To create and innovate is process of thinking and producing a product in a competitive market.

To escape this death by a thousand cuts you must deliver it all in a new way.

You need to be the first and therefore the best.

As a reward you win the ‘game’ and get to escape the competition to become a monopoly.

Going viral is growing vertical not being a copy cat or competitive.

To use flow as a metaphor might be useful.

All your values or fruit of your innovative and creative endeavours bind together to make you the strongest and smartest competitor with the best innovative and creative product.

Your ‘starting up’ allows you to cooperate and collaborate and think to create and innovate.

Be a lean work of art and go viral!


It’s not a lie or cheat.

You can see the treat.

This mode or column and space,

Makes room for all of the human race.

Take down the flowers and ornaments,

Block out the sun and the moon,

What have you now to tune,

Bell, book and candlestick…

Writers and witches and other creatives,

Living life through the art of creation,

To color and craft, or write and brew,

This is the meaning of embellishment.

Myth: the manly life

Growing up strong, among good young men.

Getting an education with pride and good standing.

Meeting and marrying the woman of your dreams , to build a family with children and a career to pay off all the expenses.

To retire in comfort and good health and see your children follow in your footsteps.

If and when you fail, compromise, try your damnedest to live ‘the good life’.

The Well Mannered Man (Or Woman Or LGBT2)

He watched people behave.

He listens to people behave.

He responds to their ways in a neighbourly way.

He manages his life: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

He is morally equivalent to a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or whatever… secularly morally responsible.

If he is Canadian or any other nationality, he is a nice guy.

Flow Writing

Exercise in flow writing is essential to become expert. I like to write for ten minutes ever morning, nonstop with as much flow as I can muster. The content is important. There is a good deal of style, punctuation and creativity. My form can vary from essay, story, and poetry. I am in a trance that embodies the art I wish to express regardless of the subject. I feel each word like a meditative walker feels each step. I am captivated by flow, the gratefulness for each word to be pressed to paper through my pen or typing of text.

At present the physical act of writing is supported by the mental energy also present in my bundled feelings. I am experiencing the love of craft, idea and song. My voice is full of wonder and excitement. I step forward on a road I mean to travel. I am confident in my manner, simple in my approach and determined to do good work.

Going for flow is a confluence of love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and patience. This bundle of virtue can bare all pain, all sorrow and heal all wounds. There is no hesitation in this presentation of ideas. Yet, the silence, stillness and calm brings more to the experience of embracing my art.

Lastly, I am further into the process than when I started to put pen to paper. I am drifting with a rhythm of words, ideas and belief. I can see my destination. As I arrive at this juncture, the end is more like a pause than a pulse. I am able to revise, rewrite or record. My work in progress is assembled for reading and contemplation.

World War Vs The War Within: Struggle

Torn from sanity to bathe in revenge or hatred,

Self loathing, sickness in the mind, society with riot against another society,

Broken peace, within/without,

Tragedy and violence that breaks things apart, this is War.

A nervous breakdown, this is the war within.

All this exists or not.

Do you stand with convention?