Kill Your T.V.

Your killing me or I’m killing me is kinda what I am going for here.

To grab my attention is useful for a healthy lifestyle.

A lady friend of mine broke up with her then husband. One thing she use to say was that all he did was watch TV.

It helps to stay active, move and do things that use the body mind and heart in a balanced way.

So look at TV use.

Morning Routine

Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

It is nice to start the day and break it up with a healthy life span routine.

I simply weigh in each morning after stopping in to do my bathroom routine.

Then I make my bed and have a cup of tea while doing a follow along stretch routine that prepares me to work or play each day.

I get dressed and usually have breakfast.

Then I do chores, work and do my daily routine, but that is for another time.

I basically do my best and do no harm this way each day of the year.

The simpler the better.

Can He Communicate Under Stress?

Can he communicate under stress when a human life is in the balance?

Can he do that?

If it’s a human life that isn’t in jeopardy but a toilet to clean, can he communicate under stress?

What do you wish you can do?

(Do your best and do no harm, using the proper use of impressions.)

Discipline = Freedom

My First Job

What jobs have you had?

Everyone deserves a helping hand, my dad taught me to mow the lawn. And as I learned, got me a job doing, Mr. Saltings lawn (my dad was obviously still teaching me).

I don’t know if I ever had a first job, because my dad was my teacher, body guard and friend up past my teens.

Every job or activity that helped me create job skills, he was right there beside me.

My dad was an electrician. So of course my first job mistake was Getty in trouble when no one was watching….

I put one of my mom’s bobby pins in an electrical outlet.

Not one of my best moves, but I was only four, my mom was very upset with me and grateful I was okay. No injury, very lucky.

My dad hired me on as his apprentice for a couple of my teen age years.

At school my dad helped me by rebuilding the lighting board and we won best play provincially in part due to him. He was so proud of my technical award and high grades.

My parents helped me find work during the recession in the seventies.

My mom’s boss got me a job as an assistant camp manager, He made sure an irksome new boss paid me.

And this is how my work life began.

I mostly had service work through out my life.

At present, I pay my bills by working as a middle manager.

And the first job I had was doing the same.

So, this may be my last paying job. But it has kept a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

I try to pay it forward, but I have been so fortunate to have good people guide and support me over the decades.

Good luck with your work, opus, career!

Magic Bubble

Today is full of technology that comes off to most of us like magic.

Medical equipment like MRI machine is a tool that leaves little doubt to diagnosis or what is wrong.

Experience and medical experiments are working hand and hand.

Some doctors and collaborators and cooperators show each other how to fix things with technology and modern surgery.

Life is better because of this magic bubble for all of us.

We are still making mistakes or dying before our time.

But pain and suffering seems to be at an all time low.

Something You Probably Don’t Want To Read

Health awareness is a start to introduce uncomfortable or unpleasant news or information.

One iconic problem is disguised as bathroom habits for one reason or another.

Perhaps you have not needed or considered becoming aware or preventing problem through awareness and other good practices.

What do you do in the bathroom?

There is a lot of discomfort and concern when you are straining and struggling to do everyday things like using the toilet.

What to do when constipation or irregularity becomes a problem with your toilet habits.

Please become aware of the issues and how to start working them out.

Maybe, if you work for it!

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

My dad use to say,”Nothing in life is free.”

I think he meant something important to live by : do your best, do no harm to yourself and others. Use the proper use of impressions. And don’t worry.

It take a life time of experience, thinking, feeling acting and believing.

Do your best. It will be worth it.

Vascular Aging: fill your boots!

Okay, boring stuff, but we need to be aware of our health.

I am tracking mine. It had improved from 10 years beyond my actual age to more my biological age.

In my case it has improved as my lifestyle has improved from 20 years old to 60 years old. I have been slowly improving my health span over 40 years. But it always helps to improve your health.

So, don’t ignore your vascular health. Scary, yes, but live and learn!

My Friends And Neighbours

They are much like you.

I like to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

They all have their ups and downs.

I like to see them like me (I am only human).

They make mistakes, no matter what their age.

I like to be like them.

Work/Lifestyle Balance

Okay, it’s very difficult to avoid working or living without consequences.

Some of those consequences are problems like work/play balance or looking after your life.

Lifestyle is hard to define. I like to be with people and sometimes the lines get blurry. I may be having health concerns or people problems.

This is why I have a good look at everything and everyone on the regular basis.

I am a life long learner and it applies here the most these days.

Check out the link below on some educational stuff regarding boundaries.