Nurture Anger

To start out with, the sooner we cool off, the better.

Many stoic ideas help to reel in anger or prevent dipping into anger.

We all get angry and it leads to harm. Therefore, do no harm.

Be like a rock, see how far that will get others who try to provoke others to anger. Actually, a great Roman stoic said this, Seneca.

But before quoting or practicing ,it helps to educate.

Please support the effort.

Processing Our Senses Through Our Minds

We have access to a plethora of information. Some are just a cross section, made up, and or regurgitated from the recesses of the mind.

We have experience, thoughts, actions, beliefs. They all permeate the changing remote stable and unstable recesses of our mind.

Simply to take trips through the lens of our senses are not enough to express the organic experience.

Consciousness is the result of our conscious mind working with our unconscious or subconscious mind.

To pose the question in a relative way, “How does the human body regulate itself?”

The answer is complex at best, but to examine fine quality questions, may point to an attractive image, what is really going on in the arena we call consciousness?

The terms of reference for this essay, relies on stream of consciousness, consciousness, sub-consciousness, unconsciousness and the idea of how the mind really works.

To put any order to our thoughts we rely heavily on the brain, the mind is just a social construct to help communicate about what is happening in the brain itself. Then we really need to put a lot of structure in place, mostly this structure is expressed physically as what we perceive from our senses, what we learn from experience and what we learn using our faculties.

We like to think, feel, act, and believe in a hodgepodge way.

We impose order on it to make end products. We have produced a method of learning called science, but there are many studies of knowledge from various fields within science and without.

In the final analysis, it is sure to be a combination of body parts like the functions of the brain, but we process the senses in many debatable ways. How we experience is another debate.

Obviously, it is hard to come to any consensus on this topic of consciousness, it is probably happening in a singular way in each person. Collectively we are dependant upon communication methods like cooperation and collaboration. But nothing is that simple.

I believe consciousness is a combination of all the above. Yet science is beginning to explore the question. Many believe the new science is some kind of matrix. For now, I base it on my own experience, my own balanced state of mind and current acceptable science.

That’s not to say I am a mad hatter, but it is a fascinating problem, what is consciousness?


A wise kid will look within and keep it as a lifelong habit.

Of course there is no such thing as an inner child but it makes you better to play make believe.

A healthy sense of mindfulness and a good practice of meditation will go a long ways.

Believe deeply in living a healthy life in all your affairs and do no harm.

There is no one way, but many.

Live, love and learn.

International deal to protect ozone layer behind new contaminant problem: study | National Post

EDMONTON — A landmark environmental agreement that helped close the ozone hole in the 1990s has led to new chemical contaminants forming in the atmosphere and accumulating on land.
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Remember the hole in the ozone layer?

What about the important environmental agreement that was the fix at the time?

There is more to examine and consider when trying to change.

There is a call for more investigation and study.

To stay informed and aware is the challenge.

The problems we create for the planet are beginning to be understood and examined in detail.

Please support the effort.

Joe Public Vs Mr. Society: Respect

Joe Public: Six things I do, whenever I desire respect from society.

Mr. Society: Poor Joe, did you loose your job.

JB: You think anyone is expendable, like a used tissue.

MS: Poor Joe, are you on your way out?

JB: the issue of respect is important and is a kind of attitude or virtue I build in my life. Sure, I slip and feel sorry or a little depressed when stumbling through change like COVID-19.

MS: We are surviving this pandemic.

JP: Yes, many people like me are stepping up to work, or self isolate. Everyone is struggling with this crisis. Sure it is distracting when media and public figures misbehave when times are bad. I want to help.

MS: Then fix this mess we are in right now.

JB: No, if there are people out there like me, considering doing harm, in the name of ‘the greater good’, think again, it may not help when the group pressures and demands the impossible, but it does not help to cave to societies bullying habits or to act out in society in an attempt to get back at the group or society at large.

MS: Way to go Joe.

JP: Not so fast buddy. Things are really serious and this kind of crisis can overwhelm anyone. Being a little more aware is a step in the right direction.

MS: Okay Joe, point taken.

Crunch Time

DLS is just around the corner.

I am following up on my previous blog, “I Know It Is Early…”

Like I said there,

“My plan is to wake up an extra 15 minutes each day, a week before.”

And to get lots of light each morning.

While I am doing this housekeeping, I will check in on my sleep hygiene: get in bed on time (waking and sleeping) and keeping off my devices a couple of hours before bed.

So I rewatched the Time magazine vid I linked in the article above.

I will link it in this article for easy access.

It’s not too late to prepare for better sleep…

I Know It Is Early…

Doing, when it matters most

Be mindful now!

There are many people or peoples that reflect the above image or practice.

Does the message kill the practice or is it the messenger?

Does breathing cause us harm when we fall into the habit of shallow breathing?

The experience of being mindful may be its best teacher, but many students will need a Little Rock and roll to get the message across to them.

Check out the sexy app about being mindful now!

Don’t worry, you will find it if it works for you.

Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, M.K. Gandhi,

Cicero, The Cynics, The Stoics,

Tao Te Ching, Mindfulness in Action by Chogyam Trungpa, Meditations for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Red Book by C.G. Jung

There are many more roads to living a full life.

25 Friday Work Memes to Help You Get to the Weekend | Fairygodboss

These Friday work memes will help you get through the last few hours of the work week and take on the weekend.
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Get in the headspace to do it, but play it by ear.

Have fun at whatever you do, unless it is unbearable.

Perhaps, ask for a little help to get through the day.

Keep the day simple and don’t blame yourself or others.

Keep a steady flow and take all your breaks.

Enjoy whatever works for you!