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To keep working on writing, photography, philosophy and general interest like poetry,

To be a practitioner of principles that show peace, compassion and simplicity in day to day living and the proper use of impressions,

To read, write, listen, research, watch, touch, taste and see…

To become and be a better person, perhaps experience, hope and strength to ‘do no harm,

To practice making more blog entries to inform, entertain and engage all of you.

Thanks for your experience, strength and hope,

Best Regards from me to you and yours…

Where Social Media Works


Become aware of your loneliness and do something about it.

Please, become aware and support it.

Philosophy of Biology | Collections | eLife

A series of articles offering philosophical perspectives on the life sciences.
— Read on elifesciences.org/collections/7efbfb7a/philosophy-of-biology

Here is a site with free articles that may wet your appetite.


Parlez-vous Français? Who speaks what and where in Canada – Toronto Sun

Parlez-vous Français? Who speaks what and where in Canada – Toronto Sun
— Read on www.google.ca/amp/s/torontosun.com/2017/08/02/parlez-vous-francais-who-speaks-what-and-where-in-canada/wcm/70e348f5-9874-4df0-b399-5a1461f94ad8/amp

To be Canadian some 17-18 percent of people speak French.

Speaking a second language can be useful.

There are political issues around the idea of speaking French or English in Canada.

Here is an opportunity to love two languages.

Due Diligence


To accurately depict an image there must be an orderly method to use.

Terms of reference or definition is a good place to start.

“Do no harm” is a key term when doing your ‘due diligence’.

Although, the use is often for legal reasons like business contracts, the use has been extended to common day to day decisions.

Don’t get over confident or just give lip service to this idea.

You really need to do your research to properly do your due diligence!