I love to journal,write and walk,think, meditate and become peaceful

I want to teach and become a student in my life.

What can I do about it: journal, read, write, blog, write a book and study to do it.

Most of the time I am curious about meditation.

Most of the time I practice being calm and experience peacefulness.

I love to learn and practice how to do all of it.

I believe that is what my book will be all about.

This is my journey what will be yours?

We Are Made, We Are Not Born.

Let it Go!

The first 25 years give us the base for our commander.

Conventionality is the bane of our existence, but passion for passion’s sake can be a mistake.

What are we grateful for during the working years, the child rearing years?

Lay down the laws, but do them for ourselves first, be original, but moral.

From 25 to 50 we start to learn and create. We are busy. But we journal about everyday. We read everything. We store it all for the next 25 years.

The health we had we must repair. We must earn our freedom. Learn to learn, let the sanctions that frustrate our madness go.

Seize all the time left to us,make us expert meditators, give us strength and when we only have will to live, let us live within our shrinking limitations!

Let it go. Let us be century’s children. Keep living free. Read and write like there will be no tomorrow.


Happy Anniversary, even if WordPress and I have to say it.

A blog could be made into a book, but is there enough good content worth the edit?

I have used this platform the same way other writers do:  practice, produce content and learn to be a better writer or blogger.

It will be fun to have another seven years on this site.

Thanks for the chance to participate, produce and practice!

This Amazingly Crazy Wild Powerful Exciting Experience Worth All The Time And Energy You Possess

The horror may awake as a feeling, but the experience is in technicolor.

Or the banality is only a black and white version or a mere reflection of life.

The anxiety of being is real enough to make you itch.

You do connect with people and for the most part, it makes us better doing this little bit.

Many conventions keep us safe from each other.

Our minds invent more and more to produce material and morality for society.

A middle way is something society has been practicing since we lived in society.

But you may believe society is just a cartoon full of cut out characters.

Have you got stage fright? Do you see reality in a bleak way and misunderstand yourself in some basic way?

Move out of your comfort zone (or you may not have this luxury).

Examine life to the fullest and unplug from it all when you do it.

Maybe start by making observations in a journal?

Do you want a better way to live?

If not, go out a find a way that is best for you.

Uncover it. Discover it.

Learn while you go on this ride you may be stuck doing everyday.

Play safe, connect with others as much as you can stand.

But enjoy a little solitude, you may believe life sucks, but there might be a better way.

Unplug Each Night, Except to Read and Write!

Turn off the computer, tablet, iPhone, printer, and all the other gadgets in the place.

Should I turn off the lights, the fan in my bathroom, close the balcony door?

Is this the best poem I can write?

Okay, what is next?


INXS:  Suicide Blonde, was the color of her hair.  Minogue was required to dye her hair platinum blonde, I am interested in the literal meaning.  Is this a hair color?

I would like to see a google map of Middle Earth.

The 2017 Total Eclipse was 90 something % in Victoria, B.C.:  the sunset shadows at 11 AM were very surreal.

I like to read and write.

My “How Important Is it?”

My most important thing is learning to ‘fast from the pain.’

I have these bad habits like most people.

Like most, I get around to giving up the habits that are really bad.

Everyone can fall into making ‘a hole in the soul.’

The habits are contingent on the pain.

My job is to stop ignoring it.

My job is to realize the ‘how and when’ of it.

In my case, the excess dwelling on mistakes and hard times,  boil down to ups and downs.

My triumphs have been sports, awards, education and work.

My failure or disaster has been sickness, getting fired, loosing friends and family, and other mistakes.

I have learnt that this is a dress rehearsal for when I am able to do them without beating myself up.

My belief is having a good life.  I do no harm.

I understand some of it.  I am working it out and doing some good.

I live to the best of my ability like everyone.

I am grateful for the journey.

The Writer’s Way

Here is a top ten, daily schedule for most writers.

1. Write, write and write some more !  But the practice is not the goal.  Learning to find better ways to write is!
2. Reading is a kind of research for an expert or novice.  We learn how to be better at something by finding good product.  Find your love or idols and copy from them.  Steal the stuff from many rather than one.  Like it is said in the Artist’s Way, stealing from one is plagerism, but from many is more original.  We copy and build on what we like.  We actually use it in different ways. This list is similar to many but it focuses in on what I am or love.

3.  Journal:  there are many things that catch the eye, or somethings just come and this is good to discuss with others.  But the journal is like all of this plus a record and a piece of the writer’s routine.

4. Set up an environment:  writing times everyday like 6-7 every morning and 6-7 every night.  Keep a home office, use devices like an eReader, writers mobile table for hand writing anywhere, books and bookshelves and everything else.

5. Meditate. 30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing a night.

6.  Rest, schedule coffee breaks and just goof off from time to time…

7.  Sleep a good 7 hours each night and set up a routine or ritual to encourage a healthy practice.

8:  Exercise:  have a good workout routine to aspire to and practice a good walk and keep mobile and active.

9.  Practice good habits to replace the bad with the end in mind:  eliminate the bad ones.  Don’t be a saint but learn to become healthier each day.

10. Be ambitious and keep your day job until you can afford to be a writer. Find ways to be the student and teacher and write each day.