Beginning With The End In Mind

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I like to think of writing as organic,engaging, spontaneous.

But not a fly by the seat of your pants thing.

Elf Burnout?

It’s thoughtful that you’re considering your sister’s feelings as you plan for the holidays. The decision to give a gift, such as magic elf slippers, ultimately depends on your relationship with your sister and the nature of your interactions. If you think she would appreciate the gesture and sense of humor behind the gift, it could be a fun and lighthearted way to reconnect during the holiday season.

Consider your sister’s personality and preferences when choosing a gift, and remember that the thought and effort you put into the gesture can speak volumes. Ultimately, the holiday season is a time for spreading joy and goodwill, so your genuine intentions will likely be appreciated. If you’re unsure, perhaps consider reaching out to her to gauge her thoughts on the matter before the holidays begin.

I plan to go down to the festival of lights and stop by the Santa Clause Parade. I did check out my sister with the gift idea. She seemed cool about it. I plan to talk to her again before I go out to the festival.


9 New Laws In Canada

Why care about what you are going to become accountable for this year?

This year a lot will change in Canada and some of the laws you need to know more about.

You may want to start by becoming aware of the changes.

Pre-Black Friday Book Romp

I love everything about books, library, computer research and romping through the stacks.

With Black Friday coming tomorrow, I recommend going to Value Village and checking out the store a little ahead of time. The Victoria location is open till 10 p.m.

The Biggest Generative Technology Is AI

Check out the wiki link below

Check out An expert on Generating technology in AI

Generative Technology In AI

The new tools will help create a brand new world!

Be respectful and responsible along the way….

Hype In “AI”

There is no definition for ‘Consciousness ‘.

Therefore, it is not possible for AI to become conscious.

It is difficult to chat about either term without some hype.

Be respectful, do your responsible work before publishing fear, loathing , extremes, etc.

Is there too much AI Consciousness Hype?

Are You Afraid Of Math

Do you know what Homotopy is ?

If you answered yes, you may be overconfident about your abilities.

Here is a new book on this topic.

If your brain hurts or you feel too tired to read the book above, you are normal and have little or no interest in the new and evolving mathematics.

I like to be aware of new areas emerging in science.

New Math