Humanity’s Right To Be Fair

To be fair is not an entitlement.

But it is a right.

Music, math,myth, mate,

Music to warm the soul.

Math to model a better future.

Myth to demonstrate the truth.

Mate to make love, prosper and engage the world.

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment
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To study a way of being like this one may be a good decision, but only you can decide.

It is a way that is tried and true, given the work involved it may be no simple task.

From my experience, being grounded with purpose is one angle but there are many benefits to putting these principles into practice.

A philosophical approach to good living may be an understatement…

Inner Peace: Quiet time is important

To think about love is wisdom.

Some say, do no harm, do good, be kind, be safe…

It is all about the practice of virtue.

Not so much the types of virtue or how much, but to try to be good.

As a student, I listen to my teacher(s), a lot.

And they tell me to listen and practice and to learn.

As a teacher, I try to be aware and I love show and tell, but more often it is an adult version: pain management (anger, and other types of emotional management). These kinds of feelings can be more, states of mind…

So, here to ‘the good life’, the proper use of impressions and the virtue that I try to covet.

There is sometimes pain that gets in the way of the present situation.

These kinds of changes require us to interrupt our lifestyle to permanent changes that require time to accept in our new life.

This is where some silence is a good way to adapt to change.

Thinking About Love

Do no harm, I will.

Do my best, I will.

I am living each day like it may be my last.

I am grateful for many specific things I experience in the here and now.

I am willing and able to treat myself and others like they are my family.

Community is like having a neighbour everywhere you live.

A world citizen is more about being humane than being human.

To live and let live is more than a slogan.

Making good habits that help me live day to day is an evolving life style.

Inner peace, quiet time is important.

To be mindful and to be here and now is a way to practice living a ‘good life’.

Nobody wants to hear it (you do it when taking care…)

Be mindful, be here now,

Do no harm,

Practice the proper use of impressions,

What is your purpose?

Healthspan, diseasespan

Taking care of yourself and others,

The motivation to live a good life,

Simplicity, compassion and patience,


Or not, how often do you change the subject when you don’t feel like talking about something or doing something?

How often are you conscious of stopping yourself from doing something?

How well do you know yourself?

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the body runs unconscious or autopilot.

When is autopilot dangerous to use?

Being aware is not always possible.

To practice consciously making choices and decisions will improve the habit of making it a practice.

Think about consciousness and how you need to use yours in a healthy way.

What is your prime directive?

Are you aware of having one, and if so, is it worth having it?

“Monkey Mind”

Here is a great reference to start your search for a cure (lol).

10 Ways to Tame Your Monkey Mind and Stop Mental Chatter

The ‘hurry and worry’ we all feel can be quieted down a lot by spending some time in silence and being more 2) mindful and perhaps 3) meditating more each day.

  1. The first approach is to spend 10 minutes a day being silent.

To become aware is the goal in using any of the mental tools mentioned above.

At some point, the question will be, ‘am I aware of the mess my mind is from moment to moment?’ And, is there anyway to treat myself better?

It would be fair to say my mind is out of control when I ‘hurry and worry’ too much.

In western culture we have religion and mental attitudes that help us, “Keep calm and carry on.”

Consider starting with silence, becoming aware of your “monkey mind” and learning to do a combination of the three suggestions above.

The proper way to deal with harmful stress is to learn to be with yourself. The best way to do this is to become aware of the need for a little silence each day. This will lead to making a decision to stop doing harm to yourself and mind by practicing being more mindful and learning to meditate.

Good luck.

Too Many Bumps Or Mood Swings

I’d call any kind of emotional outburst (negative emotions) a mood swing or a bump.

With Corona, I generally get more bumps than usual.

I have made it a practice to take a mood swing or pump moment to calm down and take stalk of my state of mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Having faith in myself and others is part of my day to day well being.

When I take responsibility for an emotional or mental health problem, I am taking care of myself to do no harm.

I call it buckling in to corona. And I need help and give help to my friends, family and co-workers.

See you in the new normal!

Coronavirus: Italy locks down north in bid to slow spread of COVID-19 | CBC News

Italy took a page from China’s playbook Sunday, attempting to lock down 16 million people — more than a quarter of its population — for nearly a month to halt the relentless march of the novel coronavirus across Europe.
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The Challenge

Any one can react with fear, and no harm done,

It is survival mode, fight or flight, right?

What about people’s fear over getting enough?

Some of us go without, we are upset, but we wait, see the positive, accept the short term pain and practice the 3 R’s: respect ourselves, respect others and be responsible….

The challenge is to live with the disruption and admit our lack of control while looking, listening and learning.

The challenge is to tune out some of the hyper chatter and help out, be supportive and take care of ourselves.

The challenge is to lighten up and keep a since of humour about this important world.

How do you be funny about serious health stuff?

For sure, it is difficult to keep our sense of humour while all hell breaks loose.

We can only lighten up ourselves and try to keep our sense of humour the way we always do…

Take care, we can get through this with support and understanding…

Keep Your Head Down

When someone is trying to knock it off,

Trust yourself and others, but do no harm,

Be patient, don’t lie, don’t give in to hating,

Don’t look too cool or act like a wise ass,

Dream lucid, think straight, but slow it down when you obsess, try to possess or go mental with unrest,

If you can handle fools and accept yourself when you act foolish,

If you can met with success and failure like the same god damn thing…

Risk your money, risk your life,

Keep away from other people’s things.

Push that body,

Push that soul,

Make amends to the brave and old,

Build a willpower with good habits,

Never give into the crowd,

Talk with your betters but don’t forget people you care about,

When you can handle family, friends and people,

When your life follows up on stuff that works for you,

You’ll make a fool of me and be in on the gift to humanity…