Last Time, (I will be me!)I am here…

No more sugar,

No more alcohol,

No more bread and pasta,

Treat all the above like a good spice, very sparingly,

Enjoy the benefits of the ‘good life’; be serious about problems and maintain them to a small manageable size.

Do no harm, be ethical.

Do exercise to optimize the health of all you transmit.

Better yourself when you are willing and able.

“Resist and persist.” Says Epictetus.

Exercise all aspects of the brain: use reason, emotion, the way you believe is best. Attempt rigor and ‘seize the day’.

Rest, relax, recreate!

Meditate, journal, read, write, study and research.

Face the truth when you are willing and able.

Be a hero.

Be a thinker.

Be a compassionate one.

Be safe and kind.

As I seek for meaning on my birthday…

Fact, I will be 62, but the day and month and year I was born will not say much but add more facts.

Yet, the important part of my birthday is about the truth and beauty….

Sometimes, I seek peace, when I am hurt and need to heal.

Sometimes, I seek pain to find the truth to earn the freedom and peace of mind that allow me to do no harm to myself and others.

Isn’t it beautiful how we can seek out meaning in life to help us recover from the harm that befalls us all.

I believe in living the good life, with and without pain when to do so does not harm me or others.

And I seek out ways to live a better life, even when I am happy in a peaceful way and do not have much harm to myself or others.

The truth is that I have no answers that don’t contradict the facts and experience in my life.

The truth and beauty will always be available as nature calls for my body, mind and soul.

It is out of my control.

But I can learn to accept it to some degree each day which will make my own passing less sorrowful, less harmful to myself and others.

In the meantime, I enjoy much of my present, past and hopefully my future.

After all, I am seeking a Happy Birthday!

Good Luck, Good Life and Good Morning

I am working, it is time for me to get up and get at it.

I am grateful to be here another day. To do what is best for me on the day to day basis.

My practice evolves messy challenging people who I need to accept and work with or through or around. I like to think the worst and hope for the best.

I also practice aversions to the best of my ability. Much is called deliberate discomfort.

I like to journal, write and research or study each day .

My philosophy and practice is the most important each day. Yet, work and family and chores intervene at times. I tend to get distracted by too much rest and relation. So, today I plan to rest and relax when I go to bed tonight.

Please support the effort, and watch the vid below.

Humanity’s Right To Be Fair

To be fair is not an entitlement.

But it is a right.

Music, math,myth, mate,

Music to warm the soul.

Math to model a better future.

Myth to demonstrate the truth.

Mate to make love, prosper and engage the world.

What Are You Trying To Do….?

There is no substitute for good ideals like compassion, and courage and the pursuit of truth and contemplation.

The meaning of life is not a secret.

These ideals will make you more alive.

Some will want to pursue a system too abstract or too ideal.

This system is called contemplation of the self.

But these ideals can be corrupted by counterfeiting and end up harming yourself and others.

So why bother at all?

It is good , during formal education to think about and ‘try on’ ideal to live a good life.

At best you will be happy!

At worst, you will get on with your life.

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment

A Handbook for New Stoics | The Experiment
— Read on

To study a way of being like this one may be a good decision, but only you can decide.

It is a way that is tried and true, given the work involved it may be no simple task.

From my experience, being grounded with purpose is one angle but there are many benefits to putting these principles into practice.

A philosophical approach to good living may be an understatement…

Why We Need To Keep Striving To Live A Better Life

Why do you climb the mountain?

Because it is there. And because there is always more to learn. It is proper to find virtue in becoming a better person with better habits.

I just watched this animation film that expresses the feelings of striving and learning to live a good life using the metaphor above.

Seen “The Summit of the Gods” on Netflix yet?

If you see any value here you may enjoy watching this vid.

Canadian Government?

Any government can have citizenship.

What does citizenship mean to you?

Do your best.


Do no harm.

Proper use of impressions.

Living the ‘good life’

Yes, Epictetus says to start from a place of intention or purpose.

He suggests strongly to not act on desire at all, for now.

But to act on aversion with good intentions or the proper use of impressions.

Cicero, argued that the only way to live is to practice living the way Epictetus taught his kids in school.

He wrote a synopsis of the good life for his son to follow.

A proper impression is to find moral good through building experience by practicing habits that help you act on aversions that build the good habit you happen to have aversion for in your present life.

By getting to know yourself, you will identify said aversion.

It is best to find a few to start, but only a few which will create work but a sufficient amount of outcomes to consider the exercise worth the effort.

The outcomes of say learning to make your bed, you may have a slight aversion to making your bed, is love and freedom.

We learn what real freedom and love can be by building good habits which instill a sense of how love and freedom feel from direct experience.

Adults may or may not wish to experience this kind of good life.

It precludes you don’t wish to live a bad life.

Adults tend to pick some of both.

To use journaling as another tool to enhance the process of good intensions towards living a good life will help one maintain the boundaries of privacy while exercising this difficult task.

Adults need a more complex method of viewing the intensions, a deeper knowledge of themselves and more time and energy to practice.

Anyone can benefit from a moral practice, but it requires experience and insight to develop the motivation to proceed.

There are numerous sources on the topic, a little research will produce a lot of free information from the internet.

A good exercise is to focus on how to live the good life.

Being mindful of the good life is all it really requires for a good start.

But it takes a sincere effort to build on the good life we already live.

Happiness is…