Me and My Gallbladder

A gallstone wedged in the liver or stuck in a canal that runs between it and the gallbladder…

Huge pain, from a bundle of nerves, it radiates under the shoulder blade or is it in front by the solar plexus?

The hot pain is constant for hours, finally a change, a gag reflex, heaving and up comes everything in the stomach.

6 hours in the emergency to get a bed and a blood check.

The doc sends me home, in the wee hours of the morning.

Slash 15 years later, I check my progress.

Still have gallstones, according to the ultrasound and doctor.

I am keeping a healthy diet:  much more veggie.

Is my gallbladder worth enduring all the pain?

It’s not bad when I eat right.

And I suffer a little in the late night and wee hours, but I am staying on track with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle.

My gallbladder reminds me what is important.

And if I loose it someday, it will because of an infection, or a good medical reason, not because of a lack of trying.

Creating Paradise

There is a source that heals all pain.

But this place doesn’t exist on earth.

Some call it heaven, nirvana, the soul, the mind…

Ideas come to mind, like the ones by Thoreau and Emerson, Plato, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and many more less known.

What about the good part of you?

Why live by accepting help and offering it to others?

This is not about fame, fortune or forgiveness.

We all crave some health and happiness.

It is about the willingness to improve the way things are today.

People Who Grew Humanity

These men were homeless and meditated their way into the hearts of the people.

Many believed in philosophy based on sound principles like love, peace, charity, goodwill, non-violence, equality, freedom and many other universalities.

We all have the choice to embrace such a good practice in which every religion, nation and people have used since the beginning (and all will have the chance to use until the end).

It seems almost conducive to homelessness, meditation and a desire to live a better life.

But there seems to be help for any lifestyle or individual or group.

It is also true that all these leaders suffered terribly by the oppressors of the time.

It seems a good exercise to study these people and to learn their practices and perhaps put them to good use.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and The Proper Use Of Impression

Is there a name for Buddhism and Stoicism?

Like there is a name for Taoism or Christianism?

In a sense, there is a lesson about ‘isms’.

In a sense, there’s a lesson in naming people, places and things.

Another way of expressing this tendency to identify and express is called belief.

In no way is this intended as a ranking or measure of a belief.

Yet, we all hold on to things with our mind.

Mindfulness is sometimes described as being present in the ‘here and now’.

Like Meditation is like learning to be aware without creating a belief or person, place or thing.

I am sure there are equally more valid ways to describe the use of these practices that help us use impressions in Buddhism, Stoicism, Taoism, and Christianism, or any ‘ism’.

Language itself has a way of impressing certain ‘ways’ upon those who read, write, speak and use the impressions of language.

The mind is a wonderful part of ourselves that can be taught ways that help us do harm to ourselves or others.

We even dwell upon our senses and being to some degree.

Yet, all these ways are steeped in a mystery that can misdirect the primary purpose: to learn how to be well.

The is a description not an indictment.

I love to journal,write and walk,think, meditate and become peaceful

I want to teach and become a student in my life.

What can I do about it: journal, read, write, blog, write a book and study to do it.

Most of the time I am curious about meditation.

Most of the time I practice being calm and experience peacefulness.

I love to learn and practice how to do all of it.

I believe that is what my book will be all about.

This is my journey what will be yours?

We Are Made, We Are Not Born.

Let it Go!

The first 25 years give us the base for our commander.

Conventionality is the bane of our existence, but passion for passion’s sake can be a mistake.

What are we grateful for during the working years, the child rearing years?

Lay down the laws, but do them for ourselves first, be original, but moral.

From 25 to 50 we start to learn and create. We are busy. But we journal about everyday. We read everything. We store it all for the next 25 years.

The health we had we must repair. We must earn our freedom. Learn to learn, let the sanctions that frustrate our madness go.

Seize all the time left to us,make us expert meditators, give us strength and when we only have will to live, let us live within our shrinking limitations!

Let it go. Let us be century’s children. Keep living free. Read and write like there will be no tomorrow.

Hate In The News

“When we defend freedom of expression…it doesn’t mean we can censor the expressions that we don’t like. Religion, spiritual, and philosophical questions, should be open to debate.”-Frank La Rue, United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of expression.

The Ethics is about the right way to report the news.

As a reader, I need to know who I am reading and what they are representing in the news.

Who are the hate propagandists?

How are they selling me their hate?

I want to “follow” the hate propagandist and ‘out’ them for who and what they do.

Yet, this knee jerk reaction to hate is as silly as being anonymous because I can do more damage to my opponent.

Propaganda is also a tool used to advertise poor choices or ideas in the mainstream news. Many ideas have an appeal to those who follow or belong to “the group”.

I am increasingly interested in hate spin because it seems to be the strategy used by many groups with an agenda.

I could describe myself as a socially conscious alarmist who will not tolerate any group that uses hate to win an argument or mess up an agenda that an individual or group is using to gain respect and recognition in the community at large.

But this is only true in the worst sense. I am alarmed and I am intolerant of hate. There is a lack of respect for each other and for our groups. We don’t even represent our groups all that well. We need to demonstrate who and what we stand for in a clear manner for all to see.

Hate speech may vilify groups in systematic ways. Whipping up hate for all those who try to uphold shared values and belief does seem unfair at best and criminal at worst.

And there are those who generate contempt on the net, those in media who loose their objectivity to make more content and less news, our own values of fair play seem to work against us when our system seems to fail us. The list of ethical concerns become a burden when the extremes are noted by the socially conscious: dehumanized communities, religious hate, growing complexities, politicians blamed for race hate and the muddy issues in todays waxing and waning global news.

But the truth is still what the journalist will report. And the reader is seeking the truth to all the alarm and intolerance in the news. We all love to hate but to keep our objectivity we must identify it in the news and root it out from the facts. We do represent our respective groups. And regardless of the stakes held by one group or another. We all have the right to debate the question that define the world today. Freedom of expression is alive and well and living in the news today.