Teen vaping in Canada has taken a ‘worrisome’ turn | CBC News

University of Waterloo Prof. David Hammond’s new statistics on teen vaping in Canada over the last six months were so troubling he presented his data to Health Canada instead of waiting to publish it in a scientific journal.
— Read on www.cbc.ca/news/health/health-canada-youth-teenage-vaping-smoking-hammond-1.4937593

Parents beware, decide to play, how to engage my kid about stopping their smoking habit.

Torture Due To Racism


pain and violence leave scars on all people.

healing hurts but paves the way for opening education, prevention and awareness.

to describe the problem is to openly talk about indigenous women being viewed in untrue hateful ways and harmed in many more.

it may be time to read and listen carefully about this canadian torture.


Bored stiff, student learning to decide how to behave when bored.

Aversion needs to be manageable,

Whatever the anger, breaking it into smaller pieces until you can accept the feeling without doing harm.

Whenever a craving results in harm, break it down until you can accept the feeling without doing more harm.

Practice dealing with aversion until all aversion is manageable.

Then start with whatever topic brings up desire, breaking it into smaller pieces until you can accept the feeling of desire without doing harm.

Whenever a desire results in harm, break it down until you can accept the feeling without doing more harm.

Practice dealing with desire until all desire is manageable.

This practice is easier said than done, it requires a lifetime commitment.

I am a lifetime student of aversion and desire.

Universal Peace and Happiness

The Dalai Lama said, the ultimate source of peace is n the mind-which, far more than our circumstances, determines our happiness.

CBCT or Cognitively Based Compassion Training is the next big tool for teaching the trait of loving kindness.

Accordingly, the person learning to be more compassionate is the first to benefit.

So, even if you don’t love the world today,

even if you don’t love your enemy today,

You can learn to love yourself using CBCT.

Another words, you will be a source of peace and happiness in everyone’s life.

Do you want to try CBTC or learn how to be more peaceful and happy?





A Great Number Of Possibilities

Do you know where you come from, because it is really a great mystery.

There is a great deal of advice, especially when going way back in the past.

Everyone knows that there are many possibilities for themselves and others.

Of course, this includes the invisible part of an adult: the memories, the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and much much more.

It is my mission to keep your mind open to these possibilities.

Imagine, what this person would look like, how they would act and don’t forget their memories, the thoughts and feelings, beliefs and much much more.

I have heard this person called an inner child.

I believe it is important to treat this person or inner child with special care.

But if you by chance have forgotten who this inner child is, you are not alone.

In fact, many people can only remember a snap shot about this person.

Being in touch with who this inner child is for you will make your life a much much better time and place for you.

If you wish to want to start parenting this inner child I would start by learning who they are and try to become their friend.

I might even recommend writing some of your thoughts and observations down in a note book (digital or otherwise).

And start out small, try to think about your inner child each day and watch your notebook fill with your scribbles.

Don’t worry, by the time you get around to trying out what I suggest you will either decide I am a little odd and give up my silly notion.

Or perhaps, you may learn to become a better friend to yourself.

Either way, I hope you keep up journaling, even if it is only a way to write for ten minutes each day.

There are lots of ways to improve your day to day experience, perhaps one of these will work for you:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_child


How To Be A Better Student, Lifestyle and Person

Wasting money can be a huge factor.

To save money is to learn how to use it.

The number one way to save money is to use it less and in a more student orientated way.

Learn to spend and use earnings to pay down debt, improve lifestyle and become a better person.

I need to use the 1,2,3 rule outlined in the time management article by juststudyingpharmacy.com.  The methods and ideas in this article will improve anyone’s lifestyle and make you a better person.

I am a big believer in stress management and believe and practice my slogan, “unplug each night except to read and write”.  I love philosophy, photography and writing and not necessarily in that order.

My motto is ‘do no harm’ and ‘live the good life’.

There are many experts on living a good life.  If I had to name one book, I ‘d recommend reading “Epictetus:  Discourses and Selected Writings.

With Love, Christmas: Quiet Time Is Important: Inner Peace

The more I am still the more I listen,

The quiet is a blessing like the important inner peace.

My intention is to be quiet and listen for inner peace.

It sounds like Christmas, the sight and smells,

They start with cinnamon scented candles.

I hear a meditation but see one too,

Along with tasting and feeling, all my senses are focused on a special time of year.

When I am silent, my awareness of Christmas is revealed to me.

The memories, the vision, the imagination, the recordings are all part of a ‘work in progress’!

But my outcomes are traits that leave me rested, awake, aware, focused, re-energized and ready to engage my life and all the wonder it will bring.

I am fitter to do less harm (to myself and others).

More prepared to do good for myself, family and friends, and people in the community.

My countdown to Christmas starts today and will be maintained throughout the holiday and the time allotted in my life.

I believe my mindful practice will help us all and improve the holiday season this year.  I hope you will engage and enjoy this season and much, much, more!