Designation (content Vs. content)-choose your official position

Digital content,

Hyper use of analog:  cars and accessories, other vehicles, use verses privacy,

Multimedia-shaping the message,

Where will the ‘form’ take use in the next year or two?

How will the cell phone harm us in the next 6 months?

Will you win the digital lottery?

Basically, life is fast and furious because of technology and multi-media.

People are faster and more furious with more than 7.7 billion people and counting.

Change  can be terminal or make you sick.

Form fit your existence with your life:  be more content with the good life.

This will not go viral because, it is still private and respected by all or many.

What is your designation:  calm or anxious, manageable or over reaching pain?

Don’t just keep a lid on your life, take the time to adjust to change by forming the habits that work for you:  a personal challenge to live the good life.

Work/play balance is above everything you possess in the box.


Classic Good Works

Becoming a cognitive warrior is a way to face magical thinking and designing a new self-image.

In the 80’s, bibliotherapy became a new way to practice ‘good work’.

Prior to that, thousands of years earlier, hard won battles with the mind won favor.

Today, we know we are what we think, believe and act upon.

So, to learn what we can control about ourselves is a ‘good work’ or skill that we can practice to live a more contented life.

To meet with minds that know how to teach this tool, check out David D. Burns and the old philosopher, Epictetus.

Of course the simplest and best way to meet these two are through bibliotherapy, or what most people call book learning or putting things into practice that you read and believe in the book.

Good luck.

Good Anger

The power that brings my problems to the surface.

Maybe I am suppressing myself to avoid or crush things I need to communicate.

To build a positive habit with anger, I need to use it as a cue to journal or think about how I feel and how I need to act.

I don’t need to act out or cause harm to myself or others.

Some loved ones in my life know I will go for a walk. They know this is code for I need to think, calm down before I act. And if I affect them I will talk it through with them and serve up a agreement or compromise we can both accept.

Work Vs. Play

Stay ignorant or learn to get along,

Accept your work or give it up,

Remember your thoughts on the subject, your rights and privileges, the moral values and the ability to go with the flow.

Act on this knowledge as each circumstance becomes clear to you.

As a student, you must learn when and how to play, without harm to yourself or others.

So be a slave, but become aware of it, study your captivity.  And learn to get out of your prison.

Remember what happened to you and what it is like now that you are aware of all the details, and how important it is to change.

Do what is right for you, practice the proper use of impressions, or doing it right-do no harm to yourself or others.

And lastly, know the source of your life and problems and play it by ear, go with the flow, allow things to be, especially when they are out of your control.  And you will learn to be content.

Who knows, you may earn your freedom.  Perhaps, freedom from your situation lies within being content with what is out of your control.

The Language Of Being A Person

If I say, I am a man. You may consider me to be one of many.

You may only like part of who I am as a person.

To see who I am, you do not need to be me, but it will help to accept all of your likes and dislikes, especially your dislikes.

Calling me a man is a form of male identification but you will experience much more.

Greater exposure is key to gaining insight to the person you believe I am.

Live with me for a day or two, fail to do so at your own lose and expense.

To dismiss my failures and successes will reveal the ‘imposter’ you wish to see.

What should it matter my sex, my age, my religion?

What should it matter my monetary worth, my beauty or health?

Who can control these things?

The truth about me, will not harm me or you, be brave and get to know me.

Oh, you are me and I am you and we are all together…


Nature’s recipe for stress,

Just For Laughs, Monty Python (old school), just take a look at your favourite comedy store (internet) to get your daily giggle,

We all loose the ability to laugh from time to time,

It can be severe, Depression or mild, one of several reasons,

Being best man at my friends wedding and flubbing a impromptu effort is the worse,

I turned many shades of red as I realized the layers of mistakes made by me doing this one poor excuse for a speech,

But we live to fold on stage another day,

No risk, no reward,

I am always looking for a way to laugh my way through the day,

I just refuse to kill the joke or others in the process.

For me, many good humorists make up for my lack of talent, what is your excuse?

LOL, as often and as harmlessly as possible,

Huge humour, small humour, what is the difference when it produces a good laugh.