Being a lifelong learner is easer when I write

It is as functional as my practice.

I write to gain more perspectives and to make directions ,notes and to do things more manually.

I appreciate people who write and do screen play,as artists, but everyone needs to write as a learning tool.

See what I did there,

I am trying to use the same formate as “Drawing”.

Ideally, we need many tools to build a good mind and stay a lifelong learner.

So let’s think outside the box.

The reasons I write and draw is to become a critical thinker, integrate theory with practice and explore to discover.

Art may imitate life, but writing and drawing builds a better mind that does both.

The Scent Of Religion

The association is strong with people and culture.

To understand humanity is to understand and accept religion within each of our limitations.

Not all people believe the supernatural aspects of a belief, but many love the ceremony, community and art embodied in all religious ways.

It’s true that there are difficulties in accepting the whole package.

Atheists are borne out of a strong desire to live without supernatural belief.

Many people have a good sense of skepticism in their day to day lives.

There is a lot more we have in common than we are different.

Science and philosophy attempt to fill the gap.

But we all look for answers.

And platitudes are mostly empty answers or partial at best.

So, the struggle to live and thrive is still a good goal.

I hope you continue to discover meaning and purpose for your entire life.


Being a lifelong learner is easer when I draw.

It is as functional as my practice.

I draw to gain more perspectives and to make maps, visual notes and to do things more manually.

I appreciate people who draw and paint as artists, but everyone needs to draw as a learning tool.

Read recite record review rehearsals and drawing: great study tips. https://qz.com/quartzy/1381916/drawing-is-the-best-way-to-learn-even-if-youre-no-leonardo-da-vinci/


A grocery budget has a lot to do with lifestyle and varies from person to person.

In Canada, I spend about $360.

50 of that is on writing supplies.

Another 50 on coffee.

I could get away with 260 per month and eliminate my lifestyle!

I save my records for analysis.

I recommend buying your regular grocery list each week, save your bills and try to target savings.

I save big time by going to the store twice a week on Friday and Saturday or Sunday.

I make changes that seem reasonable and within my limits.

I also realize my health and wellness depends on healthy choices to my budget and grocery consumption.

Happy Hunting and Gathering!


Everyone has had a bout of it.

Everyone knows what it is.

But it is a chronic problem in society today which is screaming for social changes.

We need clinics, education and to adopt good policies to prevent further harm.

If you want to look after yourself, read this article.



The most important trip is made from scratch.

Once here, the rest of life is still ‘important’.

To build a mind requires a brain to carry it in.

It probably is a good idea to leave it there.

A good mind will start to fail as the brain begins to do the same.

This can happen in numerous ways.

Many people loose their minds,

I felt a lose of mind in my late teens.

It has only been 4 decades, but I am starting to rebuild my brain and mind.

At this point, it is not about passion, but compassion.

It is not about intelligence but wisdom.

You can never have too much applied philosophy.

I am striving to live the good life.

The art of living is better than life itself.

Curiosity Is The Spice Of Life

To learn how to break or form a habit,

Learn how it works,

Learn how curiosity works,

Teach her how to fish and she will learn how to live.