“Beyond The Stars”

Space, Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, life on another planet, purpose and exploration, progress, and much, much more.

NASA and many other space agencies are trying to make it happen.

Science is giving us the way to do it.

Is it necessary?

Is it necessary to grow and learn and share?

Some of us know it is.

Many believe it is.

Together let’s embrace the idea and continue the quest to be all we can be.https://youtu.be/UCkCSOdRIRA


The Finite Optimist

As Kipling once wrote, don’t make dreams your master, or thoughts your aim.

To act in accord with dream and thought is an art.

The proper action for the proper thought or dream requires a saints heart and an engineers mind.

It is practical to have a set of rules that allow us to uncover the secrets in life and explore the unknown.

We need to read far and wide and understand to envision the progress the future will hold.

Can you treat your body properly so it will function and stay healthy?

Can you process and build on earth to help it function and stay healthy?

These mysteries require discovery, recovery and more.

Go explore.

Biometric ID

Sovereignty identity as apposed to the idea of the sovereign individual.

To be honest, it is a fancy way to ID who, where and as many other elements of people as they move around the globe.

It is becoming a type of tracking device to find people during an emergency at best or during a hunting down at worst.

Yet, what is a country to do?

It seems peevish to become nationalist about it.

How about socialistic?

In today’s politics, the freedom and individual freedom of ‘passport’ is at stake.

What would it be like to show ID in all entry and exit situations? Sex? Conversations? Going in and out of any activity?

‘Why’is it that most of us celebrate our passport, drivers’s licence, birth certificates, etc?

Of course we are happy about celebrating ‘the individual ‘.

In this sense, happy trails to all, have fun, be a good guest, your friend’s place may have different rules you should know and practice and keep in touch, things can get a little odd traveling to new and different countries and peoples.