“John Lennon’s Psychedelic James Joyce” print. — Magic Teeth

This is a signed print of my colour James Joyce portrait with John Lennon’s
Psychedlic Rolls Royce design on his face. I like it. So will your fridge.
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James Joyce wrote a book called Ulysses.


To use this epic poem to symbolize modernist views is a good idea.

We are long overdue for a important epic.

Perhaps an epic author will do.

“I am Groot.”

Just in case you are off planet, Guardians Of The Galaxy 1&2, has a character who has become An internet sensation.

Every time I say, “I am Groot.” I get a smile on my face.

I am in a good state of mind.

It is easy to do no harm when one is in a good state of mind.

But the exercise is to calm any state of mind and thereby do no harm.

This is the foundation for finding the good life.

With this one tool an individual can practice meaning, grow in a meaningful way and actualize a useful life work.

Join a revolution of one: practice owning your state of mind and learn to do no harm. Strive for peace and good will, practice nonviolence.


It is possible to be so full of hate, numbness, negative emotions, that it is painful to exist.

At some point, the mental institutions, the treatments, drugs, and psychiatrist, just seem like a shame.

As a last resort, before suicide, god and spirit, there is a possibility of finding some magical person that can save your life.

If you are desperate, really trying to live, you may find a way to get off your medication and try something like alternative medicine.

There are documentaries like “The Last Shaman”.

There are people out there that believe they can help you.

Or, go find someone else.

Can you learn to control your anger?

Your parents are going to suffer when you die.

You are giving up a gift:  your life.

But I hear you, no desire, no ambition, you want to die.

Are there natural medicines?

Are all the medical drugs unworthy of our use?

Some would say there is no answer.

Family and friends are hurt the most.

We need to learn how to change this for the better.

We need to find a way to help people who are sick.

After eight years, it is still going to be difficult.

Can you find a way to make it work for you?

Are you willing and able to start over?

Can you find your voice?

Can you give up the stuff that prevents you from living a good life?

Can you find community?

Are you struggling to make a difference?

Do you believe in yourself and others?

Do you see the way?

Can you play your small part?

Can you now keep your faith in yourself?

Good luck.

Peace Time

A change is as good as a rest…

Top things to do during a break from the chaos.

Go for a walk:  I love going out for a street hike or a walk through the forest.  My best trips are with friends and relatives.  But sometimes, I am lucky and connect with other people.

Go read and write:  I am reading about positive psychology and Philosophy Not Prozac!  I also like to journal each day and write poetry for my blog.

Go take some pictures with my iPhone7 plus.  I am fortunate to own so many devices:  Kobo Aura One, Desktop, laptop, iPad 2 air, Humming Bird, and some other older technology I hold onto for backups and stuff.

Go play on my devices doing all the things I like to do when reading, writing, and taking pictures or reading.  Not to mention all the research I can do on my favorite site:  Wikipedia.

Go eat, drink and be merry:  I usually take a relative out and we share lunch on the weekend at a favorite restaurant.

Go drink water, exercise and sleep.

Go meditate.

Go rest and relax.

Go and be free to do what is best in the moment.

Go take the time to be kind and reflect on all I am grateful for in my life.

Go give somebody support through whichever means I am able.

There seems to be an almost endless list of things I can do with my peace time.

News Is Spinning…

Shock and awe?

Roman Polanski says #me too movement is collective hysteria?


Trump is dealing with nuclear proliferation?

What is going on with nuclear weapons in places like Iran,Korea, etc.

There is far more going on in the news than anyone can process.

Is it time to take a break?

Feminism (People’s Rights)

There is a revolution.

People are making political, ideological and societal movements.


People are rightly concerned about voting, work, wages, equal pay, property, marriage, maternity, social integration,rape,sexual harassment,domestic violence.

Listen and learn: humanity has a lot to learn from groups of people.

“Me Too Movement ” is another group that is revolutionary.

Perhaps, the means and methods for change in society will take its toll on a few, so that the many can live together in a better way.