She may have a late nap and be up forever

Worries and concerns of a young mom talking to her friend on the way to the store, baby in tow.

She is grateful, thriving and living in a good way.

Contrasting situations arise downtown, but mom feels good taking her young baby out for a stroll with the support of a good friend.

So many parts to a well rounded life, what will this woman do in this lifetime?

Who will her baby become?

How will her family live over the next twenty five years.

There is a lot going on out there.

We have a lot of changes, choices and charges to work out.

But it is nice to smell the roses and acknowledge the traditional aspects from time to time.

Human Mitochondria: Health and Disorder

Is your energy level low?

Science is studying the Transfer Ribose Nucleic Acid in the power house of your cells called Mitochondria to learn about disorder in your metabolic pathways.

“So what”,you may say, but a low energy level is difficult to manage on a good day.

Do you have trouble sleeping, eating, exercising, and working stuff out on the day to day basis?

Join the club, and find a better way to practice these habits.

Go for flow, stay calm and try to work together with your place of work and people you encounter throughout the day.

Read and write, another habit that makes you a better teacher and student.

Rest and relax, listen to music, go for a walk, create good habits to increase that energy level that may need improvement.

Have a nice day!

How Time Will Shrink or Expand

He is a bully with his precision.

But he measures, beats and flows.

There are moments and parts and streams where almost anything goes.

He allows forces like gravity to change us and makes everything grow and die.

His heart is cold and his mind is hot but he never really slows.

Be a fan or an enemy, he is indifferent as the weather.

His age is immortality’s length.

He has an unfathomable measure of strength.

He does not show his senses.

But you can measure him like a wavelength.

Duration is his passport.

He travels across the universe.

The Currency Of Love

Her coin is not gold, but energy is flowing from me to you.

What will you do in return?

My friend use to say, “It is only money changing hands”.

Yet, it looks like metal is being transmuted into gold.

I am energized by what I do.

Will you honor me by doing it too.

There is no price to pay, but perhaps we speak of gratuity.

Do we imagine a price that reflects what we do?

I believe I have found one way.

Can you?

Why Do I Wear The Poppy?

It is Remembrance Day 2017.

I have not worn a poppy, as an experiment, for a long time.

I didn’t wear it because I thought society was being too nationalistic or too obligatory.

But today, I wear it because I need to embrace my culture and be a good global citizen.

How do others view me wearing a poppy?

Do the people who feel pain and went through all that suffering hate me?

Does it cause needless pain and suffering to those who are still in pain?

Are my fellow citizen’s being herded into doing or saying something that does harm to them and others?

Really, I honor those people and the past generations that faced the wars, and the times that caused so much pain and suffering.

I feel grateful to be free and able to struggle with my own problems in innovative ways that help me change and stay curious about life.

I celebrate with all those who are doing the same.

And I respect and ‘take a minute of silence’ to remember those who did it.

I am cooperating and collaborating on Remembrance Day the best way I am able to do it: live life.

Using The Socratic Method

Why? (Is it good.). (Do we need it or want it.)

This is a good idea when you ‘think critically’ about ethics.

Who uses it (law school)?

There is no one right answer (or there are no real answers in life but heading towards perfection is sometimes a good answer!).

How can I captivate you and me? (Begin with the end in mind).

I am curious about all my problems (being stuck in one way or another).

Why is my brain flatlining?

Why am I living with a brain flatlining?

Are you flatlining yet (because of reading my poem?)?

All the devices in the world won’t help.

What is necessary?

Think ‘Peer-Share’: argue, discuss and debate.

Help students teach each other.

Innovators see different perspectives.

Students need to be stimulated to read and write, think and experiment.

Teachers need to peak student’s curiosity.

We need to change our lives for the better.

These are students and teachers: who we are.

The Fountain Of Youth(The Human Body)

The consumption of water is part of it (scientifically).

So is fitness and nutrition, actually all aspects of the human body can be regulated by using the mind and following the outline for the ‘Wheel Of Life’.

We need awareness and the will to carry it out.

It is like a miracle, once we see it and love it, it will grow in proportion to our effort to actualize it.

Yet, good and bad, we can make it manifest.

There is no time or space in the imagination.

It just is.

It is our choice to grow and thrive and put the effort forward to make manifest in our lives all we hold dear and true.

In this sense, we are forever young.

In this sense, our lives are constantly renewing our youth until we spend it all or use up our life.

It is a shame to be left wanting as this life, no matter how long or brief, is the ultimate gift.