Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun
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Holidays are subject to people.

Here is a new one to learn about because it is only a week away.

Check it out.

Education is key.

Please support the effort.

Happiness As Seen By Psychology

The study of the mind reveals that happiness can be applied to life.

Positive emotions seem to aid the brain to set for the motivation and behaviour necessary to pursue the habits that increase happiness.

An attitude of we vs I also aids positive emotions like compassion towards others and an outcome of happiness.

Education is key, please watch this vid and consider applying key elements to your lifestyle.

The Crown And The Glory

The Olympic Games, drew crowds large and wide.

All came to compete in the games for a crown made of wild Olive.

It is here, in Greece, that progenitor of cities that see the genius (a philosopher) had invented to gather people to celebrate and barter for goods from far and wide.

And till this day, the games, move us as a people, to live life to the fullest and to assemble for trade and to live the ‘good life’ that philosophers from ancient times (sophoi) called cities.

To think about love is to be wise.

Do we need to think about love…?

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group
— Read on www.universal-rights.org/blog/womens-rights-and-freedom-of-religion-or-belief/

Groups are forming from various points of view, different secular or religions, to help resolve complex issues.

Please support the effort.

Climate Change


There are a few key points in the article above.

1. IPCC says carbon dioxide has gone up 40% since the beginning of the 20th century.

2. Climate Change is always changing. What’s different now is the rate of change-and the reason behind it.

3. When we put it all together…we find that now it’s unequivocal: “Human influences has warmed the climate,”said Nathan Gillette.

There is a good deal more discussion about this early next year when the next two chunks of IPPC report, looking at adaptions and mitigation.

It All Starts With Us

Unity is a good word, like how we need each other.

You name your tradition.

There are other ways to unify, work, play, roles in life and community, being a world citizen, being a good friend, living a good life,

We need to stick together, engaging each other.

Otherwise, all this falls apart or worse disappointing and possibly disappearing from existence like a country.

Imagine a fall of CANADA, U.S.A., many parts of the world have lost their unity.

It sounds preposterous, and even a little unbelievable.

It may be time to turn inwards and learn what being one with one another means to you.

Living the good life.

I will do no harm, now.

I will do my best, now.

Caribou or Reindeer?


Canada is trying to protect endangered species.

It is good to learn about what is happening in our country.

People live separately and independent from each other or in hardship.

Somewhere in between there are opportunities for change to preserve or engage life.

There is more to being a Canuck than playing hockey…

The School Of Athens


Anyone interested in Athen, philosophy or great painting will appreciate this great work of art.

Students of philosophy must see it.

Check it all on Wikipedia.