Human Rights For People In All places

Today, prison is a place calling out for reform.

There is a peaceful approach by inmates.

But riots and other forms of violence are occurring and face to face meeting are not always available.

Professional workers and the government are beginning to take notice.

Change will only occur when society demands it.

The Canadian prison system is calling for the public to pay attention.

Ebola Is Still Outbreaking In DRC

World Health Organisation confirms 103 cases,

DRC’s Health Ministry confirms 36 deaths and another 27 suspected deaths from Ebola.

Health workers are at risk, Salama said 14 are at risk and one worker died.

The situation has continued to be difficult to control. But with many resources at hand there will be a great effort made to improve on working solutions.

It is good to stay informed, aware and supportive.

Ebola Thursday August 23, 2018

The outbreak in DRC continues to grow: total deaths 59 and 75 confirmed cases since last month.

New drugs are being used with care.

Continued support and best efforts are being accomplished during this crisis.

Awareness is a small price to pay, making every effort count.

Welcome Events Any Way They Happen: This Is The Way (to peace)

A poet-scientist uses his reason to write like Leonardo Di Vinci paints.

If you see an improper use of impression, learn from it and do no wrong.

Pornography can lead to languishing in lust or a springboard to moral change.

What is the fight for peace?

What is the war?

Does war languish in lust?

Does war springboard to moral change?

Humanity does all the above.

What will you do today?

Why Do We Use Reason?

Besides having a highly developed brain and the good sense to improve, we strive to be moral.

And yet, it is clear we pursue technology and attempt to manifest life from it.

And yet, our reason is a kind of natural technology.

Who will be the poet scientist?

What is ‘the moral reason’ building for our future?

I believe we are getting around to living a peace filled existence.

Our wars are about learning to accept this life in a moral way.

No Way To Live

How many people have a multitude of problems that lead to living on the streets?

Isn’t it enough that anyone is on the street in our global village?

We see people in every city across Canada with at least a group of people we leave stranded in a complex web of problems that none of us could navigate, who end up homeless.

Let’s help everyone get off the street and support them for as long as it takes.

Pain and suffering on the streets is not a choice, it is the result of too many things going wrong: