Peace Maker

As unlikely as it may seem, peace can come from war.

And yes, a peace maker is a warrior.

Fight for peace, change and a better way to be human.

Don’t assume your enemy has bad intent:  check all bad intent at the door.

Ask questions to open up the conversation to a more genuine chit-chat.

Be good, be neutral, don’t antagonize, find common ground.

Listen, reach out to these difficult people and problems to help us find our humanity and loose our desire for war.

Check out a warrior who found a piece of humanity for herself:


“Love me, I am a liberal”

In days gone by, 1966, there are many reasons to be ashamed to be a liberal.

In those days, they proudly proclaimed that Malcom X deserved what he got, meaning his assassination.

People had a Caucasian majority view, in a world with a very segregated view.

Today our segregation is smaller, tighter, faster and fuller.

We see our pain, but ignore it.

We feel and think and believe in ways that are new and bold and enterprising, but we can’t do anything about the antihalation of the world.

Of course,  we can not do anything immediate about our problems, but deal with our own.

So, no more nervous laughter, and do not claim to be uninformed, but I understand the indecisiveness and the denial about the norm.

It is hard to embrace my imperfections.

It is cruel to view all I know.

But it is worse to ignore my responsibility and my duty to work past this problem.

I can’t hide behind my politics.

More than ever it is important to find a way to express problems and find remedies.

Smiles Of Hope

Pretty sorrow lends no place to lie down.

The blues carve a slow laborious education.

Gut to get help to get around.

Don’t follow me down.

Get outta here, go get free.

Find somewhere to stand and walk among the woods.

Don’t get buried in the sand.

Let me give you a little hand.

Express hope in my smile,

Make the place a better land,

Take the death away from me,

Let me be free.

Gentle, bring religion to my face,

Support this smile of hope and let me live, still.

We Took It All For Granted… (imagine what it would be like, if you received this letter)

Whoever is reading this means that life as we know it is all over.

We annihilated the cities, and most of the people due to an all out nuclear war.

It doesn’t matter who started it or who caused it, but you can bet, we all had a hand in it.

If that means that thousands or even hundreds of people are viable to repopulate and start again, it now all falls to you.

Please, think long and hard as to why you like myself had a hand in the loss of life as we know it.

Try, not to blame others or to shirk the responsibility we need to rebuild and find a better trajectory than before.

Also, try not to feel guilty, who knows this may not have been the first time or the last time.

All you can do, is try again, and hopefully learn from our mistake.

Good luck, and God bless.

Residents In Goma Are Struggling To Gather Water While Fighting Ebola : NPR

The Congolese city of Goma sits on the giant Lake Kivu. But the city has been without running water for years. Residents talk about the challenge of gathering water when they’re also fighting Ebola.
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More awareness about problem that complicate the Ebola Outbreak.

Please read the above link.

Please support the effort.

ZOMBIE WALK VICTORIA 2019 | Visitor In Victoria

The 2019 Victoria Zombie Walk takes place on Saturday, October 26th. Hordes will trudge their way through downtown Victoria in search of British Columbia’s finest brains.
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Reminder, don’t forget, the walk is just one week away, I am making plans to do the walk, no costume, live blogging, come out and enjoy your Saturday in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada