do it harm,

Here is my strength: I can get what I want and avoid what I don’t want, use the proper impulse, a careful purpose, use a studied assent.

This is my job: to practice living ‘the good life’.

My Crown


Due to the nature of such headgear, to call one, one’s own, physically or symbolically could, would and should be a crime.

Yet, my power is my own.

To take this from me, against my will is paramount to a crime to me.

Understand, the will is my power and my glory.

The proper use of ‘will’ is debatable and I am responsible for my actions.

So, to fly requires all my will and this is only part of life.

Yet, to live is so much more.

A crown like life is important to all of us.

Let’s not tarnish either.


Dancing between the voice of word and meaning,

Seeing visions math and measure,

Hearing sounds and feeling beats and rhythm and rhymes,

Poetry in motion, music and emotion,

Thoughts and action take the world stage with drama playing reality and ups and downs bouncing along the road of life.

Planet teaming with creatures big and small, dreaming to the sound of their own drums.

Jungle (2017)

A young man makes his way to the amazon jungle with friends, but gets lost trying to travel by raft with his friend.

It is a coming of age movie, about a young man that discovers the terrors of being lost in the jungle.

Although, rotten tomatoes only gives it 60%, I highly recommend the movie as entertaining and worth seeing the unsettling consequences of an accident in the jungle.


A Trip For Your Mental Health

An altered state of consciousness is scattered through out our day.

Some people regulate their mental health with a day off.

Others, do it in less obvious ways:  go for coffee, go for a run, stay inside on a rainy day, go out at night, do exercise or a combo of all the above.

To lose our mental health can seem outrageous.

Generally, we go see our GP who will refer us to a mental health specialist.

In the hospital emergency, we may feel we are loosing our minds, or may do harm to ourselves or others.

At this crisis level, we are sent to the emergency and become temporarily secured for further treatment.

If someone wants to confine us, it is for a good reason, and we are released on our own or with some restrictions.

It is frightening to loose control with a mental health problem, but rarely is it so chronic that we need to be in long term treatment.

Today, a new kind of therapy with psychedelics are being explored and tested by our best science and institutions.

Perhaps, we will have a pill and a therapist to ‘take us on a trip’ to relieve our mental stress or problem.

Until then, it is important to become educated on how to prevent and maintain our mental health.

It is good to plan for a mental health appointment with your GP, learn about going to the emergency when having a severe mental health problem, and to stay informed about our mental health.

We already keep journals and diaries, talk to friends and family and we can ‘google it’.

There is probably more we can do to maintain our mental health.



Bored stiff, student learning to decide how to behave when bored.

Aversion needs to be manageable,

Whatever the anger, breaking it into smaller pieces until you can accept the feeling without doing harm.

Whenever a craving results in harm, break it down until you can accept the feeling without doing more harm.

Practice dealing with aversion until all aversion is manageable.

Then start with whatever topic brings up desire, breaking it into smaller pieces until you can accept the feeling of desire without doing harm.

Whenever a desire results in harm, break it down until you can accept the feeling without doing more harm.

Practice dealing with desire until all desire is manageable.

This practice is easier said than done, it requires a lifetime commitment.

I am a lifetime student of aversion and desire.