Journal Entry

Monday, June 10,2019. 10=J=Juliet

Living the Good Life.

To keep doing all the good habits,

Some belief systems will break up the whole into steps and

habits that regulate the body, mind, heart and soul. This is a purpose and brings meaning into my life right this second till the day I die.

To learn from all the mistakes, challenges, changes and up and downs are a tall order.

And to accept it all and move on is easier said than doing it.

But it is quite a thrill ride!

“We are all homeless, on the road, going home.”

Along the way, the mistakes we make, may make us all a little different.

I got sick a few times on the road: middle ear virus knocked me down for 6 months, other problems with people upset me and skin tag turned out to be melanoma, but I have been cancer free for a month.

There are lots of smaller mistakes that set people further along home.

Weather I get home from big or small mistakes, I believe I will do my best.

Passing on home, when it is really my place to go, will take me to a better place.

I plan to do my best to learn from my mistakes, celebrate differences and give back while I still have the opportunity.

It is great to have a chance to live life regardless of any mistake.

I love my culture and need to embrace it fully to live this good life.

Life Signs

The mark or aim have an interesting relationship.

To properly see how a mark is needed or an aim may need to be improved one needs guidance or awareness.

This is not about virtue or vice, it is about having a safety net when the fall becomes dangerous.

To be able to write code you need to understand the language.

Exposure causes sane people to go off track, but learning to recognize these signs can save your life.

Mental and physical health are important, but the proper use of impressions are a kind of healthy belief or road.

Can you read the signs on your road?

Do you want to learn to use the ‘proper use of impressions’ to help guide you to safety and pick a path that leads to the location you need or want to go.

In this way, people use what is proven and workable in their situation.

Practice using life signs to get up and go.

The Good Life (Live, Love, Laugh and Contemplate)

First, I do not recommend my path to others.

Second, I have borrowed many ideas and thoughts from others who say the same thing in a more eloquent way.

Thirdly, the only true way is to do all this work for the sole purpose of becoming a good person.

I’ve planted this idea or seed.

And this germ of an idea is beginning to sprout.

Do no harm and the proper use of impressions.

To practice is simple but the mistakes along the way are the true lessons.

I use my diary, journal and blog to record my mistakes and find healthy solutions to practice.

I also play guitar, write and sing songs.

I write poetry and other forms of writing.

I use my creative abilities to learn how to do no harm and correct my mistakes.

I also use philosophy, photography and exercise and social activities with this soul purpose in mind.

The proper use of impressions is the second idea.

I try to set aside all desire and act on my aversions a little bit at a time.

I dislike organized religion, so I am breaking down this aversion to properly use the church to accept my aversion.

Through comparative religious study I went into philosophy and psychology to do the same thing.

Eventually, I settled for being a good person regardless of religion, philosophy, ideas or beliefs.

To me, humanity and embracing the self is the best way to live the good life.

This seed has blossomed into a tree of knowledge which I use to explore the proper use of impressions and do no harm.  I have collected many ideas from schools and people and self study to find the best way to be myself in a healthy way.

To sum it all up, I like to cryptically say ‘it is all part of it’.  I need to express and embrace my whole self (good, bad and ugly) to learn self-control and the other fruits of the spirit.  And through my adventures, I am learning to practice these two main ideas.

This is not a philosophy or a principle or idea.  It is a safe way to live, learn, laugh, and pray or contemplate to live my own life, cooperate and collaborate with others.

How to Become the Person You Most Want to Be | Psychology Today

How to Become the Person You Most Want to Be | Psychology Today
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A complete person is someone who is able to make a practice out of life values.

To practice these values we must be willing to learn and teach others.

To practice values like simplicity, compassion and patience will give you strength, hope and experience in all your affairs.

Intelligent Ethics

Why is the heart less important than the brain?

Why is a different brain better or worse than the brain I am using?

The stigma of an ineffective brain or an affective brain is just a disguise for a biased opinion.

The categorization of a disorder is only as bad or as good as the person using it.

Labels only serve to discredit the individual.

We are not an all or nothing proposition.

Intellectual superiority is truly an oxymoron or simply a descriptive phrase.

Reason is only one form of intelligence.

People are a composite of reason, emotion, physicality, belief, environment and genetics.

Loosely speaking, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We cooperate and collaborate to create good things.

Yet, there are more than angles and devils, a whole array of the spectrum exists.

To live the good life and use the proper use of impressions is perhaps only an ideal.

But for those that breathe, walk the earth with intention, practice, there is a way to be.

Okay, Let’s See If I Can Write, ‘the meaning of life.’

To understand the power of the ring is very important.

The core belief is symbolic of my true self.

I wear the ring like a vow, the most important value.

Everything about the ring is important:  it is silver and gold, a precious gift, and I wear it respectively each and everyday.

It represents everything I hold dear:  responsibility to be the student and teacher of living a purposeful and meaningful life.

I sincerely believe it is best to value feeling and thinking, believing and behaviour in the ‘proper use of impressions’ with the caveat of ‘doing no harm.’

It is a gentle reminder that life is precious and to do it the best I can, in a way that is purposeful and meaningful.

The way is like a personal religion or at least a philosophy that understands and respects other ways of being.

Doesn’t everyone like a ‘good story’?