Is there any place better?

Why is the nature of the beast like an attraction to danger?

Can we stop ourselves from doing self-harm?

Are you a chaos junkie?

Socrates said “I know I know nothing.”

Learn to control the urge to gamble or do self harm.

There is a limit to being ignorant in which getting help is the best alternative.

A lifestyle to promote life is the best direction any of us can learn.

We need not open the doors to extreme forms of being.

Why is self-harm attractive?

To Dialogue

In this dialogue, two people are practicing how to dialogue. 

Socrates:  I hear silence.  I am teaching myself to stay calm.  Will you do the same!?

Michael:  Yes, I am practicing being present in the silence.

S:  While you are here, can you listen to me, engage with me in dialogue?

M:  It seems to me, that you are comfortable with silence, and love to engage in the student/teacher relationship.  I like to follow when it is a good practice and led when it is the same.

S:  Think?  How do you learn?

M:  I like to meditate and be present, mindful, listen and be a collaborator.

S:  Can I trust you to do all you say and be a good dialoguer?

M:  With more practice, I will help you teach yourself in this how to way, I call it the Socratic method.

S:  Courage, don’t forget to be willing to risk  it all with me or all you may trust.

M:  With much more practice, I will create my opus:



His Trial Can Be A Version And The ‘Sentencing ‘ Is Up To You

I see a young man ruin his life…

Slow down and be calm.

He has a child and wants to support it.

Slow down and be calm.

Firefighter’s training…

It works, for some, maybe even a drug addict, dead beat dad…

Life is a rodeo: is this the man for you?

If I Was In Advertising…

Would a company buy this ad?

Is it attractive within the boundaries of ‘The Proper Use Of Impressions’?

Why bother?

It’s all about learning which way to go.

It’s really a ❤️ hate relationship.

The Next Hurdle To Becoming An Optimist

Watch your steps when you ask for help.

Keep in touch, be willing to have a chit-chat.

Make ‘asking for help’ a goal.

Be a help to others,

Be ready to be helpful,

Slow down and be calm,

Listen to people whom you except help.

Enjoy all the positive outcomes (and try to accept the negative ones too).

Going To The Doctor (The Ongoing Saga)

There is a science to my opus.

Rationally the many devices for communicating improve my chances of success.

All the professionals involved like GP’s, Medical Assistants, ultrasound Technicians, Nurses, and Bus Drivers-help me complete my tasks.

There are seemingly easy tasks like take the test, set up the appointment, phone the clinic, lab, etc.

The actual process takes place in life’s office.

Not all factors remain stable or within my awareness (holiday hours, verbal instructions, my mental faculties)!

I can say with hindsight there is hurry and worry and music and song. The drama not withstanding produces varied outcomes.

It is all done.

Next comes the consultation, wish me luck.

Leonardo Vs Raphael: The Science Behind The Art

In this dialogue, two great artists discuss the benefits of practice and method, theory and discovery, in the learning of mastery of painting as an art form.

Leonardo: My dear Raphael, I realize you are enamored with Benois Madonna. Can you tell me that your mastery of light and shadow have no bearing on this art form?

Raphael: You are the one who uses science to discover ways to improve your painting method. Who is your ‘captain’?

L: Yes, it is true, I have become engrossed with sciences to show me ways to practice my work. My ‘Adoration’ will forever remain a work in progress. Do you know why?

R: I stand in front of it like a awestruck child. I will copy some of the elements of it’s style. But I can not tell you why?

L: I believe in using science to discover new method, like the use of oils for painting. And as much theory as I can to build practice.

R: I have incorporated the lute in some of my work. Why do you love to play it? You were heavy into competition in Florence.

L: Music is helpful in learning to learn. And I need to learn how to master myself. Is not music just another of the faculties?

R: Of course, you master music, mathematics and as much science as you can learn. This will help you know different parts of yourself. Perhaps now, you can try the engineering of the Art Form?

L: My teacher has taught me to respect science as my ‘captain’. And practice as my ‘soldier’. And I believe not to copy great works of art but to discover new ways to practice it. I have a motto: I am especially stuck by this one: “ostinato rigore”-obstinate rigor. I feel this is true. Now, I need to think and research moral patterns.

R: Why don’t you become a messenger for your captain (science) and a soldier’s soldier to make more practice and a better engineer of art.

L: All the boys at the shop, including myself, have learnt from our good teacher Verrochio. I now teach my own pupils to strive to be universal in all we paint, to learn to paint every image.

R: Perhaps this is your moral pattern, The Proper Use Of Impressions, or learning to Know Thyself.

L: I gave up science to pursue art and science is catching me up. I shall practice using these forms in all my work.

R: I follow where you led.