Dialogue: Diogenes Vs. Alexander

In this dialogue, two outspoken men philosophy about life, death and agency.

Diogenes: cynical times, nothing is certain, living through vice and corruption.

Alexander: I’d like to meet this famous cynic.

D: I love sunning myself outside this local gymnasium.

A: I am Alexander the Great.

D: I am Diogenes the Cynic

A: Your wish is my command.

D: then, get out of my light.

A: If Freedom had smiled on me, I would endure your failure to be homeless.

D: no one chooses to be without.

A: You did.

D: Or so it seems. What comes from your great sucesss?

A: Very small failures. But we are both pretending to be more than meets the eye.

D: I mock the gods or agency that forced my hand.

A: Hmm, I will meet my death like a dream.

D: then we are both imposters.

A: so it seems.



I was held back a year to overcome my learning disability.

It was called a hormone imbalance at the time or a growing problem that some kids face.

My reading class required me to learn by taking the phonics programme.

I also enrolled in a summer reading program.

As an adult I read more than most, but I tend to spend too much time on devices and with distractions like TV or other time wasters.

Please, read this article and support the effort to help kids learn to read.

I now realize the help and support I received was uncommon.

Let’s help every kid learn to read.

I❤️Vancouver Island

Perhaps, I am a little hesitant to recommend a place that is already popular and flies in the face of my self interest.

I went to Alberta for 25 years. It is worth the trip (that is another blog), but I planned my return to the island 25 years ago.

We had a struggle,50 some years ago, moving across this big beautiful country. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We stopped in Thompson Manitoba.

And there are no shortages of places to live on Vancouver Island. I have lived in Duncan and Qualicum to name a couple.

Recently I have been working in Langford.

Islands have a unique psychological aspect to them. On the one hand it is isolating but on the other it invites solitude.

I am not patriotic but I am influenced by my past experiences.

Just let me say, I consider the Island a well kept secret that some need to experience for themselves.

I am happy to be living on Vancouver Island and think those interested in having the experience better get at it.

Living, Dying and Consciousness

Do no harm, let go of the desire to communicate, teach, learn and share.

Why, perhaps more description will illustrate the point.

The Romans were considered great doers.

The stoic became the doer in terms of their philosophy.

This art was based on other philosophical ideas, such as ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’.

Epictetus seemed to teach himself through a practice which he passed onto others orally and by examples practiced by himself and others.

Today we have schools that create environments for creative learning and teaching in much the same way.

Many good ways to live and die are expressed in books rather than word of mouth.

But who is willing to practice these ways to improve living, dying and consciousness?

Look at the great ideas found in philosophy, religion and older civilizations.

There are so many devices that distract people from learning good ways to be.

The message is clear to anyone willing to learn the idea.

Nick Cordero, actor who died from COVID-19, to get online memorial tribute | National Post

TORONTO — A memorial tribute to Nick Cordero, the Canadian stage icon who died from COVID-19 in July, is set to air on a new streaming platform tonight.
— Read on nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/nick-cordero-actor-who-died-from-covid-19-to-get-online-memorial-tribute

People are getting sick and dying from COVID-19.

It is important to remember and grieve the lose.

As a Canadian, I believe a tribute is appropriate for many.

Let’s remember Nick.

The Best Reason to Go to College

The Best Reason to Go to College
— Read on www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/09/06/opinion/college-students-learning.amp.html

I know nothing.

Why go to school?

It’s dangerous, you may expand your mind.

As someone who keeps coming to school, I run into people who teach me to listen.

Women help me understand or get to know another point of view.

As a left handed person living I a right handed world, I don’t want to be left out.

Iliketoresearch,read,write,review,reassess, and learn new things.

School is for all of us.

Oil Spill Response


In Canada, there is a healthy sense of activism over many areas of concern. Here is one that is finding answers.

To name the people is part of the news, but to name the experience is how to live like an activist.

Good people make the planet a better way to live in the universe.

Oil spills may be a mistake but people can go a long way towards correcting an oil spill or any other kind of mistake.

Good story, have a read!

Would You Vote For Nonviolence?

Top ten ways to be nonviolent are all an expression of societal love.

‘Secular’ does not express common ways people are good to each other in society.

Societal love is the many ways people are treating each other well.

To practice nonviolence is to become less violent.

Our many emotional and mental behaviours lead to organizations that become more violent.

Education from people who live in mainstream culture and practice nonviolence is key.

Learn from these people and support their message and behaviour, consider learning their ways to practice in your life.

I believe in a world “Kill Your TV” day. I think if we all turned off TV together it would support a healthy dialogue on nonviolence.

Number one way to practice nonviolence is too practice it as a peacemaker in your day to day activities.

Listen to others point of view, have a dialogue with them. Understand no one will be the big winner or looser. But the truth about peace is that both sides need to compromise or change. The Dalai Lama said this best in his inspirational calendar, Monday August 31, “Insight from the Dalai Lama. “

Give “nonviolence” a chance…

Triumph And Disaster (‘those two imposters’)

I quit looking for perfection.

Competing for success sucks when it costs you good people.

No amount of material gain makes up for pain and suffering or harm to myself or others.

I like keeping my small failures and small successes.

I’m not looking for a ditch to lay down in or some golden ring that makes me a winner.

To build a relationship with myself and others, is all about learning from success and failure, to correct my mistakes and make a life while adjusting to changes.

I believe in keeping my stuff small and manageable and building on a good foundation in all my affairs.

Kipling said it best “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same.”