Death and Dying

Cicero believes it is laughable to entertain anything beyond the physical Universe. He says as much by defining terms. Your soul dies, or returns to the Devine. Either way the self dies. It simply does not matter, pardon the pun. The point is that he takes on death directly and says it is unimportant and nothing to fear.

Cicero’s way is a philosophy to keep stoic ways flexible and to allow death and dying to remain the same philosophically in today’s culture.

Can you control death?


Should you fear it?

My advice is to sit with your fear until you recognize there is no reason to fear death and dying and to wait long enough to be free of acting in any way that may harm you or others. It is worth learning to work out any impulsive urges you may have to harm yourself or others. My job is to do all the above. It isn’t something you can set a time limit on or should procrastinate on.

I personally try to work on it a little each day. So, serious enough? Practical?

(Note, the above ideas are my own, and if you interpret them in a way that harms you or someone else, it is out of my hands, at best I give them a PG rating or worst, a R.)

a woman in distress

In this dialogue, it appears that a woman drives up to the gas station to fix her flat tire and doesn’t know what to do. She really has a flat rear tire.

Woman: oh my god, what should I do? She coyly looks at the man. I don’t even know how to inflate a tire. Can you help me?

Man: yes, he goes and grabs the still running air hose from when he inflated his, 5 seconds longer and he would of been outta there.

W: I don’t know a thing about flat tires. Thank you for being my knight in shining armour. I thought tires inflated themselves?

M: Some do.

W: What now?

M: He walks around to the driver’s side and opens the door. I need to check the pressure requirements for your car and try to inflate it.

W: where do I , you, find it and do it?

M: It says 32 psi for the rear tire. He pumps it full of air.

W: what is wrong with the tire?

M: it is really low. I think it may be the valve. He notices she is very interested in everything he is saying and doing. She is very attentive and is leaning towards him as she smiles and listens to his reply.

W: thanks again, I don’t know what to do. Should I go shopping? Is it safe?

M: I don’t think it’s safe to go anywhere but home.

W: I appreciate all you do. Thanks for putting up with me and my car.

M: no problem. I think it might be the valve. It seems to be a normal flat. It probably went flat overnight. I see no puncture or loud leak. But, please go straight home.

W: Will I need to change the tire?

M: most likely, it will go flat again, I’d get it tested and change it before taking it in. You may need to buy a tire and pay for the job to be done.

W: thanks so much, you really are wonderful.

M. Thanks.

Off they went their separate ways.

Follow Your Bliss

I am following Joseph Campbell.

He has written a rather important work, which is a huge understatement.

The Collected Works Of Joseph Campbell: Pathways To Bliss: Mythology And Personal Transformtion

I have been following him since my birth in one way or another, he speaks to me….,vid:s28rwnz18j4,st:0

The small excerpt from him on YouTube will explain the book and the meaning of life better than I can.

Consider reading this wonderful book Edited and with a forward by David Kudler.

We all have a path and some of us are following it every day.

Here is to your heroic ventures

Eyesight Scams

Nobody enjoys, phone or email scams, the problem is the prevalence of scams in all forms of multimedia.

Health can be a target of scams for various reason.

One example of an eyesight scam is the Bates Method. It has been around for an awfully long time.

I like to find ways to improve our awareness and habits.

If you are interested, please watch the vid bellow.

Eye Health

Health And Normal Healthy Ways

All the changes are staggering when reaching for a balance when recovering from poor lifestyle choices.

A sugar metabolism is not worth doing for people who want their bodies to find a healthier balance.

But for many a low carb therefore sugar free and keto nutrition will result in a need to eat more low carb veggies.

And less fruit with more nuts and berries.

More olive oil and vinegar with salads and veggies.

No starches or much less and more salt and water to cope with all the water lose due to less sugar trapped in muscles with water.

Less trouble with salt because of less trouble with sugar metabolism.

Intermittent fasting from a two meal a day limit.

So many symptoms of a poor lifestyle disappear but during a change in metabolism there will be frequent urination as sugar leaves your body.

A need for more water and salt due to replace lost water and salt from frequent urination.

No more constipation.

Lower blood pressure due to better lifestyle.

Less inflammation due to better lifestyle.

Keep looking for good habits as better lifestyle stabilizes with healthier routines.

Changing habit include, no sweets, no alcohol, no starches, no smoking or recreation drugs will help blood flow and vascular health.

Less insulin’s spiking due to keto nutrition to move off sugar metabolism to keto metabolism.

Weight will stabilize as will water, salt and other vitamins and minerals.

Body will find its best balance for long run or longer life expectancy and quality of life.

There is some meat, cheese, chicken, sea food needed to keep a ketogenic metabolism and intermittent two meal routine.

Lots of movement, walking and standing with learning and working to improve overall socializing and development of relationships.

Along the way this wholistic approach to living becomes a life of better habits.

This is a description of the changes needed to find a healthy balance with the human body.

The Answer Is The Good Life

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.” Or so said the leader of a violent nation.

What more truth does anyone need about someone who acts on a passion to kill.

You probably believe that compassion is a sign of weakness. Don’t you? Oh, that compassionate fool will loose his life helping the poor. Who said helping the poor are for people without compassion, courage, awareness and contemplation?

How do you think good is done? Is it human nature to kill or be killed, never show kindness, let alone compassion, courage, awareness and contemplation? Through the virtues and appropriate actions, surly we are meant to help each other the way the foot helps our leg, and the leg the body and the organs the body and the brain consciousness and consciousness-everything else.

I’d like to believe that humanity is a conscious agent helping society, the earth and the universe. But some knaves and fools think money and power are the only important work to be done. Who are we anyway?

Do I need to show you more?

Do I need to write a book?

Next thing you will tell me is that every single human being should roll over or die because he is in pain.

Thought is a gift.

Use it to live a good life.

Be compassionate, courageous, aware and a thinker

Be An Excellent Reporter

There is a slang term that Ernest Hemingway used to quote about fraud or scams,”The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in,shockproof,shit detector.”

I try to be a good writer by doing my research,study,method and more.

Boredom is a four letter word to me and you.

Brevity helps relieve boredom.

Fact checking keeps me be honest and diligent.

I like to witness and experience much of what I write or report.

I also use as much common speech and language as I can muster to reach the most people.

To think, write and be honest, true….