Honest, Why?


After listening to the above vid, you may need to cringe or at least pass over this idea of being honest.

It is difficult to pick up the habit of being honest because it requires people to face their fears and try to face the error of their ways.

External things need to be secondary when facing the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Making the decision to change means to focus on internal judgement of what is the right way to act.

Practice doing no harm and doing ‘the proper use of impressions.

(PDF) Globalization and Bangladesh: An Analysis from Cultural Perspective

PDF | The aspects of Globalization are seen in all spheres of our life from economy to culture. Due to the process of globalization, individuals of… | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
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As a study that shows change within a country, access to this paper may help some people reach out to support and engage with social change around the world. Many places are experiencing emergence and it is happening too fast and without understanding the problem.

Please read this paper and support Bangladesh.


To showcase a country may seem silly, but the more we learn about places and people, we can become better world citizens.

It may be helpful to view this positive upbeat vid.

My challenge is to learn by blogging more about this place specifically over the next month and the world in general.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy For Men – Scentered

We don’t always think of Aromatherapy for men. Why is that? Make no mistake, fellas – it is all-inclusive! Read about the benefits here…
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A quest at best, I am venturing to compel myself to discover a use for lavender and Jasmine.

I realize the romans used these herbs in homes much the way we use lavender to keep linen fresh and repel moths. Or how we use jasmine to relieve pain.

The mystery for me is how to connect these practical topical methods to the more feminine notion of using aromatherapy.

Don’t misunderstand me, I struggle to find any practice in aromatherapy.

My interest is more philosophical in nature. I have bought a bottle of lavender, sprinkled it on my linen on my bed to smell. I get zero from this practice. Much more study is needed to find a foothold to a philosophical practice, my apologies to those of you who use aromatherapy as it exists today.

Happy Mother’s Day Lunch

The chef is yours truly,

The salmon is fresh and baked in the oven at 475 F.

Use olive oil to paint the fillet front and back.

Put a dash of salt, plenty of pepper and parsley.

Cook up some boiled yam and stir fry with onion and mixed veggies: kale carrot, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

stir fry at med heat using olive oil (do not burn). Spice with lemon pepper salt.

For dessert, use your imagination, a small dish of Yogurt ice-cream May hit the spot.

Cook for that special person today! Enjoy.

Nobody wants to hear it (you do it when taking care…)

Be mindful, be here now,

Do no harm,

Practice the proper use of impressions,

What is your purpose?

Healthspan, diseasespan

Taking care of yourself and others,

The motivation to live a good life,

Simplicity, compassion and patience,

This book put me to sleep | Bill Gates

Bill Gates reviews “Why We Sleep” by author Matthew Walker.
— Read on www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Why-We-Sleep

Perspective takes criticism, otherliness, and personality…

A book about maintaining and building a good good habit.

More about sleep, learn about it, walk the talk.

The Girls Are Finally Out Of The Closet: a little bit

Who is she?

A sister, daughter, nurse, someone who respects her citizenship and learns about people around her.

What does she do? Why does her significant other act like such an asshole?

He puts her down when she shows respect for her woman boss that she obviously hates from the day before?

As she ‘comes out’ to say all this to us, we are beginning to win her power of being who and what she does.

There are so many facets to people. And culture is obscured from large parts of society, until we grow out of our problem and move onto a bigger challenge.

Emergence In The World

Does it need to become a subject of study unto itself?


The amount of change that is major in the world of globalization is beyond the pale.

Too much change to too many too fast.

Just look at pandemics, and humanity, it begs for more thought, understanding and acceptance.

Learn about change and emerging ideas.