The problem with wokeism is the harm done to people and society.

It would be safe to point out the problem. Please read about it in the clear thinking article from the American Thinker, I concur, but there is a great deal of fear in society today.


I am concerned with my own fear of wokeism.

I could call it facing my own fear.

The last couple of years have been exhausting because of all the big reasons like pandemics, war, destabilization of the individual and society.

I can’t blame anyone who passes by life to find comfort or even a distraction.

But life is short, I am exhausted and it doesn’t help to be bogged down with self-doubt at the moment.

Most people are finding it difficult at best and confusing or worse.

I find woke is a job to do.

Become aware of what and how it works and try to help people who are getting sick or harmed by the consequences of getting in over your head with something that is harming you and others.

There is at least a need to beware of woke people and principle that do not work and cause damage to society.

I am not out to call it names, other than say it does not work for me.

There are plenty of press and people who have taken on the cause to prevent this movement from doing harm.

I know I have not finished dealing with it as something to learn more about and to not use (even subconsciously in my life) in my life.

An Indispensable Resource: A Review of Charles Pincourt’s Counter Wokecraft

An Indispensable Resource: A Review of Charles Pincourt’s Counter Wokecraft
— Read on safs.ca/newsletters/article.php

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘ideology’?

Perhaps, the simplest definition is the study of ideas.

But, what about a working definition for those people that take action on an idea?

Let’s play a game where two parties, who claim justice as their intent try to win.

The stakes are high, on our side, if we loose, our freedom will be lost.

On the opposing side, some will loose their freedom and the rest will live to fight another day.

But this game may be very important to you.

You may want to learn more.

Education is key. Please consider learning more about CHARLES PINCOURT’S CounterWokecraft.

Food Famine 2022


United Nation report stating children are the highest risk for malnutrition and disease and death.

Top ten countries at risk for food insecurity.

44 countries at emergency levels …

The food emergency is here.

Please support the effort.

Education is key.

Please watch the vid above.

How to Learn Math on Your Own: My 9 Steps to Self-Studying

Learning Math by yourself can be quite intimidating at first. That’s why in this post, I’ll share 10 steps you can do to study it on your own.
— Read on leananki.com/learn-math-on-your-own/

Learning to learn is all about listening to the teacher or course.

Go to the link and read the article a few times to really understand the directions.

Find a way to organize the information to read and practice the procedures.

Practice and reading to understand will slowly give you confidence in how to learn on your own.

This method will help you to decide how to learn how to learn.

Charterpedia – Section 7 – Life, liberty and security of the person

Department of Justice Canada’s Internet site
— Read on www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/rfc-dlc/ccrf-ccdl/check/art7.html

The truth may set you free but it is painful and requires a consciousness to make the effort necessary to gain the freedom outlined in Canadian law.

To do no harm requires the self knowledge and practice of habits that allows one to act without doing harm to themselves or others.

Some pain will be simple tolerance towards self and others.

Other pain will be born through the labor of the practice to master ways that enhance acts that allow us to live together in relative freedom.

Coupled with the legal system above, Canada will enjoy a pretty good life.

This is a best practice and the more that participate, the better ways will be discovered and put to good use.

But to find true happiness is a personal journey that requires one’s full attention at least part of your time.

This and the law are typically only as good as the people using it.

Engage Canadian law in a way that works for you.

I’m no lawyer but even I see the value of being aware of it.

Sentencing in Canada

Sentencing in Canada
— Read on lop.parl.ca/sites/PublicWebsite/default/en_CA/ResearchPublications/202006E

Engaging the law in Canada is dry in many ways.

Ethics consider some ways to brighten the cruel ways law enforcement and sentencing by the court treat people.

It’s like saying, how would you like to be struck in the face?

Recently, there has been some cruelty removed from sentencing which is considered controversial because of the cases it effects.

How can we be just when banality colours our outlook on humanity or being dignified to people?

Well, we are bias to that part of humanity we see as unfit, cruel to others and a danger to society.

We don’t always see this slippery slope.

Punishment is processed by attitude that usually colours our outcomes.

Today we use the legal system to regulate punishment.

Consider this when you deal out your own form of punishment to yourself or others.

‘Canary In The Coal Mine’

Climate Change/Global Warming/Environmental Change

Truth of the matter is hard to see, we are in trouble with climate change and have bought the whole package because we are procrastinating about our problem.

The truth is about garbage and pollution and the degree of damage that will lead to expensive and irreversible changes in the planet.

Can’t we see that the more we change/fix our problem now the cheaper it will be in many ways.

dry, boring, and hardly anyone is willing to scale up to this world problem with a world change….

Coercive control can be a life or death issue in relationships. But few people even know how to recognize it – The Globe and Mail

Behaviours like gaslighting, intimidation and isolation from family and friends can be an early indicator of relationships that will escalate into physical violence, and even homicide. But many people don’t even recognize it as abuse. The Globe examines the effort to change that
— Read on www.theglobeandmail.com/appview/canada/article-coercive-control-can-be-a-life-or-death-issue-in-relationships-but-few/

Being self aware will help us open up to new information like the signs that lead to violence.

Being courageous will help us leave before our relationship becomes too violent.

Being compassionate will help us suffer with those that need our help.

World Sleep Day March 18, 2022

World Sleep Day (WSD) is an annual celebration of sleep & call to action on important sleep issues organized by World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society
— Read on worldsleepday.org/

Why Sleep?

It is equivalent to charging your batteries, getting a tune up, and healing all that ails you.

Google sleep habits, and consider picking up this good habit.

Sleep is arguably as important as movement (exercise) and nutrition.

Getting into sleep, monitor your habit with an app and learn to improve it!