Be Human

Being is being, whether the differences appear or not.

Capturing the ‘good life‘ is a challenge for all beings.

Virtue is kingly in all our endeavors, a course correction is often needed to keep one’s life from running aground or being stuck.

Live beyond mere survival.

All forms of poverty may fall upon you.

Don’t give up!

Live this day, this minute, it may be your last.

Who am I?

Belief is key.

Find a healthy way to be.


Who is your favorite historical figure?

Understated philosopher, whose teacher was Musonius Rufus.

To me, this helps me practise what I need by looking at the source. The progenitor of a teacher student relationship in the practice of the proper use of impressions.

To do no harm and do my best.

Awaken my mind through meditation in the form of this practice.

To learn to be present through the movement of mind, heart and body practice.

The awakening element is inner peace practice: letting go of the sensations of body, mind, and heart.

Enjoyment! Inner Peace, Being present, being calm, still and silent…. Awake.

The Meaning of Philosophy

The literal version is “the love of wisdom “.

The purpose of Philosophy is to secure reality and experience.

What a belief to explore….

Practical Stoicism

Beware your passion or use a little common sense when you act on the following convictions.

Use a page worth on each journal entry.

The idea is to think about what you may want to practice.

Get up! Or get at it. Do it. Be here and do it now.

It is all about character and virtue or doing it right.

Epictetus, Discourses 1.2

Of one thing beware, O man: see what is the price at which you sell your will. If you do nothing else, do not sell your will cheap.

Work on your virtues or character. What do you value. What is important to you?

Assess the way you do your life. Think about your own stuff.

You may find the following useful. Check it out.

A Stoic Discourse

To journal about the stoic way.

To be present in my conscious awareness of being stoic.

It is the good life and doing no harm.

To state the principles and steep myself in the conversation and my voice to discover my way.

Much like the morning and evening stoic routine, it is a form or means to become conscious and discover the here and now, what is important part of my life.

To discipline myself in the art of living, is to discover my next step.

In a way, the reward is doing the step forward, committing to the choice, a better way to move now.

Letting go of the desire, or tolerating the aversion in whatever form it manifests.

A bit like Sting’s song about ‘every breath you take’. But do no harm.

Humanity’s Right To Be Fair

To be fair is not an entitlement.

But it is a right.

Music, math,myth, mate,

Music to warm the soul.

Math to model a better future.

Myth to demonstrate the truth.

Mate to make love, prosper and engage the world.

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment
— Read on

To study a way of being like this one may be a good decision, but only you can decide.

It is a way that is tried and true, given the work involved it may be no simple task.

From my experience, being grounded with purpose is one angle but there are many benefits to putting these principles into practice.

A philosophical approach to good living may be an understatement…

Inner Peace: Quiet time is important

To think about love is wisdom.

Some say, do no harm, do good, be kind, be safe…

It is all about the practice of virtue.

Not so much the types of virtue or how much, but to try to be good.

As a student, I listen to my teacher(s), a lot.

And they tell me to listen and practice and to learn.

As a teacher, I try to be aware and I love show and tell, but more often it is an adult version: pain management (anger, and other types of emotional management). These kinds of feelings can be more, states of mind…

So, here to ‘the good life’, the proper use of impressions and the virtue that I try to covet.

There is sometimes pain that gets in the way of the present situation.

These kinds of changes require us to interrupt our lifestyle to permanent changes that require time to accept in our new life.

This is where some silence is a good way to adapt to change.

Thinking About Love

Do no harm, I will.

Do my best, I will.

I am living each day like it may be my last.

I am grateful for many specific things I experience in the here and now.

I am willing and able to treat myself and others like they are my family.

Community is like having a neighbour everywhere you live.

A world citizen is more about being humane than being human.

To live and let live is more than a slogan.

Making good habits that help me live day to day is an evolving life style.

Inner peace, quiet time is important.

To be mindful and to be here and now is a way to practice living a ‘good life’.

Nobody wants to hear it (you do it when taking care…)

Be mindful, be here now,

Do no harm,

Practice the proper use of impressions,

What is your purpose?

Healthspan, diseasespan

Taking care of yourself and others,

The motivation to live a good life,

Simplicity, compassion and patience,