Saturday Night Live

Moments thread together to make my universe.

Mindfulness reminds me to be present here tonight.

My character is somewhat reminiscent of my father’s,

I too liked to dream.

To build this bridge from my past to the future,

I will speak loud and clear.

I am speaking for all those who dream but does not let them be our masters!

To put this in context, Rudyard Kipling wrote to his son as a father.

I am writing loudly but I am not sermonizing to anyone.

Tonight is bent to my will in the same way I try to live.

Use the proper use of impressions and do no harm.

In my case, I may keep a few people awake because I sound so booming or brash.

I could be at a star party: Perseus Meteor Shower 2018.

Instead, I am reading and writing up a storm!

Keep Earning Your Living and keep writing your life.

To do a job for money,

To do a job to live.

To keep at writing when no one likes it or accepts it or even acknowledges it.

Or substitute what you love for writing: polo, finger painting, giraffe necks, cold steel, pins, people, loved ones, the ideas, being alive…

Traipsing through the worlds, the ways, the wandering of an interested and curious fellow.

Sinful Confessions

I love gadgets.

I have always wanted an Apple Watch ( and recently a Ticwatch E).

Me, me, me, I, I,I,want, want, want,

I’ve watched so many YouTube vids, and ads from Apple and Google, but I am saying no.

My life is staying lean.

I flee the consumer scene.

My writing is first and foremost in my mind.

My health is still running a good maintenance program.

I work hard everyday.

I have a need for speed.

Still struggling with desire.


Think about what you want to write a poem with in this session.

Your answer is ‘mindful’.

I am being mindful.

How does it feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

Let yourself pause to collect any awareness.

This session will only take 5 minutes, but if you like you can continue after you are done.

Do you feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

I have been meditating for at least a few years and I always feel more relaxed after a mindfulness meditation like this one.

I also believe being mindful about my writing is just the right way to write.

Harlan Ellison

Master SF writer is being remembered and respected for the work he did over his lifetime.

Many believe his character reflected his own ‘angry young man’.

If so, perhaps the torch will be passed to another in society to befriend that segment of the population.

He wrote about diverse subject matter and never tired from using his talents in screen writing and articles.

A great work that will continue to be read and watched by many.

From Poet To Reader

Reading the page, the text suddenly is lifting off the page.

I can see the image of the text displayed in front of me.

There is no reality, only our imagination, it arranges our thoughts into some kind of text image?

But how can I accept this ‘image nation’?

There must be some truth and beauty.

I am not a body and a mind.

What am I?

I see myself resolving into a bright light.

It turned off.

I am remembering a movie from my childhood.

It is called the “Fantastic Voyage”.

Instead of seeing the inside of my body, I am envisioning a surrreal dream.

I can hear myself, I feel warm, I am in warm coffee.

It sure as shit smells like coffee.

I can see light way up, maybe a thousand feet.

I am going to try and swim over to find the shore.

There seems to be an edge or barrier.  I can’t make anything out.

Shit, I know what this is, I am starting to wake up. I am having a lucid dream.

Are you listening to me!