International deal to protect ozone layer behind new contaminant problem: study | National Post

EDMONTON — A landmark environmental agreement that helped close the ozone hole in the 1990s has led to new chemical contaminants forming in the atmosphere and accumulating on land.
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Remember the hole in the ozone layer?

What about the important environmental agreement that was the fix at the time?

There is more to examine and consider when trying to change.

There is a call for more investigation and study.

To stay informed and aware is the challenge.

The problems we create for the planet are beginning to be understood and examined in detail.

Please support the effort.

Hearsay, Public Opinion And Speculation

Using philosophy to solve a problem is something people may like to use in these uncertain times.

The Hellenistic Age is chalked full of wisdom from Socrates, Plato and the Stoic Seneca.  Logic was overthrown then by a form of Hedonism, with variations on the theme, ‘eat, drink and be merry’!

It seems history is going to repeat itself during the Covid-19 Age.

Yet, there are other ways to work out problems.

Science is wildly popular today with the use of predictive science methods that basically gets results that work.

We have had more success with science in the last 200 years than by using any other method.

And, here in B.C., we are having some measure of success with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s methods.  She even goes beyond science at times with catch phrases that amount to ‘do no harm’.

Stay safe and practice social distancing!

NMN And Resveratrol

Make sure it is kept in the fridge and the supplier does the same.

The existing study suggest it is safer to wait for further study than to be sorry.


Please stay informed and watch the vid bellow before deciding to use as supplements.

But if your doctor believes it is safe for you to do so, fasting and intermitted fasting also show similar results for health and longevity.

The Human Body

Study and understand is a path to truth through experience and experiment like science.

Some academics have knowledge that needs us to examine,

Please support the effort.

Information Is Key

Science has it’s sources.

But many of them are costly and underreported to the public.

If you are a bit of a science nerd, be sure to check out more information.