Be Responsible

Be on time for all your appointments or meetings.

Don’t hold people hostage when you make a promise.

Play my role in all my affairs: the best son, best man, best worker, best brother, and any other role I choose to play.

Don’t make a half effort when I can do better.

Be my best self in life no matter what occurs.

I can only control myself . And I am a moral work in progress.

Be there for others (according to the role I am playing with them).

Remember, I am a citizen of the world: I will be my best self whether I am here or there, playing this role or another.

Self-manage and self motivate who I am and accept others for who they are now.

Do not try to live in the past or future because it only brings hurry and worry.

Communicate with myself and others.

Sharing information is collaborative and cooperative. Be present for the situation at hand and only produce opportunity for better behavior.

(You can led a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.)

Be a good example to others in life.

But realize I can not fix others.

Focus on the activity in the moment.

Be the best son, be the best man, worker, or appropriate role for this moment.

Be responsible in all my affairs.

I am responsible for my private self and my public self.

To instigate means to bring about what is best in the present: led or follow, whichever works.

Why books are no good in philosophy

To use the Socratic method requires being a good guide and connecting with people face to face.

Old technology like books and new stuff like FaceTime, just won’t work.

It is all about making better thoughts to help people make themselves better.

This is the true definition of prosperity or philosophy.

Stoics like Epictetus used the same methods.

Technology isn’t going to advance humanity, humanity is.

Okay, you may not get it.  People only connect, face to face.

This sense of connection delutes isolation and helps with authenticity.

There are many qualities to person to person connections.  Trust is just one of them.

Isolation Epidemic

Who wants to collaborate in order to live a longer, healthier life?

The health authority believes we are all slowly dying from a lonely life.

Everyone is so plugged into isolation by driving, working online, using devices like cell phones, tablets, other DVD and cd like devices, the computer is isolating us from each other.

Have you ever noticed the increasing lack of contact when walking through the city streets.

There is a lack of planning for social events with neighbors with in so called community.

People are stopping from touching and feeling each other.

The hug and the kiss are being used less often and with fewer and fewer people.

Don't go touchy-feely on me!

People need to reconnect.

People need to share devices, spaces, watch each other's kids.

A good place to start is at home with a better form of community living.

How do you want to live?

Who do you want to connect with in our dying way?

People die, cities are becoming isolation hubs.

This epidemic is a 'writing on the wall' moment.

We need to reconnect and learn how to live in each other's lives again.

So, unplug from your devices more often, join in on community more often, be in a coop, eat together, play together, learn together.

We need to become better neighbor and friends and co-workers.

We need to reverse the isolation trend.

Anonymity (and good)

You may never see me, but I am present for you.

You may not sense me as a threat and therefore ignore me.  But I shall be ready to help.

You could be emotionally spent.  But I will give you patience and understanding.

You have good and bad behaviour.  But I will be with you when things are good, bad, and ugly.

You may never know my name.

You may never pay me back.

Routine As A Base

Each day has one for each of us.
Mine is what I make of it:
Breakfast, prepare for the day, washroom break, brisk walk to work, workday, supper, read and write, chores, prepare for bed, a good night's sleep. Maybe play my guitar, go for a walk, perhaps a half dozen more things. Meditation, exercise, healthy lifestyle consisting of daily good habits.

Each week has one set for each of us.
Mine is made up of work, sleep, exercise, good meals, family and friends, a routine filled with all the above.

Each month has one set for me.
Pay my monthly bills because I am fortunate enough to work and earn a monthly sum that meets my needs and then some.
I wake up each morning with my routine, each day and evening too, each week and month and year.

It is like an active meditation. It helps to practice and I receive good outcomes: peace of mind, good focus, a healthy lifestyle.

A routine is not enough to live a healthy life, but it is something to be grateful for when one is blessed with family, friends, and health. Lastly, a rather thorny omission or core to living is having a belief system. I describe mine as good enough for me, but not recommended for others. I say I am mostly philosophical by nature and believe in respecting other people's belief system to the best of my ability. Mine you would find through getting to know me like I would by getting to know you.

To Write

Be a writer.

Find a way to motivate yourself in ways that keep you in a peak state each day.

Create a reason, the rituals, to be alive.

Journal, do poetry, read, listen and learn , be passionate about love whenever you can be.


I will write an authentic eBook for amazon in a month.

It will be about how to become motivated to be a writer.

My vision is to create practical entertaining products using the process I have practiced as a writer.

Of course I want the book to sell and make money and I will review the reasons and progress I make each day until it is done.

I have reasons that allow me to resolve to be a writer.

I need to see it everyday because I am so close and I have worked so hard and because I truly love doing this job.

Why do you want to be a writer?