Noncommunicable diseases

Premature death is the result of lifestyle: smoking, drinking, overeating and consuming toxic substances.

To some degree, we are all causing damage to our metabolism.

We need to make it a priority in society to help people change their lifestyle when they get sick.

There are no good or bad behaviors.

In some sense, there are no good or bad people.

We all have accidents, make mistakes and get judged, addicted and harmed in some way.

The learning process is very painful for the majority of us.

One side of the truth are the facts: go to the world health organization and read them under the above title.

Another truth or more of the truth is that we can help and support each other in all our affairs.

Just because a person gets sick, doesn’t mean they caused it.

There are no worthwhile causes to take on in this world.

We just need each other.

The outcomes arrive when the time is right.

Many learn from their mistakes.

Keats talked about truth and beauty: look it up, Ode To A Grecian Urn.

The Fountain Of Youth(The Human Body)

The consumption of water is part of it (scientifically).

So is fitness and nutrition, actually all aspects of the human body can be regulated by using the mind and following the outline for the ‘Wheel Of Life’.

We need awareness and the will to carry it out.

It is like a miracle, once we see it and love it, it will grow in proportion to our effort to actualize it.

Yet, good and bad, we can make it manifest.

There is no time or space in the imagination.

It just is.

It is our choice to grow and thrive and put the effort forward to make manifest in our lives all we hold dear and true.

In this sense, we are forever young.

In this sense, our lives are constantly renewing our youth until we spend it all or use up our life.

It is a shame to be left wanting as this life, no matter how long or brief, is the ultimate gift.


Extreme Makeover (The Wheel Of Life)

What is your physical environment like in your life.?

Do you have a home, a local, an appearance, and transportation?

What about your career and work?

What are your hours, career direction, purpose and performance?

How is your financial security or money?

Do you budget, save, produce an income, make an investment?

How is your health or well being?

What are your eating habits or diet?  Fitness?  Sleep?  Relaxation?  Emotional Health?  And Self-care?

What about your personal growth:  education, learning, reading, awareness, connection, and spirituality?

Are you having fun and recreation:  leisure, hobbies, passions, and laughter?

As is often said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Or, “know thyself”, and learn to be who and what your are.

The Minimalist

Love and use in good measure, so you won’t create needless waste.

I use to hate wasting things, because it is like being too wasted or messed up:

In this state, I only hurt myself and others. I only hurt and mess up things.

But being a human being is a messy business.

Life is also about finding meaning, a degree of order and a way to live in peace.

My mess is something to clean up. And because I love you, I will help you clean up your mess.

This brings meaning to our lives: community, order,safety and collaboration and cooperation.

I believe in a healthy life.

This gives me direction to change my bad habits into good ones.

To love and to use in good measure produces the good life when practiced in this simple way.

Yet, complexity weaves itself into all our lives. And a mindfulness about our practice can show us when we need help and work to balance our lives.

To some, excess spells trouble, but to the minimalist it is not to be avoided out right.

What is the right balance for your healthy Lifestyle?

Stop Eating Sugar

Okay, people eat too much sugar.

It is in almost all processed foods.

We have sugar in every desert we eat.

We usually have sugar because of our diet.

It is a major way to foul up our regular body functions and propels us to many major diseases.

Try giving up all sweet or junk food and baked food.

Eat more veggies and protein and less starch, bread, pasta and fruit.

Your skin and teeth, gums and organs will work better.

You will have a better mood and sleep better at night.

It will be a big challenge and be as hard or harder than stopping alcohol and smoking as a combination.

It will help you loose weight, regulate your hormones and improve your health.

The only downside is it takes a huge effort.

Facing The Fear And Doing (Or Not Doing) It Anyway

Fear is universal but what we face is as special and specific as you and me.

Experience makes a good teacher, I claim to whittle down my fears, one at a time, in a way that does little or no harm to anyone.

I am a writer, my biggest fear is a blank page, the undone chore, the next obstacle in my way.

I tend to face my fear and the blank page is a struggle but my writing prompt experience will show me to write something about almost anything from my own knowledge base and experience. When I am open and honest the task of producing a blog entry is never that much of a problem.

This is my fourth blog entry today. I am busy facing other fears today: returning phone calls, going down shopping, going to the Zombie Walk, and getting home in time for supper.

Yesterday, I had to go to a new assignment. I am a cleaner and had to go do some construction cleanup. I had to met and greet the site foreman, assess the job, complete the assignment and deal with logistics on site. I had people problems, working with limited resources. I followed my own advice and did a good job.

The Holiday long weekend is just starting to unfold. Lots of family and friends. I’ll follow and lead and do no harm.

Leading and Following, whatever works

It is important to be open and honest in today’s busy world, especially with myself.

One way is to lead or to follow whichever is appropriate at the time.

When I’m at work. I generally do the leading. But my partner will say something and I’ll follow her lead most of the time.

As a son, I usually follow my mother’s lead and do what she says or whatever she is doing.

As a brother, I do the same.

But, I lead myself in my day to day affairs as long as it works.

I am authentic, honest and open to the opportunity life presents me in this intense crazy information packed society. I am privileged to be a participant.

I follow anyone that is trustworthy, open and honest. Otherwise, I follow my own best advice: do no harm.