Think about what you want to write a poem with in this session.

Your answer is ‘mindful’.

I am being mindful.

How does it feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

Let yourself pause to collect any awareness.

This session will only take 5 minutes, but if you like you can continue after you are done.

Do you feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

I have been meditating for at least a few years and I always feel more relaxed after a mindfulness meditation like this one.

I also believe being mindful about my writing is just the right way to write.

Harlan Ellison

Master SF writer is being remembered and respected for the work he did over his lifetime.

Many believe his character reflected his own ‘angry young man’.

If so, perhaps the torch will be passed to another in society to befriend that segment of the population.

He wrote about diverse subject matter and never tired from using his talents in screen writing and articles.

A great work that will continue to be read and watched by many.

From Poet To Reader

Reading the page, the text suddenly is lifting off the page.

I can see the image of the text displayed in front of me.

There is no reality, only our imagination, it arranges our thoughts into some kind of text image?

But how can I accept this ‘image nation’?

There must be some truth and beauty.

I am not a body and a mind.

What am I?

I see myself resolving into a bright light.

It turned off.

I am remembering a movie from my childhood.

It is called the “Fantastic Voyage”.

Instead of seeing the inside of my body, I am envisioning a surrreal dream.

I can hear myself, I feel warm, I am in warm coffee.

It sure as shit smells like coffee.

I can see light way up, maybe a thousand feet.

I am going to try and swim over to find the shore.

There seems to be an edge or barrier.  I can’t make anything out.

Shit, I know what this is, I am starting to wake up. I am having a lucid dream.

Are you listening to me!

Feminism (People’s Rights)

There is a revolution.

People are making political, ideological and societal movements.


People are rightly concerned about voting, work, wages, equal pay, property, marriage, maternity, social integration,rape,sexual harassment,domestic violence.

Listen and learn: humanity has a lot to learn from groups of people.

“Me Too Movement ” is another group that is revolutionary.

Perhaps, the means and methods for change in society will take its toll on a few, so that the many can live together in a better way.


Change Is Challenge

Sometimes change is a pain in the ass.

Often we are kinda set up, we feel overwhelmed and our attitude sucks, we believe we are ‘over worked and under paid’.

There are moments when our awareness let’s us know we are stressed out.

When we feel depressed and stressed, change can become an insult.

So to reframe the problem, we are stressed and depressed and the insult of change just made us aware of it.

Damage control or triage may allow us a short term fix. We may manage the change.

But reality tells us to work out the rest of the problem…

So if we are just feeling depressed and stressed we can do what we always do: rest and relax, get on with the rest of our day.

We may chat it out with friends and relatives or write it out in a journal, do our exercises or work out, play with our hobbies. finish our chores and other responsibilities. Hit the shower and get a good night of sleep.

If your version is more like TV and beer we may have a bigger problem.

The idea is to find out our problem and start to work it out and try not to make it worse.

But we may have to make it worse if we are still stuck or unaware how bad a problem we really have.

No matter how far along the continuum of change you find us, remember we are all on the same path.

Some of us have not met with clinical depression or harmful stress, but wait for it.

We all have a chance to meet them along the path.

Life is the challenge and it is full of change.

Good luck with both!

The Muse

A space or box to play and work to tell or show my message.

And a kind of breath or spirit that directs or leads me to learn what I tell or show.

Or is it a connection between you and me?

Who is the audience?

Stop showing and telling them anything.

Let the unconscious speak, record what it says.

Bring meaning to life from the truth you see.

Here I am.

Listen to me.

Please leave out the affirmation.

Let me inspire you to write out what you see.

Is it important, funny, cute, amazing, current, meaningful or not.

I will make you a tale or yarn to tell.

All you have to do is read and write, be creative and tell your truth.