Meditation Timer

I am into meditation.

This is not an endorsement for anyone, but there is a simple timer to use when you are ready for a 20 minute session.

Today’s meditation reminded me to journal my thoughts.

I noted a task for work: create notebook with binder, weekly schedule and waterproof sleeves. Practice 10 minute meditation for creativity, being alone (rest, etc.), focus, and much more.

Use meditation for substitution: in place of TV, harm, other.

Francis of Assisi Biography, please read.

Use meditation for pain management (arm), surgery, worry, other.

All the above is just an example of today’s practice.

Try it your way, it is a healing method.

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun
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Holidays are subject to people.

Here is a new one to learn about because it is only a week away.

Check it out.

Education is key.

Please support the effort.

The Cast of Culture

What web cast thee to capture civilization in the west?

Surely, it is not as noble as the east?

Atlas hold the earth on his shoulders.

Whose shoulders bore the Latins beside law and religion from the west?

But does this proclaim Roman law and religion to be myth?

Look deeply at the roots of democratic law and the dominate Christianity.

Are they not steeped in Latin and their myth?

Are not all cultures in the world shrouded in myth?

Ask yourself, is not most you hold as truth coveted by myth?

It takes a strong leader to penetrate his own cultural myth and a world leader must be a philosopher king.

I am only the messenger,

Don’t crucify my image with your rage.

You are no fool.

But it may be time to be ‘woken up’.

Happiness As Seen By Psychology

The study of the mind reveals that happiness can be applied to life.

Positive emotions seem to aid the brain to set for the motivation and behaviour necessary to pursue the habits that increase happiness.

An attitude of we vs I also aids positive emotions like compassion towards others and an outcome of happiness.

Education is key, please watch this vid and consider applying key elements to your lifestyle.

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group
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Groups are forming from various points of view, different secular or religions, to help resolve complex issues.

Please support the effort.

Invitation To A Good Life: my home, my book, my journal!

A book

Can you find a way to be happy?

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

Perhaps, it might help to choose a home?

Shall you live in the city or the country?

It is dangerous times, perhaps a stronghold in the country is best?

I personally have come to live downtown since 2006. I resided in another for some 25 years , but all the same.

My bachelor pad is spartan. It has a balcony which is its chief value.

I have transportation parked inside a gated compound which I access from my apartment.

My place has basic furniture and the necessities of day to day living. And I keep a few devices like my computer, e-reader , cleaning-eating-sleeping-exercise are all done in personal comfort.

I have my home office from which I do my work, study, research and journaling.

My book is my chief study. (I will list it above in a picture.)

My journal I will declare as my chief investigative tool that allows me to build a good life.

All these private matters are just a belief I have that will ‘invite’ all those who choose to listen on how to live a beautiful life.

‘Seize the day,’and do the same!

The Face Of Violence

A father visits his daughter in prison.

He attempts to help her but gets beat up.

A special woman and her little girl, loves the man.

They all get harmed by violence.

The daughter hangs herself.

The little girl and father go after a young man that is the reason the daughter is in jail.

Both get beat up.

The woman hates her little girl getting hurt and acts violently towards the father she trusted with her little girl.

Everyone is harmed by violence.

Meditation And Contemplation

I am a meditation and contemplation practitioner with leanings towards both east and west.

To me, there needs to be a field of awareness like mindfulness in the east and a western version in the west.

Christian,Buddhist, Taoist are examples where meditation and contemplation have made it clear we must find our way through different languages and traditions in our respective locations.

But we are caring and sharing as we do it.

To stop hear in the west has been a round trip for me.

I am just beginning to see how impressive our lives are in any place.

It is important to practice the healing that meditation and contemplation can produce through a regular practice.

I am not religious or spiritual but I believe we are bigger and better organized with the healing outcome of living a ‘good life’.

I tend to take a more philosophical approach to living my life.

Perhaps, a little awareness will do us all a little good.

Nutrients And Deficiency

It is worth eating well and often.

A balanced unprocessed food, properly prepared, and eaten in moderation is best.

This habit is a top ten habit for healthy lifestyles.

In today’s world the challenge is difficult at best. Perhaps a friendly reminder may be in order?