We have broken things up pretty good.

Mankind is still available for small group activities, and humanity is still raging on with death and destruction.

The goal is to understand competition, hatred and acting in self-destructive group-acts like war.

It’s not always polite to stare in the mirror.

Sometimes we need to go about the business of procreation, raising the family, community, going to work, etc.

It would have been nice to go to a four day work week, but we fucked that up when we started to think IT was the end all be all.

Technology and science by extension are pretty heady, but so is having a sanity for the individual and group to grow into the 21 century.

It seems like a good time to use old technology like mindfulness or meditation.

Old ideas like globalization can’t be all bad.

Things can still go south with unknown diseases, over population, poverty, natural disaster and more.

Never a dull moment with human consciousness.

What Life Gives Us All

It is hard to describe the truth and beauty that unfolds in our lives.

It may be a sudden insult from a friend when we are at coffee.  Yes, just having a coffee with a friend.

It can be more joyful.  Perhaps, I am grateful because my sweetheart accepted my proposal of marriage.

But good or bad, I need to be present (or not) for each moment in my life.

Change is a big part of life.  Knowing is also an important ingredient.  And living each day is simply exquisite, no matter what life brings my way.

It’s not just about personal problems, joy still felt, understanding the answers, it is all of it.

Every piece, all the pieces make up our lives.  Sure, the journey seems the most important, or that beauty that came to me in the form of a poem or short story.

There are not enough words, or a good enough description to bring truth to the heart of all our lives.

Love is the answer or what we do or don’t do with hate.  Some of us are just happy to enjoy ‘what may come.’

Some of us love to try and count all our blessings.

The energy, be it reflections like feelings or thoughts, is a miracle.

Energy, be it the power that allows us to have yet another heart beat.

Or is it the way energy allows order and chaos to enter the universe?

I know, it is life itself that is the cure.

Refugee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refugee

There are many wars in the world.

There are many hiding places for displaced people.

But what about coming here to Canada?

Is Canada open to accepting the refugee?

This is an official Government statement from our government website:

“Refugees are people who have fled their countries because of a well-founded fear of persecution. They are not able to return home. They have seen or experienced many horrors.

A refugee is different from an immigrant. An immigrant is a person who chooses to settle permanently in another country. Refugees are forced to flee.”

I believe the Canadian government when they make the above statement.

I know churches do their best to welcome people who are finding their way in the world.

I know individuals struggle with accepting the refugee.

“All Saints” is a movie about an actual church and refugees.

A movie is a poor substitute for a connection to people who struggle to rebuild their lives.

Yet, people make it to our country and find a new home and a new life.

Good luck to all the new people who find themselves in a new culture and new country.



Describing The Beauty Of Life

Being mindful-meditation is slowing down. Or this practice or schedule focuses on several points that enhance your life.

First, you become aware: calm, still, silent. Your sensations brighten because you are living within your limits.

Like a lotus, your being unfolds or opens up to living in the here and now.

Your faculties of reason, concentration, and emotional well being are calm and seem to sharpen or become stronger due to a slower pace, a more restful disposition or practice.

This is true of all your faculties of mind. For example, when we are calm, we feel more apt to be spontaneous. And spontaneity with our faculty of imagination can produce feelings of surprise. It feels like we are becoming better at using our imagination because our use is better or well.

When I am present and allow my being to flow at its natural rate, it feels as though I am living for the first time in years. It really is like being in the zone. When a runner uses this schedule to do a practice, he finds that some practices seem better than others. He makes fewer mistakes. He feels he is running better. He calls it effortless or being in the zone. It is the Tao of Runner’s or being mindful of being!

Is there more than one way to be in the zone or is there only one way to be? Can we all be wrong sometimes? Can we all slip into the proper use of impressions, mindfulness, in the here and now, the zone, The Tao, Being religious of some kind…, a state of mind…

Do all roads really led us to the proper way of being? Philosophy likes us to believe in this premise. To activate the way to release our life as life is meant to be. No harm, no guilt, no speed, no sorrow, no fear, no lack of being, just the here and now, being the way we are best at being…

To believe in this state of being is a way to access the zone or practice. There are several points that help to activate this state of being: a phrase to keep peace in the mind, meditation to keep peace in the mind through the waking hours, slowing down to keep peace in the body, many habits will change as a result of continuing these points in a schedule or practice.

Of course, a willingness seems necessary, as does a practice or conscious effort. However, we are able to fall into this present moment when we gravitate towards it. This is the center of who we are and requires the least effort to maintain or live this way.

Many people live this way at the bare minimum. And fewer and fewer people live this way, yet more and more live this way. As fewer and fewer groups live this way… More and more people live this way and round and round we go. At different moments we catch awareness of this state and describe it.

There is no faculty to keep us here unless we are willing. And we can’t be willing unless we have some kind of faith, willingness or ability to attain it. However, it is not here to harm. It is a simple gift: life.