Sleep Practice

Today’s Sleep Data

To practice sleep means good hygiene, good habits and good philosophy.

Why, because a good nights sleep requires all these parts to achieve on the regular basis.

Easy for some, difficult for others.

If you can’t get a regular 7 hours sleep, you may want to improve it.

If you can’t, don’t blame yourself, but go see a sleep doctor to get appropriate sleep.

Why I Stopped Helping People and You Should Too – Observer

Why I Stopped Helping People and You Should Too – Observer
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Is helping others addictive?

Do you get high by helping others and end up squandering your resources?

Be specific, read the above article, research the problem, learn about your behaviour to see who you are and if you don’t like it, learn to change your behaviour in a safe manner.

Sometimes changing behaviours run into other bad habits or way of doing self harm like drinking, over eating or gambling.

Gambling with your life or others may be a problem….

Change or life may be the start of a beautiful relationship!

And Now For Something Completely Different

Who wants to hear bad news at this time?

The questions raised by intellectuals are good to contemplate during good times, but stressful and disconcerting anytime because they may oppose our peace of mind.

Yet, to critically think is important practice for us all.

And as an exercise, will do no harm unless taken too seriously or acted on too impulsively.

This challenge is to test your own discipline on thinking critically about uncomfortable topics: nuclear war, climate change/ global warming and criticism of President Trump and The United States Of America.

As individuals it is important to discipline our critical thinking and maintaining healthy skepticism of public opinion. These mental skills are needed in all areas of our life (especially critical thinking)

A little mental and emotional discomfort is a small price to pay, practice mental toughness, please watch the vid while keeping these challenges in mind.