I just cooked my lunch!


Who is cooking or processing your food?

I made some good kidney beans with onions, red bell peppers with olive oil, pepper and lemon. I guess I do my own cooking and cleaning. I think we they are good habits.

You may find yourself unmotivated to cook for yourself.

Perhaps the vid above will wake you up.

Medicinal mushrooms list – A Guide – Mushroom News

Given countless mushroom species that are difficult for you or anyone to cover and sufficiently understand, there is a need for a medicinal mushrooms list
— Read on mushroomsnews.com/medicinal-mushrooms-list-a-guide/

To practice good health there are many over the counter products to use.

Herbal Syrup (with 15 natural herbs & honey) is a good place to start.

And so are mushrooms, an excellent source of minerals and nutrients.

Yet, it may take more information to guide the nervous novice.

Stay calm, still, silent and safe…


There is a new variant that has leveraged our fears about getting everyone vaccinated ASAP.

But is it worth the risk?

Most of us have been convinced it is worth the risk.

“Freedom” seems like it is not a public safety concern at the moment.

Everyone is doing there best to make good decisions and choices at this time.

Please support both freedoms and be calm, kind and safe.

Keeping informed needs to be personal choice and decision.

The Art and Science Of Being Present


We are often taught to pay attention or focus or concentrate.

But awareness is more than simple mindfulness.

Some teachers believe it is a state or source of awareness.

There are many ways to practice awareness.

Being attentive is like being mindful.

Being meditative or allowing ‘to be here and now’ as one does a meditation to practice being aware.

Another words, the proof is in the pudding, it is healing to practice awareness through mindfulness and meditation.

And education is key.

Please support the effort, read and write more about awareness.

UPDATED: (Nov. 24, 2021) Best Black Friday deals in Canada 2021  | National Post

UPDATED: (Nov. 24, 2021) Best Black Friday deals in Canada 2021  | National Post
— Read on nationalpost.com/shopping-essentials/black-friday/best-black-friday-deals-in-canada-2021/wcm/44b8288b-ace7-4459-a15f-7c3481050131/amp/

Who doesn’t like to shop?

What better motivation for getting into the holiday preparation.

So get out those Christmas tree lights and decorations.

Start making your holiday list…

Slowing Down Time

Silently repeat “calm, still, silent”.

Where ever, when ever possible say these three word over and over in all your affairs.

In time you will become mindful of being here.

In time, the hurry and worry will lessen and become more calm, still and silent.

If that is your intent, you will become less stressed and more able to deal with the ups and downs that life serves us all.

Cultural Exchange

Ideally, there will be no war or violence of anykind.

Can a world produce culture from the baby through childhood to adulthood without any kind of violent outbreak from a neighboring country or world superpower and back again?

The culture of violence gets all the rock and roll, but the wisdom or thinking about love exists on all continents and you would never believe it.

We sacrifice love for violence in all our affairs and in our naïve way.

We think we somehow will imagine world peace along the road to destruction.

So, if this is the prevailing thought about the world, perhaps there is more to reality than meets the eye.

It seems as though nobody speaks for humanity.

Too much to say and no way to begin.

Humor may disarm a few billion in a win-the-lottery kind of way.

I understand that I am a bug and will be squashed for the bug I am.

How much does love mean to you? Can you believe in these words: love and peace.

She is pretty. She did it. Equanimity?

Big equation=E=mc2.

Graphic novels animate simple ideas to people who may be considered somewhat unstable but they get the message and bring love and peace to the world.

Why can’t I? or anyone who is willing and able.

People who live for peace and love work hard at it everyday. To be good at it you need to practice, and we are from a very long evolution that has brought us this far.

We will kill for a very long time.

We will live for a very long time.

Some say thanks to the powers that be, that we only live a short life.