Poetry (yes,yes,yes)

“The truth will set you free”

To see and understand, the image must be real.

The flavor or color of sand is a measure of the scale.

How dense is your mitochondria?

How powerful is your cell?

The cost of being vulnerable is the cost of being well.

Who would regenerate from the damage if life lessons practiced well?

Who could forget their misery if ‘mindfulness’ practice fell?

To hoard and heal wounds are subject to living spells.

What do you believe?

Music is a sphere like reason, love and fear.

Tolerance is a virtue like temperance and justice.

Yet, analysis will not yield an answer to the truth about life.

Even a ‘good life’ is subject to others’ reason, love, fear…

Even a ‘holy person’ is subject to tolerance, temperance, and justice.

We would be a monk to answer the truth about love?

Are we not all sinners?

Are we not all human?

Are there no answers?

Are there no ultimate truths?

And there are stories about the ‘wheel of life’.

We dream about the ‘fountain of youth’.

There is an unceasing desire for more.

A complex path to find the truth or any answer in life.

We tend to ask the question ‘why’.

Poetry is like a mirror for the truth.

Beauty is like a structure for the truth.

Meaning comes only in degrees.

Do answers really exist at all?

Is life truly its’ own reward?

I Watched A Speech In Rejuvenation Biotechnology By Aubrey de Grey, PH.D.

Is aging a disease? Can we cure cancer, and the other diseases associated with age?

Check out his book called “Ending Aging” to find out.

Can regenerative biotechnology reverse age related damage?

People and machines ware out. This is a physics fact called thermodynamics.

The damage is what eventually happen to the people or the machine.


Why are we failing at diseases of old age, but so successful at diseases of the young?

Some people say there are too many things going wrong to understand the damage or old age diseases?

Diseases are communicable, congenital and chronic.

The aging diseases are essentially the same thing but to prevent them is to correct the damage using types of therapy.

The damage can not be corrected through diet or biochemistry at this stage because prevention has too much damage to correct.

What about genetic manipulation or pharmacology?

Where is the fountain of youth?

His “Fourth Paradigm” is called the maintenance approach and uses promising therapies like stem cells.

The seven major categories of damage can be fixed by this approach.

Is this the next leap in technology?

People will anticipate that this thing will happen very soon!

Is this a scam? Or the new science?

The Hate Vaccine

If we can do it for nicotine, cocaine…

Imagine the brain becoming addicted to the hate molecule.

We can’t prevent the cravings for hate, but we can get rid of the high.

No more People drunk on hate.

Maybe there is a way to combat ‘hate’?

It’s called love.

When we give love to ourselves, we combat hate. We may not be able to stop hating, but we lower or keep a balance, this helps us from acting on hate in inappropriate ways.

The ‘trick’ is to out the truth about love and hate.

The science of hate is all about behavior and learning to treat behavior whenever it is preventative or corrects an imbalance.

Education is key, as is experience.

I’m never too old to learn how to love and hate in a better way.

Meditation and Other Nutrition For Human Development

Calm, feel the storm, just watch it till the sky becomes blue.

Still, watch the movement, see it go to and fro, eventually it will become still in the mind.

Silent, hear the sound, listen to the quiet, till the silence is just peace and quiet or tranquility.

The mind is full of storms and meditation helps us learn to play them out in a safe manner.

Yet, this activity requires solitude and a platform or set up that enhances the environment to accommodate the activity.

The body is sitting in a chair with good posture. The eyes are closed and through a tutor, teacher, book or vid, learn how to meditate.

The eyes are closed and allow the mind to find the canvas that allows the storm to play out in a Safeway.

If you allow your mind to construct the conditions above a practice can develop that will pay you in the form of benefits for the mind, body and your own belief system.

And experience all the storm, mental or emotional movement, all the sounds and sensations that happen in a safe environment as you practice finding peace and tranquility for your mind. This is the ultimate daily benefit for a mind.

Train your mind with meditation and other activities like eating, sleeping and exercise. These are all nutrition for the body mind and belief system.

Whatever you believe or however you want to say it, do, see, hear, feel, touch, taste, or experience. Remember this is about the good life or healthy living. This points in the direction to keep us free from needless pain and sorrow.

Other Good Things To Consider For Human Development

Your attitudes and beliefs act in your life to form habits with everyone or everything.

Who you are and who you choose to associate with are all habit forming and hence a kind of way of being.

Do you want to maintain your health, vigor, freedom, these people places and things must work towards that end or who you are.

We all overextend our limits and self correction will occur when we fast in whichever way brings us back to balance.

A child will burn its hand on the stove.

An adult will hang out with too much or too little.

The ‘middle way’ is different or original for each of our different or original needs or nutrition.

Too much alcohol may help one person to stop or the next person to create a problem with this substance.

One person may learn well through friends and another will only come to harm.

Even these differences in others are extremes. They vary greatly among each other.

Our body, minds and beliefs or ways are our experience, habits and outcomes in every aspect of our lives.

It is challenging to see patterns or learn knowledge of a truer development without learning, guidance, and better knowledge to accompany one when setting forth to live well each day, all day, in many ways.

In this sense, the ultimate answers are not complete or important.

Yet, answers come from within the mind.

The body, mind and way is forever growing until death.

Who knows maybe death is a good subject for meditation: it is much better not to be too serious.

Victoria Classic Boat Festival 

“Only You” is moored along what looks like another 50 boats of various looks, shapes and sizes .

The Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia is beginning to buzz with tourist activities on the Labour Day Monday!

8 AM, local time, I am down here on my morning walk.  A pleasant change from quiet walks.  I have dropped in to the festival for the last few years.

A boat siren 🚨 from a yacht backing round in the harbour heads for open water.

Beautiful day

Smartphone Use And Business Advice From The ‘Eastern Corner Of The Earth’

How big is your ‘Follower’s Base’?

If you are lucky to have a few hundred friends, you might make enough money to buy a cup of coffee.

Don’t worry and don’t advertise, yet, wait for the right business partner.

It is more about influence than selling a product.

Authenticity can make the content and substance: be an individual with strong interest and opinions. Who knows, you may make money as a content writer

The fresh individual content is the path for the future on the Eastern Corner Of The Earth.

Apps like WeChat are on every Smartphone and directly connect to Bank Accounts.

The East is doing business online while being personal, innovative and creative.

The Sea

A muse that demands presents and spares praise.

A world all unto itself.

To swim or sail, ride or frolic, a source to many who travel and like to live untethered by a master.

Tide and time, pass without question.

Look into her ever changing hue.

So placid when calm and too strong in a storm.

Waves run for hundreds of miles, some eighty feet high.

Eddies and tidal pools skirt the shoreline.

Water funnels dance along its surface.

Always a salt taste, but fresher in some depths.

How deep is the bottom?

How long a length?

A vector for many that want to move from land to land.

This fair image still holds an abundance of mystery.