Facing My Fears

I become easily distracted when I am tired, overworked and afraid.

I don’t feel alone with my impulses, procrastination and other odd ways of getting burnt out by my fears.

I have been breaking down my work into smaller bundles and doing them on the regular basis.

I have made my motto, do my best each day and do no harm.

I like to monitor myself with helpful habits: sleep, eat and rest and relax.

Lately, I have blogged less and slept more.

I am starting a new journal and plan to blog once a week till I catch up with my other job, duties, tasks and education.

Sunday seems like a good day to publish and once a week is also a good place to start.

We all loose sometimes…on death and grief


I have lost much and gained even more.

My sense of grief in complex and dying too.

It is best to open the door for those that wish to start at the beginning of the process as soon as they are willing and able.

If you are ready, consider the vid above, it is a gentle entry of a man who has shared his story very publicly….

Listen to power your body

#8 – Intro to Mitochondria and Energy Production

There are many things to learn to effectively use your body.

Mitochondria are important and how to use them will aid you greatly in how to maintain good energy.

But it won’t happen without a commitment, community and connectivity.

Learn to think about your health through mentors

Check out the above link.

During Serious Space News…

UFO’s or UAP’s are not seriously being identified as anything but a hoax.

Where is the reason and the science?

Check out the Skeptical Inquirer’s September/October 2021 Issue

Media is creating uncertainty through hoax and speculation.

It may be better to turn off than to turn on.

Try to ground yourself in real events like the solar flare event this weekend and getting prepared for other consequences like Daylight Saving Time next weekend.

Think, learn, look after yourself and find better ways to be informed or entertained by media.

Space News

Huge solar flare may cause disruptions on planet earth.

Expect satellite communication problems on Saturday October 30th or Sunday October 31.

On the bright side, Northern lights will be going like crazy, just in time for Halloween!

Check out the detail in the report bellow.

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun

Why don’t all B.C. workers get Sept. 30 off for Truth and Reconciliation Day? | Vancouver Sun
— Read on www.google.ca/amp/s/vancouversun.com/news/local-news/is-sept-30-a-stat-holiday-in-bc-for-truth-and-reconciliation-day/wcm/f922ed94-a704-44b1-b66f-62012984d2de/amp/

Holidays are subject to people.

Here is a new one to learn about because it is only a week away.

Check it out.

Education is key.

Please support the effort.

Happiness As Seen By Psychology

The study of the mind reveals that happiness can be applied to life.

Positive emotions seem to aid the brain to set for the motivation and behaviour necessary to pursue the habits that increase happiness.

An attitude of we vs I also aids positive emotions like compassion towards others and an outcome of happiness.

Education is key, please watch this vid and consider applying key elements to your lifestyle.

The Crown And The Glory

The Olympic Games, drew crowds large and wide.

All came to compete in the games for a crown made of wild Olive.

It is here, in Greece, that progenitor of cities that see the genius (a philosopher) had invented to gather people to celebrate and barter for goods from far and wide.

And till this day, the games, move us as a people, to live life to the fullest and to assemble for trade and to live the ‘good life’ that philosophers from ancient times (sophoi) called cities.

To think about love is to be wise.

Do we need to think about love…?

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group
— Read on www.universal-rights.org/blog/womens-rights-and-freedom-of-religion-or-belief/

Groups are forming from various points of view, different secular or religions, to help resolve complex issues.

Please support the effort.