A Healthy Meal

Tonight, my supper was a treat.

To be honest, it is the first meal that left me feeling satiated and full.

It is the first meal that hasn’t left me with hunger pain:  two and half hours have gone by and I am comfortably full without any craving to set me off.

I may have found a way to break the craving cycle that has been plaguing me for a very longtime.

I have a piece of baked chicken and a salad, with a regular beer and two pieces of sprout bread with two average sized bananas.

There are a lot of details to what exactly I ate, but the point is that it is simple to buy and make.

And all the secrets I got from reading this book:  https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/the-brain-fog-fix-reclaim/9781401946487-item.html

The rub, is that I can’t guarantee the same results for you.

I find I am interested in letting people read the book and see if it can help them, like it says in the conclusion of the book.  It is also available as a audio book, but I would recommend either.

The holistic aspect of this meal is that it requires a shower before bed and a good seven or eight hour sleep, before it makes it really worth your time and effort.

Romance (Sentimentality too!)

The way to love each other is opening up.

She looks at the one she wants to meet.

Sometime we are too hurt to open up.

It always helps to have a friend or relative for support.

Talking things over, we uncover our true selves.

We all have feelings that need to be expressed to each other.

To see opportunity for love,

May take courage when things go wrong.

We are all open when things are working,

And people get a chance to connect.

Go get your love and support from friends and relatives.

Go find or discover your love connection.https://youtu.be/041qn95SsCs


Saturday Night Live

Moments thread together to make my universe.

Mindfulness reminds me to be present here tonight.

My character is somewhat reminiscent of my father’s,

I too liked to dream.

To build this bridge from my past to the future,

I will speak loud and clear.

I am speaking for all those who dream but does not let them be our masters!

To put this in context, Rudyard Kipling wrote to his son as a father.

I am writing loudly but I am not sermonizing to anyone.

Tonight is bent to my will in the same way I try to live.

Use the proper use of impressions and do no harm.

In my case, I may keep a few people awake because I sound so booming or brash.

I could be at a star party: Perseus Meteor Shower 2018.

Instead, I am reading and writing up a storm!

Social Good

To spin this story, it helps to look at the good first.

There is also a excessive amount of doubt.

The final judgement has to do with sex crime like rape and abuse.

Yet, there is a goodness about traversing the playing field.


We put people on a higher level than ourselves at a risk.

There is a risk to accusing someone of rape.

There is a risk to charging someone with rape.

There is a risk to finding someone guilty of rape.


Yet, the dialogue, the relationship that we engage with as a society over this experience will help us as individuals and as a society.

We hold up many examples of violence to help us recover, improve and heal.

We want things to be simple and straight forward, but this is sometimes a gray area.

To all those who are harmed by this experience we wish them a speedy recovery.


We want everyone to improve, and heal.

We want a healthy and just society.https://youtu.be/A5mAZ9aG95w





I am a blogger.

A ‘Blogger’ is someone that has a business and has acquired the skills to make a six figure income.

I have never won a blog award.

I am setting a goal to stay ad free and attain a 1000 followers.

My purpose is to produce an authentic blog as a platform to do good business.

I spend about 4 hours a week on my hobby and wish to gradually raise my time to 20 hours a week (at this point I will call it a part time job).

I love philosophy, writing, photography and research.

I am very much a student and a lifelong learner.

This is my blog.

May we all find our definition of ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’.

“I am Malala”


This woman is sharing her story with us.

She is an important politician, who will make a difference for her Pakistan and the rest of the world.

But she has already done more than most of us can ever hope to do.

This tribute to her is in the form of a book recommendation.

She shows so much to us.  Take a look.

“Beyond The Stars”

Space, Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, life on another planet, purpose and exploration, progress, and much, much more.

NASA and many other space agencies are trying to make it happen.

Science is giving us the way to do it.

Is it necessary?

Is it necessary to grow and learn and share?

Some of us know it is.

Many believe it is.

Together let’s embrace the idea and continue the quest to be all we can be.https://youtu.be/UCkCSOdRIRA