Loveable Myths

Healers are people who claim they can cure medical conditions.

Or, people who are clairvoyant, magical and are able to turn invisable.

Saints who look like sinners or vice versa.

The gift or miracle that help the community.

Or a kind of enlightenment, an unexplained feeling of Joy or bliss, an intuition that comes true.

Synchronicity, a meaningful experience.

Deja Vu? The unexplained, a kind of positive way of thinking about harm.

Thinking about love is truly a form or central element in wisdom.

And there must be some love expressed in all these kinds of myths or beliefs.

Perhaps, love can be expressed in many ways, some that seem unreasonable or appear unbelieveable.

Sometime the love is more true than the belief but the myth can carry the love to the people who believe in the myth.

Dancing with words…


Our story is the popular myth or illusion of death or ‘unjustifiable annihilation’ of our people.

And the history or place is here in our country.

It is all mapped out in fine detail.

By this I mean, the names of the cities and down to the streets.

If I sound a little melancholy, it is because I lost so many of my friends and neighbors to the war or real death of people who once lived from the same place I use as a map for my imagination when confabulating the story I wish to convey.

Let me just say it is about a machine which I imagine to be a magical ring.

And I have also imagined a place, a language, and a race of people that embody the real people who died in the war that created such a thing as this great fiction.

My hope is we never forget the great sacrifice made by those who have fought and gone before us.

It is important to also note that we are a concurred people who have no myth of our own, and that the only way to obtain a myth or folklore is to survive a great battle where much is lost and destroyed in our great land.

So don’t ever pine for myth or folklore.

This is not a sentimental journey.

Because journey is just a code word for death.

As is folklore and myth.

And as we now know, all this is necessary for a place, a history, a language and a people.

But perhaps, we may learn to settle for less in the future, to find peace in the future and to learn to love, respect and accept different ways to overcome the need for war but not it’s memory.

A Poet’s Muse

The truth is a mean mistress.

She fights you for love and hate.

She may value what you may not,

Or laugh when people cry,

She calls everyone a liar,

Why does she tell the truth?

Her philosophy is partial to virtue,

Her voice depends on my good work.

Her stunning nature reveals all to anyone with no reservation.

My mind blisters looking into her face.

Her power overwhelms the human race.

She answers all her calls

And always stands her ground,

I dare to love her ways.

I blame myself when she is misunderstood,

I can’t help acting like a knave in her presence.

She is demanding, selfish and pure!

Poetry (yes,yes,yes)

“The truth will set you free”

To see and understand, the image must be real.

The flavor or color of sand is a measure of the scale.

How dense is your mitochondria?

How powerful is your cell?

The cost of being vulnerable is the cost of being well.

Who would regenerate from the damage if life lessons practiced well?

Who could forget their misery if ‘mindfulness’ practice fell?

To hoard and heal wounds are subject to living spells.

What do you believe?

Music is a sphere like reason, love and fear.

Tolerance is a virtue like temperance and justice.

Yet, analysis will not yield an answer to the truth about life.

Even a ‘good life’ is subject to others’ reason, love, fear…

Even a ‘holy person’ is subject to tolerance, temperance, and justice.

We would be a monk to answer the truth about love?

Are we not all sinners?

Are we not all human?

Are there no answers?

Are there no ultimate truths?

And there are stories about the ‘wheel of life’.

We dream about the ‘fountain of youth’.

There is an unceasing desire for more.

A complex path to find the truth or any answer in life.

We tend to ask the question ‘why’.

Poetry is like a mirror for the truth.

Beauty is like a structure for the truth.

Meaning comes only in degrees.

Do answers really exist at all?

Is life truly its’ own reward?

[Homer, Ulysses], Ithaca

In this dialogue, the author of the Odyssey has an imaginary talk with the story's main character Ulysses (the Latin name for Odysseus). He is also the author, ascribed by their Ancient Greeks, of the other epic poem called the Iliad. Ithaca is the real place the author ascribes the home or kingdom of the imaginary character Ulysses. Here in the west we still need ways to guide us through our own journey and many people find substance in these two epic poems.

Homer: Well, Odysseus, you are finally coming home from the Trojan War. What shall you do?

Ulysses: I wish you would use my Latin name. And not dwell on the past.

H: I am a poet. My job is to unify humanity.

U: Sure, anything you say, so now I have to go on an epic adventure!

H: Yes, rather than dwelling on the war and anger, I want you to bring us together by illustrating that life is a journey and that god intervenes along the way.

U: Yes, yes, but why does it have to be so long, can't you just let me go home and be done with it. For God's sake, it takes a good twenty years. And what's up with all the gods?

H: Odysseus, 20 years to represent the gods and a person's life is nothing. Humanity must understand that life is full of 'ups and downs' and that the gods or 'what we believe' is important in learning along the way.

U: Well, I'm okay about your message, but I prefer to be called Ulysses.

H: Very well, I wouldn't want to make you angry, again.

The Magic of Middle Earth

Can you follow the way when you are down and out?

Can you see yourself when the lights are out?

Can you be like nature and keep your faith?

A country with Hob-goblins and goblins, dwarfs and elves.

A place with Wizards, Hobbits and men.

A collection of big people and little people.

There are lots of adventures and mysteries.

A power that is very dark and very bad.

A power that is very light and very good.

A wonderful make-believe place that brings everyone together for a fight to decide whether good can triumph over evil.

The magic of this place points towards a reality that is hard to believe.

This reality can not be seen.

We live in this real world and no one believes.

That a myth is important, it helps us see the reality of a way that can not normally be seen.

The Western Myth

“Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our Circle of Compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”-Albert Einstein

We need a way to believe.  Our culture has eroded to the point where it is almost broken.

The symptoms are of the digital age.  People are becoming consumed by consumerism.  Our churches struggle with issues like poverty, homelessness, crime and violence.

Yet, peace eludes us.

We seem to work on a tread mill.

We continue to explore and build better technology while alienating those who are different or unable to produce and consume in our culture.

More and more, people in our culture are becoming sick with these issues that churches and the medical system fail to help.

There is a growing divide between those that can live and those that only survive.

If we want to continue to grow and be fit and live a long and worthwhile life, we need to produce what our doctor’s of culture call good myth, a western myth.

I believe we have it or will adopt it in the near future.

I believe people are aware of it or will embrace it like our forbearers have predicted in the near past.

Truth and beauty shall show a way to express ourselves and protect the sanctity of life.

Every culture needs to thrive.  The human race needs to find a way to do it together.