Strong Gravitational Lenses

Einstien made sense when he,in the Theory Of General Relativity, guessed that a big mass can pull or bend light toward it due to its great mass.

The big telescope, Hubble, proved his idea by using the mass of a near by galaxy.

Oh, galaxy ESO 325-G004, why does thee love me so?

Now, to hear it in the news, decades later is just icing on the cake.

Another step closer to using science to make use of nature’s ways.

Human Behavior (People are able to change)

Understanding who you are by understanding how your brain grows and operates.

What do genes have to do with behavior? This is most misunderstood.

Genes have nothing to do with behavior. But the environment turns on genes (or the instructions). Environment’s meaning changes from small to big. This area of understanding and facts is well worth learning all you can.

There is no determinism from genes because of our diverse environments. Think about it. What does culture have to do with it?

Brains and genes and culture coevolve.

Individual selection? Kin selection? Reciprocal altruism? It is very complicated it understand.

Be damned sure you understand human behavior before you judge yourself or others.

Learn to be your best self!

“Behave”. By Robert M Sapolsky

Understanding Hawking and Herzog’s Last Paper: kinda?

A finite number of multi verses.

Multiple big bangs,

The universe is like a 3D movie with the screen making it finite.

You got to know your theories: Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics And String Theory!

If all else fails, I highly recommend reading the woman who is the Senior Science writer for CBC.

It’s A Beautiful Day

A frantic Friday full of traffic, deadlines and a parking ticket to boot.

A positive thing to do is to take a 15 night vacation in Hawaii for three grand.

If that won’t work, try to stop time, stand at eternity, live without time or space.

Why do I connect with nature, the pattern in the living tree bark, the swaying of leaves and branches in the wind?

How does a pleasant walk outside among nature enrich my senses and provoke ‘right action’ during this active meditation?

Why are my biggest mistakes leading me to my biggest cures?

In positive psychology the term or prompt to make a ‘beautiful day’ is a great excuse to slow down and do less work and experience more beauty in a brief period of time.

To practice all the beauty you can muster in the next 24 hours might be too big of a challenge.

My day is cooperating with me:  a great hike, a good visit with relatives, reading and writing, a good meal, a talk on the phone with another friend and relative, winding down with a light supper, a beer and a good show before a hot shower and bed.


Standing Against The Tide

Caring about the environment is like being on the fence in today’s media swollen society. With countless collectives, left leanings, and political correct academics, is there a voice for the student naturalist?

Be a student ecologist.

Be a student of science.

Be a student of psychology.

Be a student of philosophy.

Be a student of common sense.

Be an innovative, business oriented worker.

Don’t be afraid of all the stuff that alarmists try to convey.

Be a healthy skeptic but be yourself.

Try to put your money and behaviours where your mouth says you are bound to enjoy.

Try to implement some of the good ideas into your lifestyle.

Humanity Loving Nature

Climate change is a symptom.

Human behaviour is the problem.

The solution is to change ourselves.

The human imagination can track a love for the planet and the universe.

Our care and attention can change our destructive economy into a planet friendly and universal health care system that supports nature and builds new ways to be green and a live on a happy planet without any destructive behaviour coming from us.

Why not think green, vote green and search for green solutions.

To act on this solution is the best chance for any stakeholder.

Clean up yourself and clean up the world.

The Theory Of Everything

It may sound simplistic that the universe started from a singularity.

Or that black holes are not that black, that in fact, there is some Hawking radiation escaping from them.

In his book, The Grand Design, he pauses to note the big and the small and everything in between.

The epic, the unified field theory is about putting it all together, questions like how does relativity relate to say quantum mechanics.

Imagine, making sense out of all of this…

Canada, among other nations, mark the passing of great scientists like Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Their contributions to science are still being examined today and for many years into our future,