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To keep working on writing, photography, philosophy and general interest like poetry,

To be a practitioner of principles that show peace, compassion and simplicity in day to day living and the proper use of impressions,

To read, write, listen, research, watch, touch, taste and see…

To become and be a better person, perhaps experience, hope and strength to ‘do no harm,

To practice making more blog entries to inform, entertain and engage all of you.

Thanks for your experience, strength and hope,

Best Regards from me to you and yours…

Pillow Talk


I sleep between 6 and 7 hours each night.

I have a pretty good routine.

I get to bed between 8-9 PM and wake at 4-5 AM.

I am a true Lark.

It is nice to eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water. And there is always room for better sleep hygiene.

I recommend using “the Pillow ” app.

There are good stats and info to help me keep track of my sleep. Awareness is key.

Develop a informed careful sleep pattern.

Stay away from pills, late nights and late night snacks.

This is how I slept last night.

My sleep session report from #pillow_app

Due to the time change it looks like I slept an hour less. Feel good and rested and will catch up on more sleep tonight.

Hiding the Real Africa – Columbia Journalism Review

Hiding the Real Africa – Columbia Journalism Review
— Read on archives.cjr.org/reports/hiding_the_real_africa.php

“Holiday In TheWild”

“It’s cheesy, it’s stupid, but it’s also really quite charming.” Stuart Heritege, Guardian

“Davis is a particular delight and all the elephants are adorable and no other Christmas movie this year can claim to have Kristin Davis and elephants.”

But, ‘saving the elephants’ and painting Africa as ‘the great outdoors’ is insulting at best and quite demeaning when propped up by ‘a midlife divorce or separation from an upper class American partner’.

Yet, holiday’s tend to need some passable escapism, and if Africa can tolerate, yet another American slight, we can accept luxury movies from Hollywood.

I cautiously suggest a dip into the shallow end of Africa, and propose an education for all those who deem to watch such a movie.

If you watch this movie, try to become aware of all there really is to know about the continent of Africa.  At the very least, the 7th wonder of the world!

Ashley Pennewill – A Clean Mind

Ashley Pennewill is a therapist and counselor in Pensacola Florida.
— Read on acleanmind.org/

Thinking about a clean mind.

Working on living ‘the good life’.

Feeling mindful about inner peace and ‘doing no harm’.

Believing in doing the work and reaping the benefits.

Making my assessments along the way.

Psychological Benifit


It would seem the driver of this vehicle has fallen to sleep.

Is it healthy to have two psychotic breaks a day and call your doctor in the morning?

From a mental perspective, a healthy mind may benefit a healthy body, to some degree.

Can it be overstated that the mind body connection is real?

  1. If there is any doubt, please become aware of the benefits from a good education and experience of your very own psychological health or mental health.
  2. Awareness
  3. Good habits
  4. Healthy and supportive relationships
  5. Work, shelter and all that hierarchy of needs stuff


Magnesium Benefits, Dosage, Best Food Sources, Side Effects – Dr. Axe

A magnesium deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency. Find out about magnesium benefits, recommended dosages, best supplements and food sources.
— Read on draxe.com/nutrition/magnesium-supplements/

Always good to keep a good diet to receive the proper nutrients in the body.

Awareness is key.

Please read the above article to become informed about this important nutrient.

The Good Life


A teacher and student may master knowledge, but life is a different matter.

Some teachers learn to be good under extreme circumstances and pass on excellent habits to their students.