What Is Philosophy?

The consolation of the human soul or mind.
The use of proper impressions to reduce vice and increase virtue in the practitioner.
To learn the art of learning, living and loving by doing no harm.
To reduce lose of human life through these good practices in oneself and encouraging same practice in those who are a willing recipient.

What philosophy is not!
It is not an intellectual practice.
It is not a religion.
It is not a cult.
It is not a tool to do harm.

The Writer’s Way

Here is a top ten, daily schedule for most writers.

1. Write, write and write some more !  But the practice is not the goal.  Learning to find better ways to write is!
2. Reading is a kind of research for an expert or novice.  We learn how to be better at something by finding good product.  Find your love or idols and copy from them.  Steal the stuff from many rather than one.  Like it is said in the Artist’s Way, stealing from one is plagerism, but from many is more original.  We copy and build on what we like.  We actually use it in different ways. This list is similar to many but it focuses in on what I am or love.

3.  Journal:  there are many things that catch the eye, or somethings just come and this is good to discuss with others.  But the journal is like all of this plus a record and a piece of the writer’s routine.

4. Set up an environment:  writing times everyday like 6-7 every morning and 6-7 every night.  Keep a home office, use devices like an eReader, writers mobile table for hand writing anywhere, books and bookshelves and everything else.

5. Meditate. 30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing a night.

6.  Rest, schedule coffee breaks and just goof off from time to time…

7.  Sleep a good 7 hours each night and set up a routine or ritual to encourage a healthy practice.

8:  Exercise:  have a good workout routine to aspire to and practice a good walk and keep mobile and active.

9.  Practice good habits to replace the bad with the end in mind:  eliminate the bad ones.  Don’t be a saint but learn to become healthier each day.

10. Be ambitious and keep your day job until you can afford to be a writer. Find ways to be the student and teacher and write each day.

Shake It Up

‘Speare’ of Destiny my ass,

Schoolmaster?  Is anybody’s guess.

A player was his minor task.

And his playwriting was shared by the best.

He was a good student.

Someone who could read history and be contemporary about it.

Yet, history does not remember many facts concerning this man.

Yet again, history remembers her works better than most.

He is a famous playwrite, poet and what not.

VIP of Britain’s most fascinating historical figures.

Don’t sit idle, write plays and poetry, read and remember William Shakespeare.

Solitude(silence,stillness and calmness are golden)

Being silent, still and calm is inner peace.

Being here like stillness, silence and calm is inner peace.

To look through these glasses bring peace.

Bliss and joy accompany my solitude.


Yet, living can go up and down.

Therefore, life can present challenges that feel deep but painful and exhausting.

And I do not live in a castle of solitude.

I live with people, problems and more.

I love and risk all.


Who am I to sum up life?

A traveller using the vehicle of imagination.

I believe in striving for “being whole”.

Like the trumpet player, “Feels So Good.”


Transpearancy helps protect the person and the players in the situation.

Solitude creates self esteem, alleviates depression, improves creativity, recharges the person, allows you to think, and improves the focus and concentration.

In this sense the person is an organic whole and solitude is the mechanism to restore its balance.

Solitude is food for ‘the soul’.

Stay Calm And Do No Harm

Silence or quiet time will lead to better times.

Be cautious, be kind, be gentle…

Let go of the madness:  thought, feeling and belief.

Rediscover peace of mind.

Commit to good works:  know yourself and change the part that needs it the most.

Decide the best way to build trust and keep good faith.

Truth and beauty,in the eye of the beholder,will always lead to higher ground.

Plug into this myth and see how change can improve living in the here and now.


The hand is writing here now.

The brain is composing this poem.

This body craves food, sex, materials, consuming, answers, permanency.

Gently, let go of desire, the body and mind are here.

Gently, let go of desire, the body and mind are now.

Religion or secular, whatever works.

We are all ending sometime.

So why not do it with style:  no harm but mindfully.

Aren’t we all mentally ill?

Don’t we all want to live the best way we know how?