Sex In The Machine

Porn is not good or bad, it is stuff that is sensual and sensations in a non sexual agent which produce compulsive interests and behaviour in it’s audiences.

The machine is not beauty or truth, but void of both.

Don’t blame the machine that does a job.

Don’t blame the human that acts on desire that may or may not cause harm.

We all make mistakes and can live with or without a machine.


Persuasion is better than force,

But it is not necessarily preventative in all ways.

For teacher/student relationships, it must be mandatory?

This oral tradition either works for you or against you.

Hence skepticism is the rule of thumb.

A great form of entertainment when done well…

Municipal By-Election is Saturday, April 4 | Victoria

Municipal By-Election is Saturday, April 4 | Victoria
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Vote for change and direction….

Doing, when it matters most

Be mindful now!

There are many people or peoples that reflect the above image or practice.

Does the message kill the practice or is it the messenger?

Does breathing cause us harm when we fall into the habit of shallow breathing?

The experience of being mindful may be its best teacher, but many students will need a Little Rock and roll to get the message across to them.

Check out the sexy app about being mindful now!

Don’t worry, you will find it if it works for you.

Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, M.K. Gandhi,

Cicero, The Cynics, The Stoics,

Tao Te Ching, Mindfulness in Action by Chogyam Trungpa, Meditations for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Red Book by C.G. Jung

There are many more roads to living a full life.

The Surrealistic Blues

First appearing and then disappearing, like the invisible man.

Dali’s clock bleeding ‘out of time’.

A merchant’s item worth nothing and then a dime,

All these ‘isms’:  materialism, sincere-ism, post-Marxism,

Extraordinary blending into ordinary,

Does now you see it, now you don’t, smack of smoke and mirrors?

What is the answer or the crime?

Let people make these tunes, sing their blues, loose some time, spend a dime.

Be mindful of visions, beginnings and endings, feeling, being mindful and mindfulness,

To be courageous and mindful will help change the outcome to a spectrum of experience,

To experience surrealistic blues and surrealistic joys, to become mindful of each moment, each breath, each experience, to live willingly and lovingly through the good-the bad-the ugly.

Let go of mind, let the mind be, be mindful…

25 Friday Work Memes to Help You Get to the Weekend | Fairygodboss

These Friday work memes will help you get through the last few hours of the work week and take on the weekend.
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Get in the headspace to do it, but play it by ear.

Have fun at whatever you do, unless it is unbearable.

Perhaps, ask for a little help to get through the day.

Keep the day simple and don’t blame yourself or others.

Keep a steady flow and take all your breaks.

Enjoy whatever works for you!