Curiosity Is The Spice Of Life

To learn how to break or form a habit,

Learn how it works,

Learn how curiosity works,

Teach her how to fish and she will learn how to live.

Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Being poor or living in the lower class is difficult for many people.

Education is key.

Motivation to change is critical.

Innovation will lead to motivation and a healthy change.

Too many people feel like a slave to money.

There is no simple answer to this struggle in society today.

For people who are willing and able, a preventative approach may be better than a cure.

I found this video that may be of some inspiration to you:

Human Potential

Slip sliding away, ‘to be or not to be’ is a hard quest to fulfill.

If and when I change, is up to me and the people who are willing to collaborate and cooperate.

Making a dent in my dream or plan can not be at someone else’s expense: do no harm.

Yet, the incredible life living events are unfolding as we speak.

I don’t subscribe to ‘lightening in the bottle’ analogy.

We are all being our potential.

Even when mine is beyond my liking or going in a direction different than my desire.

Getting into it is part of the challenge.

My starting point may be a blog entry.

Ebola Outbreak In DRC Update

All Is Good.

Supportive and helpful to those who faced this crisis,

Perhaps, the next outbreak will be even less harmful iff the support and help remains for a very harmful virus like Ebola.

Grateful to all parties that helped contain this outbreak.

Budget For Freedom

Freedom is the fruit of regulating yourself to change in life.

My resources may be lost when I act on desire.

My real progress depends on my decision to act on avoidance within my moral sphere.

Otherwise, I will run into debt and face disaster.

I need to resist my impulses and learn to tolerate my repulsion to find a way to live within my limits.

I practice my attention to acting in accordance to nature and place my purpose there.

I am rich with my practice and my poor bank account fulfills my monthly expense.

I live within the 24 hours given me to sleep, exercise, do my chores.

I have time to work, see friends and relatives.

I love to walk, read and write.

I own very little, but I live well.

No Way To Live

How many people have a multitude of problems that lead to living on the streets?

Isn’t it enough that anyone is on the street in our global village?

We see people in every city across Canada with at least a group of people we leave stranded in a complex web of problems that none of us could navigate, who end up homeless.

Let’s help everyone get off the street and support them for as long as it takes.

Pain and suffering on the streets is not a choice, it is the result of too many things going wrong:

Getting cleaned up

It’s nice to clean things up a bit.

I just need to do it more often.

There’s no free lunch.

And I don’t always get the tab.

But that’s not bad,

It’s just that others are more stubborn than me.

It’s kinda nice to put everything back in its place.

I’m not a-neat freak, but I like some order and comfort.

It’s kinda fun to sit back and enjoy a cup.

I just ran out, I mean I need to pop out.

You can buy anything, life is a slot machine.

You need to take care and watch your step.

You’re in charge now, do a good job make a good life.

You may not get anything, live life as if you can be free through your own hard work.