Romantic Freedom

Socrates did it best.

He took the test: the proper use of impressions.

Or so says, “Xenophon’s Recollections of Socrates”.

She says,”The Memorable Thoughts…” or things of Socrates by Xenophon.

He gave his guidance through oracles and divinations.

He knew himself to abstain from all vices and practice all virtues.

He loved wisdom and showed himself to those through his questions and tolerances for all those who may take offence to his reason and his actions.

He suffered those others to be a citizen of the world.

He did not take fame, fortune, or foul play.

Practice and routine and ritual made great habits of virtue for the man Socrates.

He died as he did live: wisely.

He took responsibility to be free.

He worked his entire life as a philosopher and he became free.

A Medical Opinion

What about healthcare, the pandemic, vaccines, big pharma, nurses, doctors, and more on opinion.

Whose opinion do you need to hear to help you make an informed decision on your individual health needs?

Perhaps, you may know John Campbell.

He has been reporting on Covid all through the Pandemic.

He has changed a lot over the year.

He may have something to say about all of this.

If you need to hear an opinion at the moment, you might consider the vid below.

What are we going to do? How can we do our best and do no harm?

Top 10 Best Epictetus Books of 2023

2023’s Top 10 Best Epictetus Books Top Rated and Reviewed. Easily choose and compare the Best Epictetus Books for you all in one place.
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“If” by Rudyard Kipling sounds like a stoic but to my mind, Epictetus is the stoic and may just know how to live a happy/good life.

Many people may never get to the point of applying the good life to their way of being because it is difficult to learn how to apply these principles when you don’t have a teacher who embodies them.

Anyone of the top ten books above will introduce the best teacher to show you.

Epictetus shows us what is important through his actions: a slave who excelled at stoicism and as a teacher.

In old age, he created a family through the need to look after an older boy. He probably enlisted a servicewoman to help him look after the child.

Listen to what he has to offer, his wisdom is a primer for a happy life and then some.

Friday the 13th 2023 falls in January so it’s extra unlucky

It’s Friday the 13th, in the second week of January 2023, and internet users think that means the year is ‘cursed’ already.
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Good luck! It is an opportunity to engage about this funky time. As said in the article above, many people think they will have the other kind of luck.

What do you think?

Non Food Substances

What is food?

And if it is not a food, why are we eating it?

Why are we addicted to sugar?

Why do we eat non food substances like alcohol, sugar and processed food?

It is not a choice?

It is an addiction?

Why are we not eating better?

Are we all sick?

If you are curious, make the effort to become aware.

Please watch the vid below.

Non food substances

How To Regulate The Human Body

There are a lot of names that help identify how the body works.

But once you see how it works you need to follow routines, rituals and practices.

This may seem counter intuitive because these systems have evolved over long periods of time and we must learn to trust them and keep them on in better ways.

Can you see the body needs to survive?

When we are in danger, it automatically goes into the sympathetic nervious sytem which is part of the autonomic nervous system.

Basically, this fight or flight system allows the body to run away or stay and fight through the obstical.

The parasympathetic nervous system is also part of the autonomic sytem.

It will feed and breed or rest and digest.

This optimum situation only happens when there is no danger or circumstance to fight or flight.

Together these two sides of the nervous system automatically allow the body to work its best.

Nature has made us this way and it is up to us to learn, understand and allow our body to reach its optimum state.

Check out some info on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Learn To Befriend the Human Body And Call It Home

Journal Entry

Sunday December 18,2022. 18=R=Roger

Stress Tip list? Write things down so I do not harm my mind with things to stress about tonight. I have managed my Xmas shopping and then some. I brought all my gifts ready for Don, and I have a few gift card holders for last minute possibilities.

I gassed up in case or when it snows. I am thinking the worst and hoping for a short week. The forecast seems bad till the holidays weekend: Arctic front.

I am working on stress management. I research ,read and blog about it.

I believe I can create a better way to live this way. A good life requires that I do the things I need and want to do to have a work/play balance. And I must maintain my boundaries while I do this each day. I need rituals and routines and practices. To engage my life, I need people, places and things. You can fill in the blank for yourself and others you choose or need to live with each day.

So often, I feel better after getting through the work and play each day. Then I rest and relax and get ready for another day.

Best Habit You Can Ever Learn….

Habits may need an introduction here, that being said, I recommend the power of habit, I am sure there is a good book on good habits like this one.

Still, how you do it may require a brief explanation. One point is ‘taking care’. Another is challenging yourself to practice ‘taking care’ for 3 weeks. And lastly, start with whatever is most important to you.

This may be physical, emotional or mental. Perhaps a combination of all three, at least at some point within the three week effort.

If you don’t understand why, you may need to do it on faith. It may pay off for you.

Now, the promise or benefits, you will feel better about stuff or at the very least acquire some self knowledge around how important a balance lifestyle may be to you.

You will get better sleep, nutrition and exercise. Become better with people, places and things.

You will find your bliss or lack of it.

Perhaps you will find a better way to take care of you and others.

Bottom line I give to Socrates, KnowYourself ! He said something like awareness is key.

Knowing What Works

Does mitochondria directly affect the human metabolism?

Does evolution show metabolism as a design to cope with fasting?

There is a good relationship between this onetime bacteria and the human body: mitochondria. Perhaps a symbiotic relationship that help regulate energy rather than just supply it.

By affecting directly how the brain functions, they are stronger than ATP production.

Fasting allows the body survive in the past by finding food, or eliminating junk food and other mistakes in the present,

Except for sleep loss due to ketogenic affects on the brain which results in the same effect as in the past: the body needs less sleep due to ketogenic effects to allow better chance for survival.

One can change the body by doing more to do less. Like exercise more to regulate sleep, fast to eliminate excess food, junk, lost energy and other modern problems.

Better exercise, better eating, better sleep will help build a better health span for humanity.

At worst, it may help improve anyone’s work-knowing what works through experience. But check with your doctor before making changes.