Successful Surgery

I’m in the middle of processing my experience.

I heard the doctor say, “Make sure you keep it elevated, rested, don’t ice for more than ten minutes at a time, and can you change your compression bandage?”

I listen but I also need to think.

Listen and learn. Think and learn is called research.

Only the facts, logic and best practices: do no harm.

Check out your basic first aid.

I had an opportunity to learn something for myself.

Don’t put it off.

I put off and things got worse.

I put it off because of my circumstances.

Once I got started on my arm, I discovered how to see, “… all the kings men and all the kings horses couldn’t but Humpty together again.”

It also takes a lot of work on my part.

To prevent surgery (and many other problems) means I need to go back to work for me.

He’s Crowding You With Reality

(or is this just hard won repression and denial?)

Do you see what I mean.

Reeled you in, baby!

The truth hurts, bitch…

It’s all takes time.

Banality, impossibility, the improper expression of reality.

Today it’s called insanity, evil, and surreal.

Tomorrow we will call it the new religion, new medicine and the new philosophy.

If you want to face what is best for you, consider your beliefs and ask for help.

There are ways today to change your life for the better.

Don’t give up.

Don’t go on strike and hurt others!

Don’t let this fade into your denial.

You may not be able to save the world,

But you don’t need to harm yourself. Do you?

Mastering Impressions

Here is the ultimate good habit.

Michael’s Space

Remember that first impression, it’s hard to do.

It’s effortless, but not instant.

Why? Because it is a kind of ‘love’.

The philosophy behind any great impression is always hard won.

It’s never a matter of luck.

It’s new, it’s part of you.

You just made it, but it took your whole life (up to that point) to do.

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Living the ‘good life’

Sometimes the best edit is to Reblog.

Michael’s Space

Yes, Epictetus says to start from a place of intention or purpose.

He suggests strongly to not act on desire at all, for now.

But to act on aversion with good intentions or the proper use of impressions.

Cicero, argued that the only way to live is to practice living the way Epictetus taught his kids in school.

He wrote a synopsis of the good life for his son to follow.

A proper impression is to find moral good through building experience by practicing habits that help you act on aversions that build the good habit you happen to have aversion for in your present life.

By getting to know yourself, you will identify said aversion.

It is best to find a few to start, but only a few which will create work but a sufficient amount of outcomes to consider the exercise worth the effort.

The outcomes of say…

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Meditation Timer

I am into meditation.

This is not an endorsement for anyone, but there is a simple timer to use when you are ready for a 20 minute session.

Today’s meditation reminded me to journal my thoughts.

I noted a task for work: create notebook with binder, weekly schedule and waterproof sleeves. Practice 10 minute meditation for creativity, being alone (rest, etc.), focus, and much more.

Use meditation for substitution: in place of TV, harm, other.

Francis of Assisi Biography, please read.

Use meditation for pain management (arm), surgery, worry, other.

All the above is just an example of today’s practice.

Try it your way, it is a healing method.

Drug Pandemic 2021

There are many designer drugs out there, but opioids seem to be the choice that cause some of the greater problems.

How much harm has been done through greedy drug companies and recreational drugs?

There is such a big opening to drug addiction and the opioid pandemic that most people are feeling numbed out by the sounds of ambulances and news about the pandemic.

It is a challenge to look through the current literature and follow the news stories with all the stress and worry surrounding this story of disease and heart ache.

Alcohol Use Disorder, Benzodiazepine Use Disorder, Cannabis Use Disorder, Opioid Use Disorder.

All the above is considered substance use and addiction by the government and organizations that help and treat people with these kind of problems.

It may not sound as sexy as Opioid Pandemic, but it is an umbrella problem of huge magnitude that deserves the survey of news and current affairs here in Canada by any Canadian wishing to become aware of the problem(s).

What about smoking, vaping, and tobacco?

Or the power of stigma around drug use?

To talk about drugs, you need to become aware of the uses and types and issues surrounding a problem like a Drug Pandemic.

Awareness is key.

Please support the effort.

Story Point: I was listening to jazz while getting my MRI last night.

Things got backed up because of construction on my way to the hospital.

I left an hour early, but between the construction and premium on parking…

I made it with 5 minutes to spare, but used a lot of profanity while driving those last 15 minutes in the car.

Surprise thanks, he,Medical imaging tech, asked what kind of music I wanted to hear.

Jazz: Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Diana Krall.

Inner Imagination

It’s like my inner voice.

He speaks to me.

He takes me from the impossible-fantasy, to the possible-creativity.

Together, with these 3 parts, I have a choir that sings to me.

It helps to make me believe in myself.

It helps to make me believe in others.

My compassion helps me live well with myself and others.

It helps me stop my violence and do no harm to myself or others.

I Am A Citizen Of The Universe

Does this make me have ‘concern’ for all?

Some may think I am a moral philosopher.

What is the rational aspect?

A circle is reason enough to pierce new knowledge of the self. Even when the self seems so far away from the outer reaches of what appears to be an infinite place.

Perhaps, intuitive insight will favour communication with others? Will it bring us of closer concern for the vegetable and mineral?

Tell me your experience with the sun.

An empiricist may think it the center of this solar system?

Is it a leap to consider this reason to think about logos?

What is the nature of sun’s? Some are doubled in a single solar system.

Are sun’s analogous to belief? Are our god like ways fashioned here in some way?

Here I only open up a discussion for the benefits of being a citizen of the universe.

To really experience the truth, practice this truism and see what befalls and or supports our grand citizenship and travel this mighty universe with me!