9 New Laws In Canada

Why care about what you are going to become accountable for this year?


This year a lot will change in Canada and some of the laws you need to know more about.

You may want to start by becoming aware of the changes.


It is fun finding out the benefits of what I eat before the meal.

Coffee Time

I cooked up some steak with red bell pepper and sweet potato. A grapefruit for desert, and a coffee afterwards while having my Saturday afternoon chat with my sister.

I guess besides a good source of vitamin c, protein and anti inflammatory, the foods are simply nutritious!

Steak and veggies!

Cup of Joe! And a Saturday afternoon chat with my sister

Pathways To Gratitude

My stress is one thing I am grateful for today. It was hard to shut myself off and stop talking. It was even harder to answer this tough question (but I had help along the way). As one stressful moment weaved into another, I saw a pattern emerge.

I used AI to create an argument to best help me identify my stress. I asked, “how can I integrate this with stress management?”

I also asked what is the best argument for doing this throughout my life, and AI said the best argument for doing this throughout my life is the pursuit of personal growth and fulfilment.

To me, the ‘good life’ has many reasons, here are some that AI said to my question: Self discovery, Adaptability, Continuous improvement, Alignment with Values, Maximizing Potential, Well-being and Happiness, Inspiring Others and many more….

I must always remember that finding what works and why is a lifelong process, and I will try to cultivate curiosity, open mindedness, and use lots of self-compassion. And I will leverage the time in the morning and evenings to do the work. I do this now and I also daydream. And I use creativity to journal this entry. I do this to alleviate my business to reduce stress and find the ‘good life’.

Pre-Black Friday Book Romp

I love everything about books, library, computer research and romping through the stacks.

With Black Friday coming tomorrow, I recommend going to Value Village and checking out the store a little ahead of time. The Victoria location is open till 10 p.m.


Cyber Monday in Canada – Monday, November 27, 2023

Cyber Monday: History, Top Tweets in Canada, 2023 date, facts, and things to do. When is Cyber Monday shown on a calendar.
— Read on www.wincalendar.com/ca/Cyber-Monday

The weekday after Black Friday, Monday November 28,2023.

Be kind, Be calm Be safe!