Are Masks Going To Be Mandatory?

We wear a mask if we are sick, caring for someone that is sick, feeling uncomfortable without one, when in confined spaces where physical distancing is unlikely and when society thinks or believes it is a good idea.

Lately, buses and Walmart think it is a good idea.

Lately, Governments are thinking it is a good idea.

Public opinion is becoming more conservative as this blog becomes published,

So ya I think we are at a tipping point.

Will there be a run on masks?

Who knows, but just think toilet paper, hand sanitizers and gloves.

I would like to see a run on ‘peace of mind…’

Trying to use a little wisdom…

Insight from the DALAI LAMA, “Wise people serve others sincerely, putting the needs of others above their own.”

Take that for a spin in the real world. Just think of any radical change you have ever made in your life: new job, marriage or moving to another country.

Okay, new job, thrown into this situation, finding the limits and syncing with these people places and things. I am learning something brand new and practicing collaboration and cooperation with all of it.

Perhaps, this is humbling because it is so obviously daunting and over my head.

“Wise people serve others….”. I try to work with people not against them. I try to face my fears.

I know enough to start, risk and fail and succeed and to understand the difference.

To a large extent, wisdom calls on my best experience and outcomes, and this can be very enlightening…

Perhaps, I get paid well, and I learn from the experience. I have small enough failures and small enough success to live!

Deep Relaxation

To let go of the distraction will free up the will to rest.

To find peace will allow the mind and body to sleep and therefore recover a balance and good direction.

Be a life long learner to become educated in a loving kind compassionate lifestyle that promotes good will and acceptance.

Learning to do no harm protects us all.

And to live a healthy life means there is a good chance to do and be a good person who is just as decent as most people.

And to fit into the fabric of whatever place you happen to love and want to live.

Is there more to life, to each there own.

It is enough to be alive and well and grateful to be here and now.

No strings attached…


Being great, fine, good, etc.

To find flow with people, economy and the common good.

To master a way to be with the world when all control is out of reach.

Resist the ‘urge’ to fix it or do it.

Find peace of mind and go for flow….

Live each moment like it may be your last.

Tao-translating the untranslatable!