Disease is the symptom, healthspan is the cure….

Types of brain disease

The human body regulates itself to optimize under whatever conditions we experience.

We can alter our conditions through treatment like therapies.

The goal is to heal yourself through changes in lifestyle to overcome many bad habits.

Check out the vid to make some sense out of all the above.

No, I don’t have a quote….

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I do my best each day. I do no harm and practice the proper use of impressions.

I live the above way.

I think, feel, act, and believe this way.

If I can, I will rewrite who and what I am to be more like this way.

This is the best way to be for me.

What’s Important In Life?

Do your best and do no harm.

Be kind, be careful or safe, be compassionate.

Be a good brother, son, friend or neighbour or citizen.

Be grateful and willing and able.

Look after yourself.

What do you think?

Practice doing better each day.

Adapt, respond,rest, relax, exercise in as many ways as you can.

Why? Why not….

The Meaning of Philosophy

The literal version is “the love of wisdom “.

The purpose of Philosophy is to secure reality and experience.

What a belief to explore….


The Meaning In The Word…

What does it mean to harm someone and feel good about it?

Does my anger persuade you to do something to harm this person?

Is it meaningful to harm , be angry and feel good about it?

The human condition is complex at best, sometimes distasteful and often very messy.


The Routines Your Body Uses To Live A Long Good Life

First of all, it is vitally important to have good habits, practices and rituals to live a good life.

Or habits + practices + rituals = routines

You can use the above formula to test weather you believe you are living well or surviving well.

Second, living the ‘good life’ does no harm and may help you live a better life if and when you discover a way to improve your day to day life.

Picking good habits that do no harm is a good start.

Your body has discovered over billions of years of evolutionary history to move from star dust to the complex multi-organism it is today.

Each part of the body works together in ways that make it easy to live a good life.

But first we must learn about the habits that the body does each day.

We have the habit of sleep, eating and exercise.

Let’s take sleep as an example.

To sleep well, you must eat and exercise well.

To sleep well, you must fall to sleep for approximately 8 hours a night.

Most of us, take it for granted when we do this each night.

We do all of the following habits from within the body: produce all the necessary hormones, digest all of our food, have a healthy body to allow all of these habits to work.

For example, if we don’t have a strong enough stomach acid, we can not digest our food.

And as a consequence we will not sleep well.

The more we understand our body’s routine, the better we will live our lives.

This is an example of the mind/body formula above that teaches us how to create a better body routine.

Quantum Health

Can mother nature be at the root of health?

Do we need to hear about chemistry, physics and biology at the quantum level to understand our health problem?

Here is one man’s opinion on the topic.

Keep in mind this could sound more like a conspiracy theory than science or medicine.

But if you need to find some alternative health methods, you may want to take this journey.

Is Aging A Disease?

Conventional wisdom says that we need to learn from our mistakes.

Is it foolish to encourage bad habits, bad practices and bad rituals?

Another words, are bad routines producing bad outcomes in your life?

Science tells us that we can use prevention as a cure, but many people don’t listen to the truth.

It is painful to reason, learn and use a healthy routine to live a good life.

Ask yourself, is the ‘good life’, at least in this sense, important enough to emulate?

A Trek Through The Stars

I gotta get out there.

Take a star trek out to mars.

See the world, be willing to travel and see all there is to see.

Do all there is to do.

Take a space ship for a spin.

Go to the moon, get off my butt, and do something.

A reflection of the here and now, of the self, absolute…

Sometimes it takes a dream or vision, to help us find our way.

Think seriously, of a good habit, good practice and good ritual.

It may just make your dreams come true through a good routine.

I am on my way.

I wish you will join me.

What do you want to explore?