Philosophy Can Be Used In All My Affairs

Henry David Thoreau said, “To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school… It is to solve some of the problems of life, not theoretically, but practically.”

Epictetus says, “As for diseases of the mind, against the philosophy is provided of remedies, being, in that respect, justly accounted to Medicine of the Mind.”

What is my Philosophy?

I like Epictetus and the work done by other stoics, who use the Socratic method. I also like Tao Te Ching and I Ching and the Eastern philosophy shown over the last 2500 years. I like the scientific method as a broad source of information and method of inquiry. but I am not a practitioner like “Plato Not Prozac! Applying Philosophy To Everyday Problems” by Lou Marinoff, PH.D.

To breath is enough.

To be is a gift.

To see is a luxury.

There are a Myriad of ways to weave philosophy into a practice.

It is not the attempt that counts.

It is a way some find is best for themselves and others.

I use it in all my affairs like a method to untie the knots that keep me from being well.

Fighting Write

Okay with experience:  50 years, lots of curiosity and school, interest in life in general.

Bringing out the boxing gloves of reading and writing is pretty good, but I have weapons and gear🤓

I get up early, write everyday.

I have a blog, journal and other stuff

My sparing partner are various writers, readers and editors😈

I have lots of fans.

I,l, captain, thank you for all of he truth and beauty 🤑

Routine As A Base

Each day has one for each of us.
Mine is what I make of it:
Breakfast, prepare for the day, washroom break, brisk walk to work, workday, supper, read and write, chores, prepare for bed, a good night's sleep. Maybe play my guitar, go for a walk, perhaps a half dozen more things. Meditation, exercise, healthy lifestyle consisting of daily good habits.

Each week has one set for each of us.
Mine is made up of work, sleep, exercise, good meals, family and friends, a routine filled with all the above.

Each month has one set for me.
Pay my monthly bills because I am fortunate enough to work and earn a monthly sum that meets my needs and then some.
I wake up each morning with my routine, each day and evening too, each week and month and year.

It is like an active meditation. It helps to practice and I receive good outcomes: peace of mind, good focus, a healthy lifestyle.

A routine is not enough to live a healthy life, but it is something to be grateful for when one is blessed with family, friends, and health. Lastly, a rather thorny omission or core to living is having a belief system. I describe mine as good enough for me, but not recommended for others. I say I am mostly philosophical by nature and believe in respecting other people's belief system to the best of my ability. Mine you would find through getting to know me like I would by getting to know you.

The Writer’s Way

Here is a top ten, daily schedule for most writers.

1. Write, write and write some more !  But the practice is not the goal.  Learning to find better ways to write is!
2. Reading is a kind of research for an expert or novice.  We learn how to be better at something by finding good product.  Find your love or idols and copy from them.  Steal the stuff from many rather than one.  Like it is said in the Artist’s Way, stealing from one is plagerism, but from many is more original.  We copy and build on what we like.  We actually use it in different ways. This list is similar to many but it focuses in on what I am or love.

3.  Journal:  there are many things that catch the eye, or somethings just come and this is good to discuss with others.  But the journal is like all of this plus a record and a piece of the writer’s routine.

4. Set up an environment:  writing times everyday like 6-7 every morning and 6-7 every night.  Keep a home office, use devices like an eReader, writers mobile table for hand writing anywhere, books and bookshelves and everything else.

5. Meditate. 30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing a night.

6.  Rest, schedule coffee breaks and just goof off from time to time…

7.  Sleep a good 7 hours each night and set up a routine or ritual to encourage a healthy practice.

8:  Exercise:  have a good workout routine to aspire to and practice a good walk and keep mobile and active.

9.  Practice good habits to replace the bad with the end in mind:  eliminate the bad ones.  Don’t be a saint but learn to become healthier each day.

10. Be ambitious and keep your day job until you can afford to be a writer. Find ways to be the student and teacher and write each day.


Capture truth and beauty with care.

Shatter myth  with pomp and flare.

Can we be transparent and spare with word?

Are there answers with description and word?

Why bother, the facts speak for themselves.

You are pompous and wane with wistful sails.

Flutter and fault the artful tale.

Spill and spot the main stay .

It is real.

A course that begs for the route and real.

Place a human being at the heart of the problem.

There are more people that qualify than those that fail.

Success is part of this artful dismissal.

Drag up the optimism.

The Ballad Of Natural Wellness

The old cliche of beauty and truth well up through the benefits of foods.

Those that don’t harm the body or cause allergic reactions to our moods.

There are too many types to “swear in” at the table.

Why don’t we send our mother this silly cable.

Oh nature, nurture us with whole grains, nuts, seed, and legumes.

And a modicum of eggs, fish, chicken, and beef with salient amounts of perfumes.

She’ll cast a shadow or disease at those of us who gamble.

Simple truth shows abstaining from refined carbs and bad fats are the sorter.

To overcome, to compensate, to correct all the above is a shamble.

We need to complete this task with pure water.

We work hard at natural wellness by abstaining from  desirous foods.

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.”

Ode To Poetry Month

Lazy last days lengthened by lamp at night.

Unveiled eyes see all my secrets.

Sounds permeate each stanza and each thought in my head.

They dance and touch and embrace and kiss.

There is a long looping lace that ties the boot shut.

The Olympic flame symbolizes the struggle, the burning desire for “truth and beauty” in every step of the race.

No propaganda, no censorship, no violations of the human spirit will be tolerated here.

Crassness, overbearing prose and self indulgence are stated as clearly as a poet can.

Many claim rights or make proclamations.  Some elude to provocative and pornographic images.

None can claim they have won the race.

For all are invited next spring, where a feast on words and sound will cultivate image and more wit or feeling than any old Apocalypse.

Let’s bury our sorrow in song and dance.

Let’s celebrate with recitals and readings.

Til next year then or the next poem whichever comes next.

Ode to the unabashed, the unashamed, the encumbered, the unsustained.