Books To Discuss Over The Phone

AnthonyBourdain and Laurie WooleverWorld Travel:An Irriverent Guide

I don’t like the stuff about this man’s death.

But I am sure he will be missed.

I borrowed his last book from the library.

And I believe the writer, Laurie Woolever, did a wonderful job.

I have talked to my sister (a fan) about the book and listen to her experience with the show.

I plan to buy her and me the book to have future discussion about it.

Anyway, I do like it and recommend getting it from your local library.

Is Alcohol A Problem?

Getting drunk is a problem for some.

For most it is a lack of something to help keep a balanced lifestyle.

Why drink? Is it becoming a bad habit?

Do you make mistakes with alcohol?

Can you distinguish what works and what does not work with your day to day alcohol consumption?

Booze is fun when you are able to afford it and use it responsibly, but too much fun=too much alcohol.

A good thing to do is challenge your self to live with alcohol for 30 days and with out it for 30 days and then decide what works for you.

Trust enough people to tell you the truth about your use of this drug.

Perhaps, you are willing to watch a vid about it?

Awareness is key, please watch the vid below.

Living In Response To Freedom

List five things you do for fun.

To do and be my best.

To live a good life through exercise that is physical, mental and emotional.

To be a way without harm to myself or others.

To journal, blog and research the philosophy of being a good person.

Quiet time is important: inner peace.

Family Day (Canada)

Everything you ever wanted to know about family day and then some….

Monday February 20,2023.

Please support the effort, if you want to learn more, view the link above.

What are you thinking about our holiday here in British Columbia,Canada?

Friday the 13th 2023 falls in January so it’s extra unlucky

It’s Friday the 13th, in the second week of January 2023, and internet users think that means the year is ‘cursed’ already.
— Read on

Good luck! It is an opportunity to engage about this funky time. As said in the article above, many people think they will have the other kind of luck.

What do you think?

Non Food Substances

What is food?

And if it is not a food, why are we eating it?

Why are we addicted to sugar?

Why do we eat non food substances like alcohol, sugar and processed food?

It is not a choice?

It is an addiction?

Why are we not eating better?

Are we all sick?

If you are curious, make the effort to become aware.

Please watch the vid below.

Non food substances

How To Regulate The Human Body

There are a lot of names that help identify how the body works.

But once you see how it works you need to follow routines, rituals and practices.

This may seem counter intuitive because these systems have evolved over long periods of time and we must learn to trust them and keep them on in better ways.

Can you see the body needs to survive?

When we are in danger, it automatically goes into the sympathetic nervious sytem which is part of the autonomic nervous system.

Basically, this fight or flight system allows the body to run away or stay and fight through the obstical.

The parasympathetic nervous system is also part of the autonomic sytem.

It will feed and breed or rest and digest.

This optimum situation only happens when there is no danger or circumstance to fight or flight.

Together these two sides of the nervous system automatically allow the body to work its best.

Nature has made us this way and it is up to us to learn, understand and allow our body to reach its optimum state.

Check out some info on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Learn To Befriend the Human Body And Call It Home