The Form Of Good: Beauty and Truth

To see inwardly and become aware of the moment will help one see truth and beauty.

But to really understand and research the idea, books ranging on many ideas are wanted and necessary to develop a probing interest towards intent and the meaning of living a good life without unnecessary expectation, pain and suffering, or unnecessary loss.

Most, believe in the ‘ups and downs’ of a good life.

Most, believe this because experience shows we can not control much of what goes on in the world.

Some, believe the good life is about seeing that ‘no harm’ and attending to the day to day is a good foundation.

Much is achieved in the world when people who essentially practice this ‘good life’ will cooperate and colaborate.

With some luck and good fortune, a life is a wonderful experience.

To use the ‘proper use of impressions’ are to live well and prosper.

#1 Stress Release For Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A linguist friend of mine made me a tape back in the nineties to help me cope with stress.

To be honest, this tape is better, I highly recommend taking some part of 3 hours and discover it for yourself.

I love classical music, and all though this is one of the most popular pieces of all time, it is personal, today many will recognize it as a wedding music piece.

Please look after yourself, try the link below for a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major


A Poet’s Muse

The truth is a mean mistress.

She fights you for love and hate.

She may value what you may not,

Or laugh when people cry,

She calls everyone a liar,

Why does she tell the truth?

Her philosophy is partial to virtue,

Her voice depends on my good work.

Her stunning nature reveals all to anyone with no reservation.

My mind blisters looking into her face.

Her power overwhelms the human race.

She answers all her calls

And always stands her ground,

I dare to love her ways.

I blame myself when she is misunderstood,

I can’t help acting like a knave in her presence.

She is demanding, selfish and pure!


Don’t make things into good and bad,

It’s not my job.

Passion gone astray,

Illusion is a mental demonstration of insanity.

Don’t act on reaction,

It’s not a very good job.

Rehearsal may make a good practice,

But bad habits are bad habits.

Don’t avoid decisions,

Some are good and some are bad.

Practice helps sort the good from the bad,

With support from family and friends life’s problems can be overcome.

Learning to live will make the experience a work of art.

The art of living is just another way of expressing the ‘good life’.


To create and innovate is process of thinking and producing a product in a competitive market.

To escape this death by a thousand cuts you must deliver it all in a new way.

You need to be the first and therefore the best.

As a reward you win the ‘game’ and get to escape the competition to become a monopoly.

Going viral is growing vertical not being a copy cat or competitive.

To use flow as a metaphor might be useful.

All your values or fruit of your innovative and creative endeavours bind together to make you the strongest and smartest competitor with the best innovative and creative product.

Your ‘starting up’ allows you to cooperate and collaborate and think to create and innovate.

Be a lean work of art and go viral!

Happiness Is…

Another cup of coffee, and a chance to finish what I love to do.

The beauty in nature and a chance to appreciate it by walking through a national park or hiking up a trail in the bush.

Being able to read, write and do math.

A wayward smile or a knowing glance, when I connect with strangers on a morning walk.

Believing in myself, others and the place I live.

Doing what I think is right and being friends with like minded people.

Doing my job, making a living and when I have a moment to assess all the good-bad-and ugly, I can still say it’s better to do this job than whatever seems better when I am upset or unstable.

Keeping my feet firmly on the ground and my mind firmly practicing ways to maintain peace of mind.

Exercising all the ways that keep my mind and body in shape!

Being part of a greater community to explore, work, volunteer and honor the people who make it work!

The list goes on and on , no wonder I am so grateful.

On the flipside, I have grief, sadness, depression, loss, harm to myself and others.

There is not always a simple way to solve my problems.

I miss out on so much, no university education, no good job, lots of debt, like everyone, I struggle with the ups and downs that rattle me.

Yet, mostly I avoid the major pitfalls, I get help from friends and relatives.

But no answer for the stuff that goes wrong.

At times life is tragic and requires lots of time and resources to recover.

Many things require practice, upkeep and improvements to the existing ways I act and cope with circumstances.

The more I live, the more I live, despite all the ups and downs because I strive to overcome all the things that stop me and damage me.

Obviously, it takes a little more to mend a life and it is wonderful when I help myself and give/receive help.

Not exactly an answer, but an acknowledgement that it’s been worth all the trouble.

(So far, I’m hanging in for the long run!)

“I am Groot.”

Just in case you are off planet, Guardians Of The Galaxy 1&2, has a character who has become An internet sensation.

Every time I say, “I am Groot.” I get a smile on my face.

I am in a good state of mind.

It is easy to do no harm when one is in a good state of mind.

But the exercise is to calm any state of mind and thereby do no harm.

This is the foundation for finding the good life.

With this one tool an individual can practice meaning, grow in a meaningful way and actualize a useful life work.

Join a revolution of one: practice owning your state of mind and learn to do no harm. Strive for peace and good will, practice nonviolence.

Peace Time

A change is as good as a rest…

Top things to do during a break from the chaos.

Go for a walk:  I love going out for a street hike or a walk through the forest.  My best trips are with friends and relatives.  But sometimes, I am lucky and connect with other people.

Go read and write:  I am reading about positive psychology and Philosophy Not Prozac!  I also like to journal each day and write poetry for my blog.

Go take some pictures with my iPhone7 plus.  I am fortunate to own so many devices:  Kobo Aura One, Desktop, laptop, iPad 2 air, Humming Bird, and some other older technology I hold onto for backups and stuff.

Go play on my devices doing all the things I like to do when reading, writing, and taking pictures or reading.  Not to mention all the research I can do on my favorite site:  Wikipedia.

Go eat, drink and be merry:  I usually take a relative out and we share lunch on the weekend at a favorite restaurant.

Go drink water, exercise and sleep.

Go meditate.

Go rest and relax.

Go and be free to do what is best in the moment.

Go take the time to be kind and reflect on all I am grateful for in my life.

Go give somebody support through whichever means I am able.

There seems to be an almost endless list of things I can do with my peace time.

Describing The Beauty Of Life

Being mindful-meditation is slowing down. Or this practice or schedule focuses on several points that enhance your life.

First, you become aware: calm, still, silent. Your sensations brighten because you are living within your limits.

Like a lotus, your being unfolds or opens up to living in the here and now.

Your faculties of reason, concentration, and emotional well being are calm and seem to sharpen or become stronger due to a slower pace, a more restful disposition or practice.

This is true of all your faculties of mind. For example, when we are calm, we feel more apt to be spontaneous. And spontaneity with our faculty of imagination can produce feelings of surprise. It feels like we are becoming better at using our imagination because our use is better or well.

When I am present and allow my being to flow at its natural rate, it feels as though I am living for the first time in years. It really is like being in the zone. When a runner uses this schedule to do a practice, he finds that some practices seem better than others. He makes fewer mistakes. He feels he is running better. He calls it effortless or being in the zone. It is the Tao of Runner’s or being mindful of being!

Is there more than one way to be in the zone or is there only one way to be? Can we all be wrong sometimes? Can we all slip into the proper use of impressions, mindfulness, in the here and now, the zone, The Tao, Being religious of some kind…, a state of mind…

Do all roads really led us to the proper way of being? Philosophy likes us to believe in this premise. To activate the way to release our life as life is meant to be. No harm, no guilt, no speed, no sorrow, no fear, no lack of being, just the here and now, being the way we are best at being…

To believe in this state of being is a way to access the zone or practice. There are several points that help to activate this state of being: a phrase to keep peace in the mind, meditation to keep peace in the mind through the waking hours, slowing down to keep peace in the body, many habits will change as a result of continuing these points in a schedule or practice.

Of course, a willingness seems necessary, as does a practice or conscious effort. However, we are able to fall into this present moment when we gravitate towards it. This is the center of who we are and requires the least effort to maintain or live this way.

Many people live this way at the bare minimum. And fewer and fewer people live this way, yet more and more live this way. As fewer and fewer groups live this way… More and more people live this way and round and round we go. At different moments we catch awareness of this state and describe it.

There is no faculty to keep us here unless we are willing. And we can’t be willing unless we have some kind of faith, willingness or ability to attain it. However, it is not here to harm. It is a simple gift: life.