Saving, working, living and loving

Do you have a mindset to live a better life?

Some people retire early, others learn later in life.

But the good life is there when you are ready for it.

Living a life of immersion

Standing with those who hate you,

Standing for those who can’t,

Standing in harmony with all,

Standing with the help and grace of those who want to make a difference,

Altered Traits

Traits Vs. States, that is the question.

My health is a state.

My traits lead to good or bad health.

To acquire these traits is part of the great mystery or 10,000 things.

It really is a problem in disguise.

Some call it the Art of Living.

Others, sum it up as the way to be.

People are fools for the truth.

There are knaves that twist the truth.

Scientists are the knights of the new age.

There are problems that elude repair and recovery,

And require ongoing examination to hatch a remedy.

At present meditation is the answer.

There are many ways to contemplate consciousness.

Some summarize it as navel gazing.

Others embrace the practice of mindfulness.

The east has been sending teachers to show us and teach us.

Many of us have gone to the east to experience this truth for ourselves.

A history is written about the philosophy of meditation.

Some in the west call it the way to become happy.

Yet, science is only scratching the surface.

Philosophy is starting to use thousands of years of contemplation to uncover the truth.

There is no simple answer.

Using drugs seem to be part of the problem, even for western medicine.

Psychology will study the mind, but the problem is still eluding psychology.

Meditation begs us to slow down.

Being mindful, we become aware of the child within each of us.

We are learning the science behind relaxation, engagement, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation is a tool to acquire the traits to live a better lifestyle.

Check out the science behind meditation:  Altered Traits:  Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body by New York Times Bestselling Authors Daniel Coleman & Richard J. Davidson


Control and Fear

The problem with doing and knowing can appear simplistic at best and compounding most of the time.

Outcomes vary from partial to incomplete,

Generalizations can hang on overly simplistic terms that sound descriptive but capture only half truths,

In time, the use of information will catch up with content,

But in markets on the internet, content is still king.

Beware of what you wish for, fear mongering is alive and well on the net,

Ethical writings are few and far between the norm.

Readers beware, a healthy dose of skepticism may be helpful before taking any immediate action or decision making.

Writers compare, ethics over content, for better work and better reading.

A, You’re An Asshole by Miss Molly (AKA) Aman

“An alphabet book for Ellen Field (AKA) George Bowering

associated with a tributing `Vermeer`s Light

George Bowering Poems 1996-2006`

Apple Inc. is not worth over a trillion dollars in 2018…

Appropriate Askance from men apply to me only.

Add consent to all our personal business and you might have some air to breathe.


Ape me not you and you will attend the picture.

Do me less harm and do yourself a favor.

A tribute to abc poet.



For the late Doug Bennett

14 year ago, a provocative lyric writer named Doug arrived at the Pearly Gates.

He made his way from Toronto to the Canadian west coast in the seventies and made all the difference.

Doug And The Slugs played University Campus in the 80’s. I remember them at the U of A.

And I will remember Doug as a great writer and member of this unique Canadian band.

Keep belting out the tunes”Doug And The Slugs” will play music forever.