Knowing What Works

Does mitochondria directly affect the human metabolism?

Does evolution show metabolism as a design to cope with fasting?

There is a good relationship between this onetime bacteria and the human body: mitochondria. Perhaps a symbiotic relationship that help regulate energy rather than just supply it.

By affecting directly how the brain functions, they are stronger than ATP production.

Fasting allows the body survive in the past by finding food, or eliminating junk food and other mistakes in the present,

Except for sleep loss due to ketogenic affects on the brain which results in the same effect as in the past: the body needs less sleep due to ketogenic effects to allow better chance for survival.

One can change the body by doing more to do less. Like exercise more to regulate sleep, fast to eliminate excess food, junk, lost energy and other modern problems.

Better exercise, better eating, better sleep will help build a better health span for humanity.

At worst, it may help improve anyone’s work-knowing what works through experience. But check with your doctor before making changes.

What things give you energy?

An inspirational book, movie, or song.

A person, place or thing.

A good workout, meal, and sleep.

A good life,

A good lifestyle,

A good way to be,

Lifestyle Improvements

We have changed a lot over 10’s of thousands of years ago.

We were hunter gatherers.

Check out this vid below.


Do you want to improve your situation?

We may want to find ways to change our lifestyle.

What is stopping you?

Why not?

Perhaps, this is something to do?

Awareness is key.

Think outside the box.

What is the best way for you?

Walk Through Of 1408, 2007, PG-13, 1h 44m

I’m back on Netflix watching the movie that I am writing about right now. My anxiety level is up. I am trying to record my journal entry to help me find a creative outlet while I watch this movie on the streaming service. Here is some more information if you are interested after reading my article.

My fear is strong. I think I must feel a lot. I wonder if writing is a good outlet for myself. It is a good way to write my blog.

Okay, the engineer is a 30 something looking man. He talked him, Michael, to repair the broken thermos switch. He disappeared then walked away without saying a word.

The writer, Michael, is spooked by the radio suddenly switching on loudly across the hotel room.

Michael is at the window and his hand is suddenly injured by the abrupt closure which cuts his hand.

He angrily goes to the washroom to clean his bloody hand when the hot water faucet turns on full, the radio blaring loudly is on, a phone begins to ring and the operator acts as if she does not hear what Michael is saying to her.

He is asking for help. No one hears his cry.

Freaky shit, all this time my anxiety is way up.

Immediately, a monster like human attacks Michael with some kind of sharpe weapon. He disappears and Michael impulsively throws n a lamp out the window. The fixture disappears before it has a chance to hit the ground.

Michael hears a child’s voice.

It seems like a supernatural survivor show in a hotel room.

On TV, he is watching a movie about him and his family. He seems sad as he tries to touch them by touching the television screen.

He starts hearing loud painful noise from the next door hotel room.

He now sees his father in a wheelchair in the bathroom. Is he having a lucid nightmare he wonders out loud. He is questioning everything and recording what he says out loud.

The wall seems to be bleeding blood.

He says, “They say you can’t die in your dreams, is that true.”

It looks like he is going out the window to try to walk the ledge to the next door hotel room. He suddenly discovers there is no window where there should be one. He is struggling to walk back on the ledge to his room.

He is back at his window but a ghost jumps out his window. The window is trying to close on him. He struggles into the room.

The map of the hotel shows only him in 1408. The peek hole on his door only shows a brick wall.

He is listening to his recording about all the crazy stuff he is experiencing in this room. He hears another voice. It is him with his wife and daughter. It is like he is having a lucid dream. He sees the slasher attack him again. The room temperature shows 40 degrees. His phone has no signal. He tries his laptop. He makes a vid call to his wife. The fire suppression system suddenly turns on. Water is falling from the sprinkler system. He finds a vent in the ceiling and climbs up into it. He seems to be lost in a maze. Surreal, the slasher monster attacks him. Michael escapes back to 1408 through the vent hole in the ceiling.

He is opening the hotel room fridge, but it is like a portal to the managers office. The manager asks him what he wants. Flash and he is fighting the pop cans and other contents of the fridge. Now he has a flash back about his dying daughter, wife and himself. They are talking about a bible.

He is getting a 3d printer version of his daughter’s dress. The room is frozen like a winter day. White frost is over every surface in his hotel room. He lights a fire and covers up with a blanket. As he talks into his recorder about what is happening to him. He hears his wife back on his laptop across the room. Then all the paintings start to change images. One painting is of a ship at sea, it looks like a vid, but the water from the picture starts to flood into the hotel room.

He is back at the beach where he was before the hotel. It’s strange but he wakes up in bed. He is apparently in the hospital. He is driving back to the beach with his wife. It is a beautiful day. He get out of the car and finds his truck with parking tickets from the extra days it was parked at the beach. He starts to talk to his wife. They go to dinner and discuss what is going on with him. At the restaurant he sees a lady that was a ghost at 1408. His wife suggests he should write a book about what happened at the hotel.

Everything looks burnt. He is back at 1408. He screens, “I was out”. His dead daughter is dead in his arms.

The radio blasts out the same song it plays every time. He begins to go in a rage and throws things around the room.

The clock is counting down, Now what? Why don’t you go watch the movie?

Be Human

Being is being, whether the differences appear or not.

Capturing the ‘good life‘ is a challenge for all beings.

Virtue is kingly in all our endeavors, a course correction is often needed to keep one’s life from running aground or being stuck.

Live beyond mere survival.

All forms of poverty may fall upon you.

Don’t give up!

Live this day, this minute, it may be your last.

Who am I?

Belief is key.

Find a healthy way to be.

Preparing For Sleep

My lights are turned down to a minimum.

All my devices are off.

I am in my sleeping clothing and my room is in sleep mode.

I seem to respond to sleep masks, quiet, white noise and a sleep body scan to produce deeper relaxation.

Eating Mindful supper tonight

It helps to go through the habit of a meal, before eating it in a mindful way.

It is useful to explore how each sense feels while eating the main course: steak with salt,pepper and a touch of saffron.

Again, with dessert, mango and raw almonds.

Simpler the better.

Shorter the better.

Perhaps, journal out what you ate how it felt, what you experienced during the meal.

Sometimes, it helps journal before or after doing dishes.

Bona Pettit!

I Got To Stop Over Watching TV or Streaming

AI And Me

This is what I am doing to cut down on my poor TV and streaming behavior.

This is part of a plan to start being more proactive and living a lifestyle that is best for me.