Walking My Life Away

I like to do as many activities with walking as I can manage in a day.

I try to walk to work with a backpack full of supplies: lunch, water, my debt, bus tickets and drivers license.

Walking to the library on the weekend gives me a chance to read and write on my blog.

My destination is better when I walk over to my relatives on Saturday and Sunday.

It is always fun to head over to the town square when an event is on, I usually go to the annual Zombie Walk and Protest Rally

Today their is a Pot Rally celebrating the upcoming legalization of the substance.

I am an avid photographer and go out often to take a few pictures.

Living in the tourist capital of Canada also inspires me to head out to many local attractions in Victoria.

If you can incorporate any of my ideas and follow the suggestions in the video, you will be well on your way to creating gratification in your lifestyle: good luck!


Try a glass of water.

Hell, try fasting. But, if you get hungry, eat Whole Foods

Eat more protein, fiber and and good fats (olive oil, avocado, ground flaxseed).

Give up sugar, you will still eat it by mistake, but give it up…

You will feel less cranky and more energy.


Try less sugar, your body and mind will thank you.

Gratitude and Gratefulness…a kind of blissful essence

Love to show people how much they mean to me…

I love my apartment and I love this little shelter. I found at the bottom of the stairs: it was made by a homeless man.

He took a bench from the apartment and carried it down the concrete stairs to set up in his new hide-a-way. He had other accessories: candle, flint-lighter, blanket, ashtray, cup and saucer, and other clothing and food. He managed to stay a day or two until he was kicked out…

I am grateful he had a day or two…

I am grateful for my faculties Of thought, feelings, and beliefs…

I love my action, body and mind…

I love doing no harm to others…

I am grateful for my mistakes…

I am grateful for my recovery and relapse…

I am 100% grateful, at the moment, it is the most important part of me,like a touch stone…

I know I cannot be this way all the time…

I know I will continue to succeed and fail in many ways till my end of days…

But I wouldn’t give up this moment…

For me it is a lifesaver…

Just Another Moment Of Positive Psychology…

Your Space

Do you have too much stuff?

In today’s frantic time sensitive, money driven, consumer driven economy, it is sometimes difficult to avoid debt and over buying the stuff we keep.

We notice we go too far when recycling, rental space and other options begin to enter our lives.

My space is full to capacity and I am looking for healthier alternatives.

I am budgeting, trying to make more money and looking for ways to stop spending on unnecessary stuff.

I do my best to act in a responsible manner.

There are good books and courses to self improve.

I like to read and write to help me discover better ways.

And I talk over my situation with friends and relatives.

I have decided on a minimalist approach.

So, I am consolidating and learning to use less is more…


Pay Attention

How much is your attention worth to you?

In these days of ‘destracted survival’, we all need to slow down and pay attention to each other, the more anonymously the better.

A distracted driver is seen by everyone and a simple nod to a fellow witness helps calm the nervous system of the witnesses.

A look at someone walking beside you, in a friendly manner, relaxes the privacy issues.

To slow down and participate in day to day living is living.


People are taking more responsibilities with their sexuality and identity simply by asking questions, having experiences and making discoveries about themselves.

Parents and teachers are making great strides in their education and experience as well.

Mistakes are being made and there is a lot of chit-chat, but transparency is keeping everyone safer and calmer than ever before.

Life is still filled with survivors.

Yet, many people are thriving!


And many of the answers are still not worthy of discussion.

But the questions sure as hell are.

Don’t trust me (white, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant, atheist, questioner), meet the LGBTQ’s community who love to knock your socks off.