Ebola Needs Support During This New Outbreak


This new information from WHO will alert many to the new Ebola threat.

Become aware and add support by spreading the update in your community and staying calm,supportive and informed of the situation from reliable trustworthy news outlets.

A Healthy Meal

Tonight, my supper was a treat.

To be honest, it is the first meal that left me feeling satiated and full.

It is the first meal that hasn’t left me with hunger pain:  two and half hours have gone by and I am comfortably full without any craving to set me off.

I may have found a way to break the craving cycle that has been plaguing me for a very longtime.

I have a piece of baked chicken and a salad, with a regular beer and two pieces of sprout bread with two average sized bananas.

There are a lot of details to what exactly I ate, but the point is that it is simple to buy and make.

And all the secrets I got from reading this book:  https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/the-brain-fog-fix-reclaim/9781401946487-item.html

The rub, is that I can’t guarantee the same results for you.

I find I am interested in letting people read the book and see if it can help them, like it says in the conclusion of the book.  It is also available as a audio book, but I would recommend either.

The holistic aspect of this meal is that it requires a shower before bed and a good seven or eight hour sleep, before it makes it really worth your time and effort.


What is happening in the world with fascism and Authoritarianism?

What direction will hating and violence move in the days and weeks to come?


Liberal people are being beat down around the world and being replaced with authoritarianism or worse.

When war breaks out in the African Congo and Ebola spreads we need to be aware and try to help.

Europe is having trouble and economies struggle to stay upright.

It helps to stay aware and supportive during so much change, strife and violence.

So, although “Charlottesville” seems like a distant memory, there is a need to stay aware and concerned with these kinds of negative forces breeding in the world.

Romance (Sentimentality too!)

The way to love each other is opening up.

She looks at the one she wants to meet.

Sometime we are too hurt to open up.

It always helps to have a friend or relative for support.

Talking things over, we uncover our true selves.

We all have feelings that need to be expressed to each other.

To see opportunity for love,

May take courage when things go wrong.

We are all open when things are working,

And people get a chance to connect.

Go get your love and support from friends and relatives.

Go find or discover your love connection.https://youtu.be/041qn95SsCs



Stephen Hawking is a hero of mine.

He wrote a good read called “The Grand Design”.

I picked up my copy for a number of reasons.

It is my favorite book on Cosmology.

I picked up my copy at Value Village.

I live on a bootstrap budget and plan to continue this way Ad infinitude.

But it didn’t stop me from finding a good copy of his book for under 5 bucks.

I use the book in many ways,

It is a great book to contemplate in at least a philosophical manner.

It is a starry excellento reference book.

His co-writer, Leonard Mlodinow is superb.

And he has toiled in cosmology making his books very useful.

“A Brief History of time” to “The Grand Design” is a great run of books.

But he has many contributions to books, articles and other forms of writing.

Saturday Night Live

Moments thread together to make my universe.

Mindfulness reminds me to be present here tonight.

My character is somewhat reminiscent of my father’s,

I too liked to dream.

To build this bridge from my past to the future,

I will speak loud and clear.

I am speaking for all those who dream but does not let them be our masters!

To put this in context, Rudyard Kipling wrote to his son as a father.

I am writing loudly but I am not sermonizing to anyone.

Tonight is bent to my will in the same way I try to live.

Use the proper use of impressions and do no harm.

In my case, I may keep a few people awake because I sound so booming or brash.

I could be at a star party: Perseus Meteor Shower 2018.

Instead, I am reading and writing up a storm!

Superstring theory – Wikipedia

Superstring theory – Wikipedia
— Read on en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstring_theory

What about the best candidate for TOE or the theory of everything?

M-theory seems to be the answer at present or so Hawking said,

He also asked “Why M-theory?”

I guess we may appear to be the “lords of this universe”.

This begs the question,”How are we conscious?”

We seem to be left with a mystery or whatever “M” stands for in M-theory.

There also appears to be room for some philosophy here.

Transparency is always important in abstraction.

We don’t know if M-theory is the answer, perhaps we never will.