The Evolution Of Philosophy

The first philosopher chose to keep being an evolution of himself.

Loosing faith in an old belief and adapting a new more workable one.

Plato’s God opened up humanity for another thousand years.

And Aristotle postponed the science that his teacher had awoken.

And what of the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain?

And the many schools of thought that arrived in the world.

And what of the many worlds: Rome, China, Africa, South America, the New World.

As time passed and the population grew, so did philosophy.

Today there are philosophies from every age.

How can one embrace these ideas and use them wisely?

Many will not say, or express their state of mind, or trust the voices of the past.

But to build a practice and put it to good use is still a good place to start.

The ‘philosopher’s stone’, most likely a myth may make a good metaphor.

Change bad habits into good ones.

Do this while learning about philosophy and applying the workable ideas that best improve or make a good life.

Perhaps an honest contribution along the journey will pay it forward.

We Are All Explorers

Unity starts when you free yourself from your hatred, fears, and running from a state of mind.

Can you learn to start your exploration from home?

Can you bring your focus closer to home?

Inner peace is important, begin to face yourself before it is too late.

You are not alone, you may make friends with fellow explorers.

Why ‘be kind, be calm and be safe’ is more than just a catchphrase in B.C.’s COVID-19 fight

Why ‘be kind, be calm and be safe’ is more than just a catchphrase in B.C.’s COVID-19 fight
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Imagine when inner peace is more important than time and money.

Just think about a difficult time in your life when you felt inner peace.

Be kind, be calm , be safe…

Health Span can be improved in any situation.

A pandemic may present this radical form of societally acceptable behaviour.

So will certain personal goals or group goals.

Imagine a situation where you treat yourself and others to be ‘kindly, calmly and safely.’


Or not, how often do you change the subject when you don’t feel like talking about something or doing something?

How often are you conscious of stopping yourself from doing something?

How well do you know yourself?

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the body runs unconscious or autopilot.

When is autopilot dangerous to use?

Being aware is not always possible.

To practice consciously making choices and decisions will improve the habit of making it a practice.

Think about consciousness and how you need to use yours in a healthy way.

What is your prime directive?

Are you aware of having one, and if so, is it worth having it?

Fresh Air From The Big Outdoors Has Lasting Health Benefits | HuffPost Life

Fresh Air From The Big Outdoors Has Lasting Health Benefits | HuffPost Life
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Just to start is half the battle.

Go out for a breath of fresh air.

Get out on the balcony.

Do it to energize yourself.

Improve your well-being.

Take time out to take care of yourself.

Try this habit to improve your lifestyle.

Education Is The Key To Learn About The Need To Stop This Bad Habit

It can cause great harm to a person and those around them.

It is a recreational drug.

Most people recognize the harm smoking does to people.

To stop or not to stop is a tricky question.

For most, it is a very difficult habit to stop.

For some, it may seem under reported because it seems unnecessary to become more aware of the effects of smoking on them or others.

The scale of this problem begs more research, study, reading and writing and perhaps awareness and education.

Can education make a difference?

It is up to you to decide.

Most people benefit from education.

Canada and Philosophy

Thinking about love might be a little more indirect in Canada.

But knowledge is important here.

There seems to be an emphasis on the separation of science from philosophy.

This is true globally to varying degrees.

What Are You Doing Easter Weekend?

I did some shopping and had a few meals with an older relative.

Just trying to self isolate and behave myself COVID wise.

If you have an inkling to watch a show, I recommend Enterprise/Startrek Enterprise:

Good Friday

Given the observances and meaning of this Christian tradition, the sober and reflective nature is understandable in the country of Canada.

Secular society and religious society blend cultural habits to spend the day with respect to each other’s ways.

Many world religions unite in these same ways: meals, greetings, other social activities.

And yet, the global pandemic make this day more restrictive to society as a whole.

Education is key to respect and mutual understanding these days.