Clarifying Mental Comfort

I’ve always found the comparison of mental comfort and religion or atheism to be of little or no use.

I’d prefer a quiet time to myself rather than seek inner peace to relieve my anxiety and despair.

Yet, the way I am is primarily based on the way I live.

I consciously live to find and practice a healthy balance between mental and material comfort.

This requires me to learn about the way people believe and find the way that works best for me.

I believe we all do it the same way.

We learn what we feel, think, behave, and believe.

We keep a balance between our physical well being and mental well being.

There is the sense of a higher self or purpose in actions because they resonate with cultural beliefs which may or may not be religious.

Finding joy in one’s endurance of pain, other suffering and our experience, strength and hope is at the core of this endeavor.

I hesitate to call this spiritual or religious because of the labeling nature of our minds.

So, I choose to call it grounded to the culture of humanity.

Our way to be healthy human beings.

Not that I can speak for humanity, I am happy to speak for myself as a happy human being.


It is a lot like you and me, but on a grander scale or not.

It is also something like a Virus or not.

What about on the scale of the universe.

I am sure there are many other worlds in the universe that are better worlds.

My Favourites Mix

I won’t normally bore you with a playlist.

I happen to be enjoying it this morning and just want to suggest a few songs in the mix.

  1. Come a Little Bit Cl… by Jay&The A…
  2. Don’t Change INXS
  3. Monster Mash Bobby “Bori…
  4. Till There Was You The Beatles
  5. American Pie (Full…  Don Mclean
  6. Don’t Stop Believin’  Journey
  7. Hurts So Good John Mellen…
  8. Ohio  Crosby, Stills…
  9. (I Can’t Get No) Sat…  Rolling…
  10. Where Do The Child…  Cat Stevens

My Own Philosophy

It all started with me when I was just a little rug rat.

I am very curious by nature and I guess I like reading, writing and research in a creative way.

I like talking about philosophy and applying it to my life.

I like to find what works in my life, not because I am selfish, but because I am a normal human being.

I admit to faults and virtues, but my life works in a much more basic manner.

I believe it is best to dispense with all ways of being except for the parts that work the best:  feeling, thinking, behaving, believing and trying to do no harm in the process.

And for me, process is just a simple work in progress called my life.

Like most, I just want to find a balance with work, friends and family and my own pursuits.

Okay, Let’s See If I Can Write, ‘the meaning of life.’

To understand the power of the ring is very important.

The core belief is symbolic of my true self.

I wear the ring like a vow, the most important value.

Everything about the ring is important:  it is silver and gold, a precious gift, and I wear it respectively each and everyday.

It represents everything I hold dear:  responsibility to be the student and teacher of living a purposeful and meaningful life.

I sincerely believe it is best to value feeling and thinking, believing and behaviour in the ‘proper use of impressions’ with the caveat of ‘doing no harm.’

It is a gentle reminder that life is precious and to do it the best I can, in a way that is purposeful and meaningful.

The way is like a personal religion or at least a philosophy that understands and respects other ways of being.

Doesn’t everyone like a ‘good story’?


Moral Crosswords

What is the proper use of impressions?

Take any feeling and assess its value.

For example, I feel good about writing this poem.

Will it do me or others harm?

Not yet, at least I am unaware.

Am I doing it out of a craving or unnecessary want?

No, I need the practice, for myself and others.

Am I aware of any other necessary action?

I need to edit it.

Am I aware of any other reasons or beliefs?

Not at present, but there are plenty from my past.

Are there any other changes?

I just need to publish.

This kind of moral inventory is what is meant by learning to use the ‘proper use of impressions .’