The Form Of Good: Beauty and Truth

To see inwardly and become aware of the moment will help one see truth and beauty.

But to really understand and research the idea, books ranging on many ideas are wanted and necessary to develop a probing interest towards intent and the meaning of living a good life without unnecessary expectation, pain and suffering, or unnecessary loss.

Most, believe in the ‘ups and downs’ of a good life.

Most, believe this because experience shows we can not control much of what goes on in the world.

Some, believe the good life is about seeing that ‘no harm’ and attending to the day to day is a good foundation.

Much is achieved in the world when people who essentially practice this ‘good life’ will cooperate and colaborate.

With some luck and good fortune, a life is a wonderful experience.

To use the ‘proper use of impressions’ are to live well and prosper.

‘Live Long And Prosper’

be prepared to give a few things a rest and live moderately,

be ready to fail and learn from small failures to overcome it,

be proactive and use your skills to practice the common sense in the list below,

be your best self….

Good Sleep

My sleep session report from #pillow_app

Between 7 and 8 hours each night, gives the body time to rest and repair.

Some problems, like the cold or the flu take many days.

Sleep keeps the body prepared to do all the nightly functions like digestion and other activities we need to research and understand in order to optimize and use it properly.

Being organic and sensitive to many toxic chemicals and conditions in the environment, it is also necessary to study and discover better ways to protect and take care of this most valuable real-estate.

Being able to maintain a good balance in the mind and body may be the most important decision a person can make.

A good place to start is a regular night sleep, don’t let a myth like ‘only the weak sleep’, prevent the proper use of impressions.

I’m Thinking About Mistakes

In my life there are more mistakes being made every moment in the name of change.

I’d like to work them out to evolve like everyone.

I’ve been trying to do a few things for many years and I keep making mistakes.

It is part of the journey.

I love to work and write and live and laugh.

There is a lot more to do than change and make mistakes.

But, why not learn from my mistakes.

Reading Maria’s article above, I realize I have a lot to learn and think about to recover and evolve.

Taking mistakes to the next level:  identify and stop or replace them and do what is best for you.

I constantly move on the job.  I mistake things and manipulate them to correct the mistake.

I like to stop.  Recover and carry on.

It is a quick fix.  To stop, identify the mistake and substitute a better solution to fix my immediate problem.

In time, I evolve and gain order and direction in my life.

You can do the same.

Perhaps, not the wisest solution, but it works, it is simple and puts me back on track with my work and goals.


90 days, after vaping, severe lung damage…

The median age is 24 years old,

90 percent male,

86 % THC use,

What happens to these young people?

Does it heal?

Some need lung transplants.

Maybe it will be found that it is completely reversible?

We know little yet,

There is a lack of real data but a lot of study on mice.

Some genetics will let people vape their whole lives without much harm.

The devices and additives will cause a problem.

No answers yet, but red flags abound.

Studies on mice show effects on every bit of the lung.

Big study is going to happen.

Why care about any of this?

Is your good health important?

Of course it is, this is why study is important.

A great motto is ‘do no harm’.




How To Properly Make Impressions

You can only control what you make.

If you build it, it could, would, should?

Be careful with your decision about building anything in your life.

Today, your digital footprint will last a very long time.

Mark what you do, your environmental foot print will also potentially cause harm.

What about making you, is there any harm in it?

We don’t have much choice coming into the world, but what we build will make an impact.

Consider weather it is worth cultivation?

Seize this opportunity and build a life with decisions that are sound and leave you content.

The Writer’s Dilemma

I’m writing this poem or short story.

I don’t know which one it is.

Hell, I’m thinking, I’m the main character.

But, I keep worrying about my editor.

What about marketing or getting an agent?

But, I’m the one creating all the drama.

The plot starts out with a philosopher/writer.

Who really wants to live the ‘good life’.

Me or him gets into a little trouble along the way.

I am acting like an ass at work and end up finding work at night.

My dad dies and I go home to help out like I planned ten years ago.

Or am I just going to get help for myself?

Okay, so maybe, rather than tell the whole plot, I can show it.

Like, I keep running from one bad habit to another.  (Show it.)

Now, I’m running from myself or was I doing that from the start?  (Show it.)

At least, I have the blog.

I like to journal.

I may publish a journal for others to use.

The story writes itself.

And people are sometimes into writing stuff as a job or vocation.

It’s good to show the epic without the moralizing or story telling!

I’ve got this vision, but I’m stuck in process.

Is this what is called writer’s block?

Designation (content Vs. content)-choose your official position

Digital content,

Hyper use of analog:  cars and accessories, other vehicles, use verses privacy,

Multimedia-shaping the message,

Where will the ‘form’ take use in the next year or two?

How will the cell phone harm us in the next 6 months?

Will you win the digital lottery?

Basically, life is fast and furious because of technology and multi-media.

People are faster and more furious with more than 7.7 billion people and counting.

Change  can be terminal or make you sick.

Form fit your existence with your life:  be more content with the good life.

This will not go viral because, it is still private and respected by all or many.

What is your designation:  calm or anxious, manageable or over reaching pain?

Don’t just keep a lid on your life, take the time to adjust to change by forming the habits that work for you:  a personal challenge to live the good life.

Work/play balance is above everything you possess in the box.


A Good Person

I just have to accept it.

I’m going to upset myself and others for the rest of my life.

All I have to do is not act on it.

‘Do no harm’ is a simple statement.

So is ‘the proper use of impressions’.

A child is born.

One who is willing and able to practice the above two statements and will live a better life.

He or she will learn to become a better person.

Most of us are fortunate to become and live better lives.

The challenge is to stick with it.

You may wish to change, but the goal is to ‘stick with it’.

Clarifying Mental Comfort

I’ve always found the comparison of mental comfort and religion or atheism to be of little or no use.

I’d prefer a quiet time to myself rather than seek inner peace to relieve my anxiety and despair.

Yet, the way I am is primarily based on the way I live.

I consciously live to find and practice a healthy balance between mental and material comfort.

This requires me to learn about the way people believe and find the way that works best for me.

I believe we all do it the same way.

We learn what we feel, think, behave, and believe.

We keep a balance between our physical well being and mental well being.

There is the sense of a higher self or purpose in actions because they resonate with cultural beliefs which may or may not be religious.

Finding joy in one’s endurance of pain, other suffering and our experience, strength and hope is at the core of this endeavor.

I hesitate to call this spiritual or religious because of the labeling nature of our minds.

So, I choose to call it grounded to the culture of humanity.

Our way to be healthy human beings.

Not that I can speak for humanity, I am happy to speak for myself as a happy human being.