Can He Communicate Under Stress?

Can he communicate under stress when a human life is in the balance?

Can he do that?

If it’s a human life that isn’t in jeopardy but a toilet to clean, can he communicate under stress?

What do you wish you can do?

(Do your best and do no harm, using the proper use of impressions.)

Discipline = Freedom

The False Self Vs. The True Self

In this dialogue, the conscious self talks to the subconscious self to find a balance and repair some emotional and mental knots.

Conscious self: I want to make it perfectly clear that I am happy you make me feel so much pain and that I suffer so.

Subconscious self: I have been listening to you for years. Can you hear me?

cs: Like I was saying, I think D.W. Winnicott has got a lot of it right about mothers and children. When my brother died, I felt very sad and I still do.

ss: Did you hear me? I have been telling you about your brother for years.

cs: I say, did you recommend that book “Solitude: Return To The Self by Anthony Storr? It talks about Winnicott, “The Capacity To Be Alone.

ss: Yes, you use to go out side at 50 bellow to be alone.

cs: I have a sort of practice going on how to be alone.

ss: We do. And it is starting to work after 60 years.

cs: ‘We must reserve a little back-shop, all our own, entirely free, wherein to establish our true liberty and principle retreat and solitude.’ Montaigne

ss: I better get going and make some more friends.

To write more help me live?

It is a funny world.

Sometimes going with the flow is engaging with life. And sometimes it is disengaging with death.

But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

What do you think?

Manage Yourself

Education is key.

Even the optimistic people believe education is lacking for most people.

Bill Gates did an old Ted Talk that makes the point for Malaria, Mosquitoes and education.

I believe we need to go deeper.

How do you do it?

It helps to become aware of your responsibility to manage yourself.

Meditate on the above and start applying new way to improve your education and self management methods.

Who cares?

How important is self management in your life?

Curiously, try it out for a week and see if you make progress .

Make it a habit for lifelong learning?

What’s Important In Life?

Do your best and do no harm.

Be kind, be careful or safe, be compassionate.

Be a good brother, son, friend or neighbour or citizen.

Be grateful and willing and able.

Look after yourself.

What do you think?

Practice doing better each day.

Adapt, respond,rest, relax, exercise in as many ways as you can.

Why? Why not….

Romantic Freedom

Socrates did it best.

He took the test: the proper use of impressions.

Or so says, “Xenophon’s Recollections of Socrates”.

She says,”The Memorable Thoughts…” or things of Socrates by Xenophon.

He gave his guidance through oracles and divinations.

He knew himself to abstain from all vices and practice all virtues.

He loved wisdom and showed himself to those through his questions and tolerances for all those who may take offence to his reason and his actions.

He suffered those others to be a citizen of the world.

He did not take fame, fortune, or foul play.

Practice and routine and ritual made great habits of virtue for the man Socrates.

He died as he did live: wisely.

He took responsibility to be free.

He worked his entire life as a philosopher and he became free.

Family Day (Canada)

Everything you ever wanted to know about family day and then some….

Monday February 20,2023.

Please support the effort, if you want to learn more, view the link above.

What are you thinking about our holiday here in British Columbia,Canada?

Friday the 13th 2023 falls in January so it’s extra unlucky

It’s Friday the 13th, in the second week of January 2023, and internet users think that means the year is ‘cursed’ already.
— Read on

Good luck! It is an opportunity to engage about this funky time. As said in the article above, many people think they will have the other kind of luck.

What do you think?

In The Age of Abundance, How Do We Use Our Healing System?

The human immune system seems to be switched on by fasting because up until recently we evolved based on scarcity.

To research and find the best way to fast May require an introduction for most.

Check out this vid below.

Let the body Heal Itself

Journal Entry

Sunday December 18,2022. 18=R=Roger

Stress Tip list? Write things down so I do not harm my mind with things to stress about tonight. I have managed my Xmas shopping and then some. I brought all my gifts ready for Don, and I have a few gift card holders for last minute possibilities.

I gassed up in case or when it snows. I am thinking the worst and hoping for a short week. The forecast seems bad till the holidays weekend: Arctic front.

I am working on stress management. I research ,read and blog about it.

I believe I can create a better way to live this way. A good life requires that I do the things I need and want to do to have a work/play balance. And I must maintain my boundaries while I do this each day. I need rituals and routines and practices. To engage my life, I need people, places and things. You can fill in the blank for yourself and others you choose or need to live with each day.

So often, I feel better after getting through the work and play each day. Then I rest and relax and get ready for another day.