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Full disclosure: I use a weigh scale everyday, a sleep app, journal, a philosophy, a blog,

I enjoyed the reference in the vid below about carbon app, data driven, nuanced driven, hard work, do your best, do no harm and clear concise science.

Goals: intermittent fast or no supper to sleep better while maintaining keto, no sugar, low carb, better fiber, better exercise in the morning, maintain diversity in my daily content of consumable food for breakfast, lunch (and occasional suppers to maintain weight goal)

Daylight saving time 2023: Here’s when you should set your clocks forward – National |

Daylight saving time is coming soon, so consider this a sign to mark it in your calendars to avoid showing up late when everyone springs forward.
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Are you going to stay up an hour longer or treat it like another day?

International Women’s Day 2023

I like to listen to the local radio station because they help celebrate the day by playing songs with women lead singers all day.

I am blessed to have three sisters and a mother.

These women and my female friends and associates also remind me how grateful I am to have so much to collaborate and celebrate with on this #EmbraceEquity.’s_Day?wprov=sfti1

What Causes Nerve Pain, Lose Of Appitite and Low Energy? And What To Do To Prevent it?

Obviously, going to the doctor is a prerequisite for this condition which is associated with aging and many other conditions.

With that said, a root cause could be damage to the nerve and a vitamin like substance may help you to prevent nerve damage, and the other symptoms associated to the condition.

It may also lead to a lack of movement and or exercise, sleep and nutrition that can lead to a loss appitite and low energy.

This in turn can lead to confusion about the problem and some reactions from friends and relatives.

Prevention, information and awareness is important when we age and undergoing new medication and health conditions.

Please watch for signs and symptoms, good information, awareness, and education is key.

Myth Busting Sleep

Cognative Therapy is all about helping people do what the body does best.

What are the metrics of CT for sleep building?

Learn what the myths about sleep are?

Don’t be afraid to learn your enemy’s point of view.

Learn to stop making your sleep worse.

Learn what the best thing to do if you are waiting up every night.

Watch this vid for encouragement and direction.

Learn to rebuild your sleep and stop the worry.

Healthy Uses Of Solitude

Time alone can be healing and a way to build independence.

Do no harm. Do your best. Know yourself.

The above expressions may bring a form of freedom.

Being alone can be a time to rest, relax and calm down from troubles of the mind.

Away from noise, distractions and disturbances can be a rest or rejuvenating experience.

Check out the vid below for a description of things to contemplate while learning ways to use solitude in society today.

Solitude and independence

7 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

Cucumbers are low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients that may lead to various health benefits. Here are 7 health benefits of eating cucumber.
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Do you and yours enjoy cucumbers?

What type?

How often?

The more we eat, the healthier we are!

Canada’s economy stalled even as consumer spending held up

The Canadian economy stalled in the fourth quarter, eking out a 0.03% gain in what was a significant downside surprise from expectations of a 1.6% increase.
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If this report is a good indicator of the economy, it looks good overall for Canada.