A Ghost Called Peace

Critical thinking entails much physic,much ethic, and much logic.

The death of war may bring peace, a form of peace at the very least. So,the lack of nuclear war is making the world go on a quest.

Philosophy begs us to love wisdom: do no harm and do our best. Is this another quest?

The impression that imprint upon our soul (mind) are not very different from the wars of old. We kill,slaughter, and wreck havoc, but survive to fight again.

Poverty is killing us all. Are we poor philosophers? Is peace dead to us?

I say no. I don’t want to fight, to debate. I stay away from bringing more violence to the problem.

I preach non-violence. I say there is a better way to live. Perhaps, a good life that presents the spirit of peace out in the light for all to see (If you want to walk around in the dark there is much more to see, but who in their right mind wants to go to war.).

Logic states that peace will nurture anyone willing to work for her. She is kind, calm, and silent. Do you wish for her or does she live in your mind: kind, calm, and silent?

The National Day For Truth And Reconciliation

Orange shirt day started in 2013 as a way to recognize and remember the Canadian treatment of native children in residential school and to understand the harm done at this time in the country of Canada.



There Is Some Politicking With COVID-19


Opinions vary, but the left and the right are showing off to people all the time.

Call them who you may, the COVID-19 crowd may be a conservative taking selfies with protest leaders or liberals mocking those who do.

But you may want to stay informed about COVID-19 politics.

It is time to rejoin society in most aspects.

You may have always been a little apathetic about ‘the vote’.

Education is key.

Please read the above article and stay informed in all your affairs.

What Is Freedom?

Our free will to do what is within our power.

These actions may be bound by our constitution. Or the political will of our country or society.

But what is a will and how can it be free?

There are wills to power and discipline.

This last statement allows a certain kind of permission.

To be equal and able also implies we need to work to earn our freedom.

However, there is a means to freedom that has no bounds other than the bounds of the human condition.

These bounds are seen through the proper use of impressions.

Like using works to accurately describe a picture.

It will take many practice times to gain the proper use of these words.

In the same sense, each person knows it is their ‘will’ that they must use to discipline their actions.

The preconception that we will be free when we do the right thing or moral or be virtuous, is like naming the unnameable.

Hence, the need for philosophy to learn what way will allow us to be free.

Again, freedom can be illusive when we are blinded by fear or ignorance, but we must learn we are willing and able to be free at birth or through education or by applying our will and discipline to achieve our freedom.

No amount of rhetoric will make you free when you are bound.

To learn to live, requires a philosophical idea that knows no bound.

Some say that idea is to do no harm. The proper use of impressions and the practice to discipline our impulses or desires. With our faculty of will…

Veggies Vs. Meats

Is it reasonable to stay like we are and do what we do?

Don’t answer that, but perhaps it is time to look at what we are doing with food.

There is a great debate which involves many big problems on planet earth: climate change, to eat or not eat meat (our health and welfare may depend on it), and changes are being spurred on by new concerns and interest due to Covid-19.

The exact place to start in this quagmire of change may be to start reading about the great debate.

Please support the effort and read the link below about meat and veggies.


Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun
— Read on www.google.ca/amp/s/vancouversun.com/news/local-news/is-sept-30-a-stat-holiday-in-bc-for-truth-and-reconciliation-day/wcm/f922ed94-a704-44b1-b66f-62012984d2de/amp/

Holidays are subject to people.

Here is a new one to learn about because it is only a week away.

Check it out.

Education is key.

Please support the effort.

Something, Incredibly Organic

Inside, there is a life.

Peace, lots of emotions and thoughts, a collection of poetry.

Ah, philosophy, a way to think about wisdom and love.

Photography, a picture that represents an impression of the nature of things.

Technology, a growing concern that represents some hope for the woes of the world.

A changing picture of things going on around the world.