Nobody wants to hear it (you do it when taking care…)

Be mindful, be here now,

Do no harm,

Practice the proper use of impressions,

What is your purpose?

Healthspan, diseasespan

Taking care of yourself and others,

The motivation to live a good life,

Simplicity, compassion and patience,

A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote

A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote
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To live and let live is like doing no harm, but in this novel the story is told.

An epic or story that shows us the truth is the most enlightened way we know to show us the value of consciousness.

If you love, live and learn, you will want to read this story.

Too Many Bumps Or Mood Swings

I’d call any kind of emotional outburst (negative emotions) a mood swing or a bump.

With Corona, I generally get more bumps than usual.

I have made it a practice to take a mood swing or pump moment to calm down and take stalk of my state of mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Having faith in myself and others is part of my day to day well being.

When I take responsibility for an emotional or mental health problem, I am taking care of myself to do no harm.

I call it buckling in to corona. And I need help and give help to my friends, family and co-workers.

See you in the new normal!

Doing, when it matters most

Be mindful now!

There are many people or peoples that reflect the above image or practice.

Does the message kill the practice or is it the messenger?

Does breathing cause us harm when we fall into the habit of shallow breathing?

The experience of being mindful may be its best teacher, but many students will need a Little Rock and roll to get the message across to them.

Check out the sexy app about being mindful now!

Don’t worry, you will find it if it works for you.

Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, M.K. Gandhi,

Cicero, The Cynics, The Stoics,

Tao Te Ching, Mindfulness in Action by Chogyam Trungpa, Meditations for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Red Book by C.G. Jung

There are many more roads to living a full life.

For The Love Of Life

A jewel reflects the beauty in each moment the way breath is the beauty found in each moment of life.

To live beyond mere survival is an opportunity worth pursuing wth every breath you take.

Live each moment like it is your last, in a life loving way.

A life loving way requires a teacher to point out the way and a student to learn what he is taught.

Living ‘the way’ teacher taught is the true love of wisdom: true philosophy

Democratic Terrorism

Socrates hated democracy because people harmed themselves and others.

He believed in the idea of living a good life first and let society decide as they go.

In fact, all forms of society are at risk to have harm done within itself..

Why bother? Why did practicing Stoics go to such great lengths to prevent harm and pursue self control?

The actions of men and women throughout history show a great desire to practice an abstained approach to all desire in the hope to pursue a purpose of better life.

But with judgement, speculation and a lack of understanding there are many mistakes made about this topic.

The purpose of living a good life is self control and all virtue leads to a better person and society, but the practice is more important than displaying the facts.

Reality Experiment

Quantum mechanics is an odd duck or different than typical science, in that it represents shared quality in matter or states of matter and shared states of time and space.

Reality is a state and an idea.

By defining terms, one can argue or think about reality or quantum mechanics. And it is fair to say that the idea and facts about reality are an ever growing set of terms.

Perspective and the proper use of impressions can be greatly improved by considering both terms and the vid.

Please support the effort and watch this vid.

Perhaps you will take the next step…

Why not practice putting these ideas into your day to day practice?

The Wholehearted Life

All in, making a commitment to self, family and friends, neighbours, community and being a world citizen or living the ‘good life’.

Reclaiming health, wealth and contentment in a day to day way.

Being willing to let go of control when the choice is best.

Turning from self to others when causing harm, apparent when doing something that seems part of my life at the time.

Being aware when I feel something and teaching myself to act on it without doing myself or others wrong.

Maintaining a balance between what will produce a healthy outcome and maintain my needs or wants without creating a problem.

Making it my job to obtain optimum health, wealth and contentment, but learning when I am better accepting less, sometimes less is more.

‘Caring of the Soul’, a responsible way of being that is a job that produces outcomes ‘good’ for myself and others and the environment.

An ongoing attempt to grow a life of wholeheartedness.

Epicureans And Academics

God is dead.

Pleasure is good.

Although the domain reaches from the edge of stoicism to the edge of Atheism,

It is unacceptable to proper use of impressions.

Much like God is unacceptable to Atheism.

The academics are much more subtle in there antinaturalism and Atheism.

They both preach neutrality, and acceptance of other.

The logic is sound, but the expression of passion is mute.

Surely, the experience leaves much to be desired in real life.