The Culture Of Food Is More Important Than Nutriion

Is the Western Diet bad?

Can we find a better way?

Democratically improving food.

Check out the rules.

Intelligent Ethics

Why is the heart less important than the brain?

Why is a different brain better or worse than the brain I am using?

The stigma of an ineffective brain or an affective brain is just a disguise for a biased opinion.

The categorization of a disorder is only as bad or as good as the person using it.

Labels only serve to discredit the individual.

We are not an all or nothing proposition.

Intellectual superiority is truly an oxymoron or simply a descriptive phrase.

Reason is only one form of intelligence.

People are a composite of reason, emotion, physicality, belief, environment and genetics.

Loosely speaking, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We cooperate and collaborate to create good things.

Yet, there are more than angles and devils, a whole array of the spectrum exists.

To live the good life and use the proper use of impressions is perhaps only an ideal.

But for those that breathe, walk the earth with intention, practice, there is a way to be.

Extremes And Bad Habits

Drugs and alcohol seem to include, sugar (and some carbohydrates) caffeine, devices like Cell phones, and the environments they seem to thrive.

Why is it illegal to drink and drive, are we safe from overdosing on sugar and some carbohydrates, caffeine, devices like cell phones?

If we all know we are ODing why don’t we change?

Our problem with our saturated environments make it difficult to function.

Awareness is the first step, what will you do next?

Scientists find another clue to some of the most powerful solar storms to hit Earth | CBC News

Scientists have found evidence of a major solar storm that struck Earth more than 2,600 years ago — a finding they say holds relevance today, given how vulnerable some of our modern technology can be to the sun’s activity.
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Space Weather needs our support to learn how things work. Then we can prepare for potential storms that will affect our modern lifestyles.

Pattern – Wikipedia

Pattern – Wikipedia
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Patterns in life are essential to finding a connection or meaning in what works for us.

We all connect with nature, ideas, and various other forms of patterns as a way to express our needs in the moment.

Our needs become less obvious the more we disconnect with the moment.

Patterns may be one way to reconnect.

Learning has a lot to do with recognition of patterns.

Nature has many patterns like fractals that help us connect with it through our five senses.

This is true in mathematics or any other area of knowledge.

Have a time out from everything and everyone is the absence of pattern. Sometimes we just need to watch TV, sit oblivious  to all or get some sleep.

Bottom line, patterns are a big part of our lives and are seen in everything or everyone by using our senses.

Pay attention to this progress and use the proper use of impressions to do no harm to yourself or others while using patterns.