Stop Eating Sugar

Okay, people eat too much sugar.

It is in almost all processed foods.

We have sugar in every desert we eat.

We usually have sugar because of our diet.

It is a major way to foul up our regular body functions and propels us to many major diseases.

Try giving up all sweet or junk food and baked food.

Eat more veggies and protein and less starch, bread, pasta and fruit.

Your skin and teeth, gums and organs will work better.

You will have a better mood and sleep better at night.

It will be a big challenge and be as hard or harder than stopping alcohol and smoking as a combination.

It will help you loose weight, regulate your hormones and improve your health.

The only downside is it takes a huge effort.

Is It Too Early To Be Watching Christmas Movies

Are tear jerkers Qualified?

It is about reclaiming wounds that would stay closed if not for reopening them haphazardly…

Why do we need movies to remind us of this bad habit?

Why are we forgetting when we should be forgiving?

Or do we need to work it out, of course we do.

They do capture the imagination.

There is something serious that is in need of recovery.

End of My Days

When Service is confused with servitude,

When work feels like slavery,

When supply is scarce,

When a good job does not seem to be good enough.
Sometimes helpful ways seem trying, almost stunted and painful to give and receive.

During these times one must give and receive with compassion because it is the best way.

Sometimes money and time will not suffice.

During these times it is helpful to recall or envision freedom:  on this summer’s day my heart is lightened by a peace that nature unveils.

The day is becoming brighter and calmer and perhaps this night will be restful.

Getting Ready…

Routine:  daily wake up (5AM), eat, dress, get out the door, waiting for the bus.

Work or chores, rain or shine, here or there.
Waiting:  on the bus, at the store or at the shop.

Thinking about what is best, how it works, when to rest.
Practising all the right moves, wheather Up or Down, in or out…

What is new?

No trouble? No worries.

Getting it done.  Day in and day out.
How important is it?

A good start is fundamental for being ready to take action :  live🙃