Ebola outbreak complex

Change is hard to see.

Look into Ebola in DRC,

We all need to be aware, accepting and supportive,

What do you think?

WHO to hold emergency meeting over Congo Ebola outbreak that’s seen 33 cases in past week

The Truth About Global Warming Or Climate Change

To scare anyone into changing the current trend is as confusing as asking people to give up their bad habits,

It is like an epidemic, we are all suffering these effects due to a problem out of our control.

Our reality bubble is local, we are lucky when we can break out of the 9 to 5 rut that claims all our time and energy.

Reading through the NASA site on the topic seems to leave truth hanging in some beautiful gallery window.


The CBC hits the ground running trying to convince people to fight the temperature change by one degree. There would be far less destructive global warming.

In the last ten years, the problem has gotten much worse. I have been lowering my carbon footprint and changing my bad habits.

There is a lot of information on this topic to assess and use to improve the damage we are doing to the planet.

Going green seems like a good idea.


‘What the truth means’ seems to be worth contemplating here.

The all or nothing approach to climate change may produce a problem too big to handle on our own.

We are ready to make a global change one way or the other.

To prepare for either outcome seems to be the prudent thing to do.


Yet, there is still the gloomy news about global warming, the UN delivered the news about a one degree temperature increase with little hope of turning things around.


Cannabis In British Columbia

What are the rules and regulations regarding marijuana in B.C.?

Getting informed and prepared for the legalization of marijuana in B.C. on October 17, 2017.


We are ready, says Lisa Helps


World view


There are plenty of workplace health and safety tips and coping solutions for the public at large.

Time will help the adjustment of new practices, but it is always good to stay informed about ongoing changes in all parts of our lives.

What Does ‘Pot’ Do To Employers?

What are the right questions to ask your accountant?

How will the drug effect the employee?

What do you need to know?

Getting informed about workplace problems start by asking the right questions and researching solutions to existing and potential problems.




Don’t make things into good and bad,

It’s not my job.

Passion gone astray,

Illusion is a mental demonstration of insanity.

Don’t act on reaction,

It’s not a very good job.

Rehearsal may make a good practice,

But bad habits are bad habits.

Don’t avoid decisions,

Some are good and some are bad.

Practice helps sort the good from the bad,

With support from family and friends life’s problems can be overcome.

Learning to live will make the experience a work of art.

The art of living is just another way of expressing the ‘good life’.

The Scent Of Religion

The association is strong with people and culture.

To understand humanity is to understand and accept religion within each of our limitations.

Not all people believe the supernatural aspects of a belief, but many love the ceremony, community and art embodied in all religious ways.

It’s true that there are difficulties in accepting the whole package.

Atheists are borne out of a strong desire to live without supernatural belief.

Many people have a good sense of skepticism in their day to day lives.

There is a lot more we have in common than we are different.

Science and philosophy attempt to fill the gap.

But we all look for answers.

And platitudes are mostly empty answers or partial at best.

So, the struggle to live and thrive is still a good goal.

I hope you continue to discover meaning and purpose for your entire life.

Daylight Saving Time (DLS)

Seeing the ‘big picture’ with DLS seems to be about agreement on society’s need.

Most argue about the pros and cons but most go with the flow because of it’s basic need to produce a working schedule.

Like it or not, it is time to prepare for the time change,

With all the stuff we do these days it is nice to have a heads up.

If for some crazy reason you want more information, it is simple to google the date and time for your location.

After reading all about it on Wikipedia, you may want to check out the article to settle your own mind about some pro or con about this silly but necessary change.