Retrospective On September 30…

Yesterday was the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation,

I saw a lot of orange and Every Child Matters.

There seems to be a growing awareness in Canada.

Meditate On Royal Victoria Marathon!

The 2023 RVM Race Route Rolling Full Road Closures Sunday, October 8,2023

If you live downtown, you are part of it.

Do you ever get stuck in rush hour traffic?

You will be stuck for 2 or 3 hours during the race on Sunday morning from 7 to 9-9:30!!!!!

-across Yates at Douglas, Blanchard and Quadra-reopen by 9am

-across Cook at Fort-re-open by 9:10am

-and it goes on and on.

-so you can get stuck and hate it for a while…

So, plan ahead for at least Sunday October 8!!!!! victoria


This is great. Every year, lots of notice, flyers in the mail….

I love these guys.

Awareness is key!

Are You Aware?

Best Santa Noelle

I watched this movie on Disney Channel last night because I like the actress and believe society is starting to be reflected in mainstream media.

I just got Disney Channel to explore and recommend it to women over the age of sixty who like Disney and women who demonstrate strong role models for younger women.

What things give you energy?

An inspirational book, movie, or song.

A person, place or thing.

A good workout, meal, and sleep.

A good life,

A good lifestyle,

A good way to be,

Lifestyle Improvements

We have changed a lot over 10’s of thousands of years ago.

We were hunter gatherers.

Check out this vid below.


Do you want to improve your situation?

We may want to find ways to change our lifestyle.

What is stopping you?

Why not?

Perhaps, this is something to do?

Awareness is key.

Think outside the box.

What is the best way for you?

Eating Mindful supper tonight

It helps to go through the habit of a meal, before eating it in a mindful way.

It is useful to explore how each sense feels while eating the main course: steak with salt,pepper and a touch of saffron.

Again, with dessert, mango and raw almonds.

Simpler the better.

Shorter the better.

Perhaps, journal out what you ate how it felt, what you experienced during the meal.

Sometimes, it helps journal before or after doing dishes.

Bona Pettit!

Grab Hold Of Yourself And Stop Being Afraid Of Your Freedom

Yes, living life is complex, all is contradictory,divisive and possibly illusory in many many ways.

But live the good life.

Use the ‘proper use of impressions’.

There are so many ups and downs!

Do no harm to yourself or others.

Seize the day!

There is a certain relationship to living each day that may seem to be a contradiction.

Life looks like pattern, problem and solutions and so much more.

Eat well, exercise, use positive stress to embrace all of yourself.

Engage people, work, play and find a work life balance.

Keep reassessing life to make your goals adapt to what works for you.

It is your job to do your best in your circumstances but that may not be fair to you or others.

Be grateful, give back, love one another.

There is always going to be a need to change, challenge and grow.

Rest, relax, meditate, be calm, be still, be silent.

And fail, make mistakes, regroup, recover, get stuck, misbehave, find out, discover, relearn, be a critical thinker, be compassionately understanding, do more with less, strive to live a better way.

If you need help, look for it and accept all you can stand, then take some more.

Mike Idea For A Vid

What about a drama/documentary to stir your imagination on challenging topics?

I have a sincere interest in history, physics and energy use and application in society today.

My pic is a little outside mainstream but will attract some people.

If you are curious, check out the vid suggestion below.

Why Understanding And Accepting ‘Argument’ Is Important

In today’s society, people are becoming dumber, unengaged, and too nice.

Dumber, because technically we don’t think enough to work out our own problems, nor do we help sort out societal problems.

Luckily there is a way out. Or through our modern day dilemma.

Unengaged, because we isolate, avoid others and remain uninformed about the very issues causing all these symptoms in society today.

Too nice, we have been followers in one of the riches cultural exchanges of this generation.

Sink or swim? Stop. Think. Decide.

You need to learn to reverse course, learn why and how to argue.

Check out the article below, stay tuned to follow up articles on the same topic.