Electro Dynamic Propulsion

The perpetual motion machine is a myth.

Not according to my father.

When I was young, my father would have one too many on a Friday night and ramble on about inert gas and iron filings, in a pressurized steal/iron container which was pressure sealed to create a new power source which could run machines forever.

As a young boy, with his mother looking on and his sister and step-sisters in bed, I felt privileged and dangerously close to a father who seemed surprisingly passionate and creative (at least as a storyteller).

And thank god for my mother.

So I have an inside look about such notions.

If you feel keen, please watch the vid from Ted Talk.

So, maybe I tricked you here. But the point is that some people believe like my father that the earth is in perpetual motion for resources like water.

I am a believer in respecting authority like my father, but who respects the earth enough to prevent harm to her from our own hands. Instead of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, I propose Guardians Of Earth from you know who.

I’m still working on my carbon footprint too!

A Little Spiritual Advice From The Dalai Lama

You can’t go wrong with this wonderful leader and a true person practicing good habits.

He says to be altruistic, watch nature and be helping to others for true happiness.

Check out this vid


Truly A Good Night Sleep


There is a lot of sleep deprivation going on because of Covid-19.

There are many free sleeping recordings to subscribe to on YouTube.

This 8 hour lucid dreaming hypnosis guided meditation recording seems to be the first choice.

The length is useful, so is the dark screen.

It helps you fall asleep on many levels: it claims to kindly remind your subconscious and unconscious mind by repeating this kind reminder over and over in a subtle hypnotic gentle reassuring neutral speaking female voice while you are awake and observing so you can be aware.

Of course it does require a willing subject with an open mind with a true desire for a good nite sleep

If this describes you, please try the link above.

If this does not work for you after five days, you may want to check with your doctor before your sleep problem grows worse.

Having tried this vid myself, I have subscribed to her YouTube channel and look forward to using her vid as a sleep aid now and in the future.

I have been using many sleep vids for years, but this one I recommend in the highest rating because it simply works the best.

Is There A Danger To IQ Testing?


History can shed some light on this topic, like this Ted Talk.

Any kind of testing that harms people need our attention and understanding, not to mention a little more of a compassionate response.

Live, love, laugh, (learn)


A wise kid will look within and keep it as a lifelong habit.

Of course there is no such thing as an inner child but it makes you better to play make believe.

A healthy sense of mindfulness and a good practice of meditation will go a long ways.

Believe deeply in living a healthy life in all your affairs and do no harm.

There is no one way, but many.

Live, love and learn.


How Much Red Wine Do You Need to Drink for Health Benefits?

Red wine benefits female drinkers and has pros and cons for women and men alike. If you do drink, practice moderation and make sure you’re aware of the risks.
— Read on www.livestrong.com/article/439545-how-much-red-wine-do-you-need-to-drink-for-health-benefits/

A supplement like resveratrol is good for my immflamuation because of my overall health at 60.

It also seems to help with energy from another supplement called NMN. It is believed the two work together, but the latter is not regulated in Canada.

A glass of wine is good two or 3 times a week. But must be balanced with good nutrition and sleeping habits.

Watching my weight and lifestyle is most important.

Good luck with your health and lifestyle.