Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

My bed sags like a mattress on loose rope,

The bed bugs bite every night, taking their pint of blood,

Yet, optimistic and curious my mind searches meaning to grow, learn and study,

I may be sore and itchy each morning, but I love who I am and what I do.

Vermeer’s Soul

Imagine being very introspective and finding a way to steel someone’s soul.

If it were a task as simple as looking in the mirror.

Why would you do it?

Why would others want you to do it?

Magicians use smoke and mirrors, why not the artist?

The temptation to showcase people places and things must be strong in this man.

Some ones whose art inspires the world.

To stay aware of Ebola Virus and people working for change

The people on the front lines deal with circumstances outside my experience and help me accept the differences.

The ever changing lives of people help me stay informed and connect with the Ebola effected community.

News is important and helps to put a face on problems out of my day to day routine.

I want to stay open minded and learn about Ebola.

If I Were Epictetus….

If I were this ancient classic philosopher,

I would read and write, travel and explore and so much more.

I would study and research, listen and learn.

My goal would be to do no harm and to live the best I could within my own circumstances.

I would study psychology, anthropology, sociology and mathematics, physics and chemistry.

I would hike and bike and do all sorts of exercise.

I would spend time giving back in community.

If I were Epictetus, I would have done so much more,

Because I can read and write and study from hundreds of years of experience and because I was not a slave or lame or limited by my times and place in the world.

T.V. Addition

I quit many bad habits and I have been whittling down my TV addiction.

What is stopping me?

I think I will try and replace it with an audiobook while I prepare for work and bed.

I can turn off the audiobook when I read, write and study.

My goal is to read, write, study, research, exercise and sleep more.

It will be nice to be with people more and get out of the house more often.

I quit T.V. for 15 years but my purpose was less defined than now.

It is truly something I am willing to give up for life like smoking, booze and sugar!