And Now For Something Completely Different

Who wants to hear bad news at this time?

The questions raised by intellectuals are good to contemplate during good times, but stressful and disconcerting anytime because they may oppose our peace of mind.

Yet, to critically think is important practice for us all.

And as an exercise, will do no harm unless taken too seriously or acted on too impulsively.

This challenge is to test your own discipline on thinking critically about uncomfortable topics: nuclear war, climate change/ global warming and criticism of President Trump and The United States Of America.

As individuals it is important to discipline our critical thinking and maintaining healthy skepticism of public opinion. These mental skills are needed in all areas of our life (especially critical thinking)

A little mental and emotional discomfort is a small price to pay, practice mental toughness, please watch the vid while keeping these challenges in mind.

Does vitamin d help prevent getting sick with the coronavirus?

I recommend this link to people because I believe it to be safe, accurate and informative.

With that said, I am interested in my own use of the vitamin.  And do not wish to bias people with my own outcomes.

But the theme of my blog is to share, be supportive of others and compassionate.

Please support the effort, the coronavirus is still causing us harm and prevention is good.

Coronavirus: Italy locks down north in bid to slow spread of COVID-19 | CBC News

Italy took a page from China’s playbook Sunday, attempting to lock down 16 million people — more than a quarter of its population — for nearly a month to halt the relentless march of the novel coronavirus across Europe.
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The Challenge

Any one can react with fear, and no harm done,

It is survival mode, fight or flight, right?

What about people’s fear over getting enough?

Some of us go without, we are upset, but we wait, see the positive, accept the short term pain and practice the 3 R’s: respect ourselves, respect others and be responsible….

The challenge is to live with the disruption and admit our lack of control while looking, listening and learning.

The challenge is to tune out some of the hyper chatter and help out, be supportive and take care of ourselves.

The challenge is to lighten up and keep a since of humour about this important world.

How do you be funny about serious health stuff?

For sure, it is difficult to keep our sense of humour while all hell breaks loose.

We can only lighten up ourselves and try to keep our sense of humour the way we always do…

Take care, we can get through this with support and understanding…

Yes, it is worse than the flu: busting the coronavirus myths | World news | The Guardian

The truth about the protective value of face masks and how easy it is to catch Covid-19
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The Covid-19 must be serious or you would not be reading this on my blog.

Caution is the watch word, I am using about the article above.

Yet, some information is good.

It may be a good idea to respect this new virus and to get ahead of it by coming out with a vaccine.

And to keep fear under control by using what our medical authority can provide.

Children and elderly are usually more at risk than the rest of the population.

However, the disabled and immune system of some individuals need more assistance than most of us.

Don’t treat anyone unfairly because of your possible fears regarding the unfolding situation.

And please don’t dwell on the issue.

It is always good to chit chat with people we trust.

Stay tuned and informed, education is key.

Please support the effort.