Revisit “How To Mind Map”

What is important to you, that allows you to understand, remember, think about being, doing, making and creating…

Follow and practice the simple method bellow when learning or writing, journaling or note taking…

Show a child how to learn by showing them how to mind map.

Ride on: Victoria youth snap up free bus passes | Times Colonist

The popularity of Victoria’s free bus-pass program for youth 18 and under continues to grow as the initiative heads into its second month. By New Year’s Eve, a total of 2,164 young people had . . .
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Busing it

Going anywhere or everywhere on public transportation.

This privilege allows many an opportunity for education and work and more…

We could make it a good habit.

People could take the bus more…

All White Guys Are Racist

Hell, everybody hates, rages and rapes.

People make big mistakes like quitting and hurting and being harmful to themselves and others.

Some go to jail for it.

Some get out but just end up back in there.

Learning better ways to live is hard and impossible for some.

Don’t quit, stay outta jail…

Freedom from hate, rape and despair…

Keep Your Head Down

When someone is trying to knock it off,

Trust yourself and others, but do no harm,

Be patient, don’t lie, don’t give in to hating,

Don’t look too cool or act like a wise ass,

Dream lucid, think straight, but slow it down when you obsess, try to possess or go mental with unrest,

If you can handle fools and accept yourself when you act foolish,

If you can met with success and failure like the same god damn thing…

Risk your money, risk your life,

Keep away from other people’s things.

Push that body,

Push that soul,

Make amends to the brave and old,

Build a willpower with good habits,

Never give into the crowd,

Talk with your betters but don’t forget people you care about,

When you can handle family, friends and people,

When your life follows up on stuff that works for you,

You’ll make a fool of me and be in on the gift to humanity…

Alex Trebek has rehearsed his final ‘Jeopardy’ show – CNN

Alex Trebek has rehearsed his final ‘Jeopardy’ show – CNN
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There is a public figure ‘thinking the worst and hoping for the best.’

I for one, admire his outlook and public attitude about our most private concern.

Waking Up

Don’t take yourself too seriously,

Or learn not to act negatively,

If you are aware of your problems and are willing to try the solution…

I like to distract myself to listen or stand beside myself when I work or do things.

I use ‘white noise’, there is some pretty good stuff to borrow or buy.

This is what I do when I say, ‘ play it by ear’,

I am trusting myself here.

I am going to use this like an affirmation today.

Lots to do, the first day back after New Year’s…

10 Tangible Ways To Practice Self-Love—Lists, Rituals & More

What does self-love actually look like? These tangible practices are easy ways to practice it and can help you learn how to love yourself over time.
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Love of life, the way to the good life.

Being in love, loving each other, finding love, a way to love, best friends and good times…

Emerging consciousness,

Just another way to know yourself…