Ebola Has Gotten So Bad, It’s Normal – Foreign Policy

Ebola Has Gotten So Bad, It’s Normal – Foreign Policy
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Please, support the effort. The ongoing Ebola epidemic does not go away without awareness, hard work and sufficient resources. Many groups are maintaining a great effort to help work through the mounting complexities of the war torn community which is still in jeopardy.

Anxiety Walk (or a walking meditation)

In this guided meditation, there are some simple rules to follow for the beginner.

  • You must consider any aversion you have to be your friend.  For example, Anxiety is my friend.
  • Like the breath meditation, it is best to do it in a quiet place and at your natural pace.
  • For the purpose of this meditation, I will use myself as the example and call the place my home (in the back garden) and my natural pace is slow because of my high sensitivity and anxiety.
  • I recommend a ten minute time limit for the duration of the exercise.
  • Whatever the distraction, go with it, go with the flow, and gently return to the walk. 

Okay, I am ready to start.  I have set my iPhone7 Plus with a pleasant sounding alarm for the 10 minute limit.

I am walking slowly in a circle.

My eyes are cast down to my feet to avoid needless distraction.

Yet, it is not uncommon for my distraction to be constant anxiety.

I tell myself that anxiety is my friend and when it subsides I return to being aware of walking in my small circle, putting one foot in front of the other.

A few minutes have elapsed and now a thought comes into my head.

It is a writing idea.

Both anxiety and ideas are great distractions for a writer (I am a writer).

I also recommend writing them in my meditation journal.

It just takes a few seconds and greatly diminishes the distraction, which is called a thought loop.

The emotion (anxiety) is called an emotion loop.

As the time progresses, I continue to walk and make brief stops to record my entries in the meditation journal.

There are basically two types of distractions:  external and internal.

It is good to label them.

I generally call them by one of the 5 senses for the external.

Or by the name feeling loop or thought loop for the internal.

The external distraction may be something in the environment like the sight of a plant, smell of a plant, feel of a plant, taste of a plant, sound of a plant.

I am smelling a sweet bouquets and ogling the beautiful plant in my garden.

As the sensation subsides, I continue on my circular walk, one foot in front of the other.

I am now having an internal feeling called pain in my right knee.

As I regain my focus, I can feel the pain diminish or it will remain the same, either way, I resume my walk.

As a beginner, I know it is best to have a teacher or read a good book with instructions and guided meditation.

I have personally chosen a person because I believe people make the best of everything, even when guiding or teaching.

You might consider using a beginning, middle and end to your meditation, after a few attempts.

Or you might want to join a group , until you get the hang of it.

My ten minute alarm sounds and I stop, take a couple of deep breaths and become reacquainted with my surroundings.

It has been a pleasure to have taken this walking meditation with you.  And good luck with your meditation journey.

P.S.  Meditation has many positive outcomes:  deep rest and relaxation, reenergizing the body-mind-spirit, and in my case:  reducing anxiety is the best!    

Sleeping For A Living

My sleep is a job that pays for the body I inhabit.

Rest and relaxation go a long ways with their power of restoration.

Location,location,location… it is the only home in town.

My day job pays for all the bills and supplies me with cash to pay for all the amenities: clothing, food, etc.

I am responsible for all the maintenance and repairs, I have to contract out on bigger jobs.

But sleep is paying for this fixer upper to heal itself.

Know Your Limit, Stay Within It

As a human being, one of the universal truths are to know yourself.

As a process, or opus, there are many chances and changes to learn and respect.

The good, bad and ugly make a beautiful song.

We fortunate ones sing throughout our lives.

Another truth is to forgive and forget.

We practice this song many hundreds of times before our end of days.

‘Truth and beauty, that is all’, we are forever being the student and teacher.

The ugly is just another side of beauty and a lie is a lie, is a lie.

There is real purpose within this house, we all live and die.

No truth is too small or insignificant…

Living,feeling,thinking,acting,believing, calm, mind and reason


“Children always look to their parents. Parents should be more calm. You can teach children that you face a lot of problems but must react to those problems with a calm mind and reason.”

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about my own life. Sometimes, I think people are out to lunch. Perhaps, they are. I feel angry and compassionate, tired and depressed, and happy at the same time. I am living in the digital age, where everyone appears selfish and I am at times. But through meditation on forgiveness, loving kindness and awareness, I can cope with day to day living and remain calm and solve real problems with mind and reason.