There are some common information needed about this combination of vitamins.

Vitamin K2: 8 reasons why you need this bone-building & cancer-fighting nutrient

Vitamin K2: 8 reasons why you need this bone-building & cancer-fighting nutrient by FactDr

Some people may need D3.

The combination of supplements could be of much beneficial rewards.

First, check with your doctor before taking as a supplement.


The good news is that many people could benefit from using the above combination.

Always check with a doc first.

Wallpaper On The Smartphone

To find the best picture for a phone is a challenge.

Like any kind of photography it is a work of art.

The best examples are usually the simplest.

But they are difficult to capture.

This is a wonderful hobby and a much overlooked art form.

Noam Chomsky urges Canada to sign nuclear ban | News – The Link

With the Doomsday Clock ticking forward, Prof. Noam Chomsky is urging Canada to sign a new UN treaty calling for nuclear disarmament.
— Read on thelinknewspaper.ca/article/feature/noam-chomsky-urges-canada-to-sign-nuclear-ban

A sense of urgency is present when it comes to COVID-19, pandemics, nuclear weapons, climate change, and other serious world problems.

Many of us don’t have a perspective on large scale change.

To change without needless harm is a challenge.

No sane person wants to act inappropriately on any of the above problems.

Leaders are asking for answers, no simple one here.

It takes a lifespan to say no to violence.

Bring peace through non-violence is a start in the right direction.

How To Recycle Glass » Recycle BC – Making a difference together.

How To Recycle Glass » Recycle BC – Making a difference together.
— Read on recyclebc.ca/where-to-recycle/how-to-recycle-glass/

Yet, the recycling people like to make a difference.

What can we do to ensure glass is found more at the depot or recycling centre?

The problem is here with us. What are we going to do?

Open a glass recycling centre?

Stop making glass?

Find a profitable market for recycling glass?

More study is needed on this issue.


Seriously, I had honey and bread a few hours before bed and I slept well. And I cured my lingering indigestion.

Don’t believe me, research it.


Coping With A Natural Disaster: COVID-19

There are four areas to stay aware and informed about regardless of your situation.

1. Maintaining your basic needs.

2. Long term effects like mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

3. Dealing with crisis like loosing job , health, safety, home or other.

4. Staying the course, welcome to the new normal, stay informed and connected, google these four areas above.

Family Relationships – Clicklaw Wikibooks

Family Relationships – Clicklaw Wikibooks
— Read on wiki.clicklaw.bc.ca/index.php/Family_Relationships

Most people recognize the importance of family and friends and have our own ways we relate to others.

Family Law is a way society agrees to maintain justice.

It is not always clear to anyone what this means to individuals on the day to day basis.

To contemplate and express ourselves takes it all another step forward.

Our thoughts and feelings about family law will be clearer with some reading and journaling on the topic.

Being from British Columbia, I have referred to BC, family law. But recommend reading from where it may apply to you.

Please support the effort to learn and express a better way to be who you are in society today.