9th Year Anniversary and 500 Followers On writetothepoint1960.com

To keep working on writing, photography, philosophy and general interest like poetry,

To be a practitioner of principles that show peace, compassion and simplicity in day to day living and the proper use of impressions,

To read, write, listen, research, watch, touch, taste and see…

To become and be a better person, perhaps experience, hope and strength to ‘do no harm,

To practice making more blog entries to inform, entertain and engage all of you.

Thanks for your experience, strength and hope,

Best Regards from me to you and yours…

Remembrance Day 2019


A day to remember and show respect to those who gave and served to protect us from those who would harm us in a war or conflict.

We may also remember serving others during a war or conflict to protect them from those who would harm them.

Please become aware of each other’s customs and concerns.

The problem with pulling yourself up by your own boostraps is not everyone has working bootstraps

Texans understand boots. So that’s a great metaphor to help us find some common ground on many of the social and political differences dividing America…
— Read on www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2019/11/10/the-problem-with-pulling-yourself-up-by-your-own-boostraps-is-not-everyone-has-working-bootstraps/

Get it, Got it, good.

Can you do what everyone else does?

Check out the link above.

Where Social Media Works


Become aware of your loneliness and do something about it.

Please, become aware and support it.