Ig Nobel Or Nobel (prize)

Nuclear reactors or the atomic bomb, military invented the internet…


Although it is good to have technology and the transfer of knowledge is also usually a good thing, we still need to be a critical thinker, even a skeptic about the use and application of the truth.

Top Ten Reasons To Read My Blog

10. It’s short, you don’t have to read for long periods of time.

9. It has a variety of subjects, you may find one you’d like to read.

8. It’s not too ‘extreme’, your reaction may be, hey this dude has a lot of genuine content and it is mildly entertaining to boot.

7. It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.

6. It doesn’t cost money.

5. You don’t need to pay attention, you may never read this.

4. The charm of blogging is wearing off, thousands of blogs that all seem to say the same thing, why not skip mine all together.

3. If you have thought of a reason to read my blog, please leave a comment down bellow.

2. The humour of doing a ‘Top Ten’ is pretty lame, I hope you get a giggle or at least a smile.

  1. The funniest reason to read my blog is…  I am harmless and damn it, you just did some good mental gymnastics.

“…worst of all when you are a slave-driver of yourself.”-Henry David Thoreau

The work/play balance is apt to be towards work-at least eight hours a day, 5 days a week, most months of the year, but for holidays, sick days and important appointments like the doctor.

Most of the time fatigue will plague most forms of play.

Sometimes it is best to find a place to begin and formulate a plan to build a better habit.

Awareness is key, ask yourself if the above title applies to you and weather you are willing to change.

A lot of needless pain can build over a lifetime, this is another reason to use a work/play balance to readjust mistakes or problems in the day to day routine.

I like playing and I am curious. I am apt to follow my curiosity and suggest you do the same.

I am interested in blogging and poetry, philosophy, photography, science, current events, news, cooking, living, and much, much more. It has kept me playing since the early two thousands on this blog alone!

I sincerely wish everyone a merry adventure, and best regards concerning their work/play balance.

Advocating Health

Aversion is painful.

No pain, no gain is trying to express the core of the issue.

A healthy mistake is one that allows suffering without doing the harm to the self.

Pain can led to many bad habits or to many good habits.

Awareness will point out the meaning of the pain.

Exercise like meditation can produce good outcomes:  simplicity, compassion and patience.

Managing life requires many forms of exercise:  journaling, meditation, visualization, reading, writing, research, walking, talking, thinking, feeling and lots of work, play.

Going with this flow is real happiness.

Preaching non-violence led to inner peace which is another good outcome.

In this sense, pain and suffering can be a kind of aversion, when practicing good habits will produce better outcomes.

Flowers Make Me Happy (oh, my happy valentine)

If ever a rose were to sing a song, I know ‘crimson’ would enter the lyric.

But a tulip would dance and think of romance while swaying to and fro.

The carnation would drive in a pickup truck for wine and chocolates.

There are fewer flowers still, wild in the hills, that color this beautiful landscape.

Nature’s the thing and daisies make rings, that symbolize weddings and relationship things.

Delicate flowers, the orchid is surely one, with a stoic white porcelain appearance and fine lines and profile, a pretty soft smooth touch.  If colors were choices and flowers made up their minds, it would choose many from the visible spectrum.

Flowers make me happy any time of year, but today I think of a significant other.

Each one of us deserve to see and smell the roses!

Happy Valentines Day 2019

Formulation Romance

She taught him who he is.

She invited him to look and listen.

He showed his interest through his eyes.

She showed him care and affection.

She realized her love for him.

But she was afraid he was taken.

He assumed the same about her.

He lost his sparkle.

She assumed he had found the woman of his dreams.

Yet, as close to him as she had drawn,

He was taken,

And she found her lose mistaken.

He had stumbled on the truth through innocence and youth (her sister and niece).

He ran to bequeath his romantic folly to the woman of his dreams.

He finally saw her for the one and the same woman.

For her openness had made the path clear.

Together they charted the unknown and misunderstood.

Together they rejoiced in their identities and differences.

Yet, individually they strive to live and improve upon themselves and others.

Apart they miss each other dearly,

But upon reuniting all compromise seem worth their while.

Unrequited love seems too romantic,

Until you do it.