I love to journal,write and walk,think, meditate and become peaceful

I want to teach and become a student in my life.

What can I do about it: journal, read, write, blog, write a book and study to do it.

Most of the time I am curious about meditation.

Most of the time I practice being calm and experience peacefulness.

I love to learn and practice how to do all of it.

I believe that is what my book will be all about.

This is my journey what will be yours?

Meditation: calm, still,silent (do no harm)

Awareness is a continuum between relaxation on one side and concentration on the other.

Calm is in the middle. Strive for calm to find the balance between the two.

Outwardly, it is a motionless human body. Paying attention to the calm body is a balance between relaxation and concentration. In this second way, the form is to sit with stable legs and hip using a natural curve in the spine as the support.

The third way is a calm being. This means to pause from speaking. Let go of the habit to verbalize. Allow the inner critic or commenting to pause.

The practice is called learning to sit quietly in a room with the self: meditation.

Practice all three ways to learn how to meditate.

To become aware:





Pause the body,

Pause the mind,

Pause the voice.

Calm, still, silence: do no harm.


Meditate in all your affairs.


“Jacking up” is like “The Needle And Damage Done”

Who will juggle and who will be the juggler?

Who can kick King Ivory?

Take it nice and easy or do your nose drops.

Take your poison.

China White is quickly becoming a “me too” problem in the US Of A.

Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid.

People use it to manage pain from cancer and operations.

It is a controlled substance in most countries:  i.e. you need a prescription, manufacture and distribution are tightly controlled and monitored.

In the UK you can get up to seven years for illicit possession and supplying Fentanyl can result in a life sentence in prison.

Check out the facts jack.

Look into the stats Mat.

Do you know your sign?

Do you know the treatment?

Become aware of the information and how to use it to save lives.

Be a person who can live without drug problems through experience, strength and hope.

Listen to Neil Young’s song about drugs or read a book or watch a movie.

Study current affairs about drug epidemics and other drug problems.

Use your curiosity to become informed, protected, safe, and open minded about those who have a drug addiction or culture.

Never believe it will miss you or be easy to recover or control.

If you can’t kick a drug, consider talking to someone who is kicking it.

Look long and hard into drugs, don’t make naïve decisions about drug stuff because it may cause more harm than good.

Have fun, live, love, laugh!


Noncommunicable diseases

Premature death is the result of lifestyle: smoking, drinking, overeating and consuming toxic substances.

To some degree, we are all causing damage to our metabolism.

We need to make it a priority in society to help people change their lifestyle when they get sick.

There are no good or bad behaviors.

In some sense, there are no good or bad people.

We all have accidents, make mistakes and get judged, addicted and harmed in some way.

The learning process is very painful for the majority of us.

One side of the truth are the facts: go to the world health organization and read them under the above title.

Another truth or more of the truth is that we can help and support each other in all our affairs.

Just because a person gets sick, doesn’t mean they caused it.

There are no worthwhile causes to take on in this world.

We just need each other.

The outcomes arrive when the time is right.

Many learn from their mistakes.

Keats talked about truth and beauty: look it up, Ode To A Grecian Urn.

Too Much Technology

When the middle class is shrinking, is there enough room for all these devices?

The little black box use to be a thing of the future, now it is hear.

Is digital real enough to make it work?

Predictions vary from doom and gloom to first generation success.


Balance is an issue to most honest folk.

Money is another problem.

Materialism can create havoc with consumerism.

And more is the new less for tech stuff.


Now that multimedia is free for everybody, is there enough time and resources to keep the internet economy alive and well?

Education is big online.

Shopping is big online.

Information is big online.


I believe in more research and development for online business.

I believe a conservative standard for business online.


Hype, Hysteria and Hanging Out!

Downtown has always been a catch all for those who have and do not have.

People like to yak at the bars over the sports game, politics and sex.

Not much has changed in the big city in the last 10 years.

But technology has made it instant to grab your moment of fame or being notorious.


But there is always someone pushing something, and it is not always drugs.

Yet, the mania about the drug epidemic is getting very serious indeed.

Hanging out has gone from riches to rags for many who have succumbed to the latest designer drugs.

And the economy has not made it easy on those who use to enjoy more ‘haves’.


There is very little calmness around poverty, disease, war, and calamity.

We are facing more and more upheaval around the globe.

It is getting harder to travel safe.

More people and more insecurity is playing havoc on the world population.


Yet, education is key.

The increase in world population begs for a better education and no one is doing anything about it.

Children in higher numbers will be begging for more if people do not try to help.

Third world countries need assistance in planning for education in the near future.


Who wants to help the world population?

Can’t we all help the world population?