Myth: the manly life

Growing up strong, among good young men.

Getting an education with pride and good standing.

Meeting and marrying the woman of your dreams , to build a family with children and a career to pay off all the expenses.

To retire in comfort and good health and see your children follow in your footsteps.

If and when you fail, compromise, try your damnedest to live ‘the good life’.

Drew Hayden Taylor (no relation), “400 KILOMETRES”

Excellent play, slice of life, modern Shakespeare…

Proper impression or expression,

Does no harm, but tells the truth,

Seems to be genuine about living,

Life Isn’t Too Complicated, I Am

The pain of my life is hard to define.

One day it is a combination of new ideas, old information and people.

The next it is my take on working out my problems with people places and things.

In today’s fast paced environment, I am loosing my ability to change and adapt.

I’ve listened to the minimalist, the spiritual guru and the rest.

I am doing good with my factors: aging, disease and overall health.

I am working on work, exercise and good orderly direction.

I am still trying to accept whomever or whatever.

I can’t always be on top of it all.

There will always be some ups and downs.

Luminosity Workout

Exercise for the mind, does not preclude a healthy body.

And an exercise for the mind may help motivate the exercise for the body and vice versa.

Multiple streams of living or a confluence may build flow or at least some directional living that will attend to good health.

Add good eating habits, drinking habits, sleeping habits, listening and learning habits, laughing habits, and all the inspiration I can stomach….

Super healthy food, I may not like it, but it could help repair some of the damage from over indulgences and that spare tire I am carrying around with me.

Not to mention mindfulness, and stretching the body, going hiking, biking, and walking,

Live damn it, live some more, don’t stop for a minute, a second, a millisecond, a nanosecond.

Okay, now I’m just overdoing it. Breath, sit back, veg out: Journal!

Happy Birthday Mom

There once was a lady from Digby,

Who married a man who said pick me.

She did what he said,

With four kids that read…

And now resides in Victoria, B.C.

(Couldn’t think of a more appropriate line.)

This is the part where I am to say a few embarrassing words about what a great mom, daughter,sister, candlestick maker… you may or may not be.

I just want to say how much I enjoy getting together with you once or twice a week. It is nice to head out in good weather to our usual haunts. Or to stay in and make a bite to eat. This year we managed to try out the Cactus Club, go to the casino, go to the casino, gotothecasino, did I say that already?

The point is, it doesn’t matter where we end up, it is who we are with that is important. May you be with whoever you wish this eighty-sixth birthday.

Your Son, Michael

Canada Day, In Victoria BC

Going to the casino, for an outing with an older relative.

Going to keep in shape, my job is such a pain in the back.

Going to talk with my sister on the phone, she lives up Island and we only connect a couple times a year. But we talk on the phone all the time.

Going to do chores like clean walls at a relative’s apartment. I get to do my job and help out at the same time.

Going to read and write because I want to…

Going to enjoy some time with friends and relatives while I have a chance… Going back to work on Tuesday.

If you don’t like my ideas try out some of these:

Thank you

In this episode a old Asian lady dressed with a traditional farmers hat, receives help from a working man walking home after a busy shift.

He is stumbling home on the main drag in town down Victoria, B.C.

In front of him the old lady is struggling to grab a blowing empty bottle from her large collection of recyclable pop bottles and cans.

He bends down and snaps it up and passes it to the old woman’s stretched out hand.

The old woman looks into his eyes with a gentle smile on her face, “Thank you.”