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Vivaldi wrote his concertos in the spirit of the universal.

You know that catchy program music you can’t get out of your head,

Back in the day, the revolution, produced some pretty original sounds.

Life itself is being programmed for all to ‘see’.

Money Changing Hands

When we connect with family, friends or community, there is a kind of magic.

But along with the love, there is a responsibility.

Can you see the difference, because this person/band is making a political statement that may have serious consequences.

With that said, they seem to be helping people help themselves.

Education is key.

Check out this vid.


The Four Seasons

I am fortunate to be listening to an old favourite of mine.

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons by Tafelmusik-Jeanne Lamon. Sony Music 1992.

I have a copy of the CD as well as this digital copy in my library.

It is a great pleasure to hear it tonight after all these years, 2014, no 2010? When did I last remark in my journal? It is a pleasure to note it here.

#1 Stress Release For Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A linguist friend of mine made me a tape back in the nineties to help me cope with stress.

To be honest, this tape is better, I highly recommend taking some part of 3 hours and discover it for yourself.

I love classical music, and all though this is one of the most popular pieces of all time, it is personal, today many will recognize it as a wedding music piece.

Please look after yourself, try the link below for a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major


Antonio Vivaldi

“The Four Seasons “, no doubt the most popular of the composer’s work.

A man of means, a priest and musician, a talented violinist and businessman.

The survival of his music today is a testament to the joy still felt by music lovers internationally.

Father Folksinger

In Canada, Gordon Lightfoot comes to mind,

Still going strong in his eighties, the man is a living icon,

He is known and loved by many a folkie Canadian fan,

As well, by the fickle folk lovers internationally,

More than a memory, this folk hero is well imbedded in our culture,




Richard D.

My good friend Richard was a big fan of Diana Ross, partly because of his gay pride and  partly because he loved all things ‘queen’.

‘The Queen Of Motown, Diana Ross, is so big and so talented with all her glamour.’ Or so says Richard.

Although, Richard had many problems, and passed away a few years ago, he would be the first, to celebrate her accomplishments.

It is good to see she is still presenting her talent for good causes :  National Arts Centre Foundation.

Concert review: Diana Ross helps raise more than $780,000 at NAC Gala


Yard bird

Jazz is Coltrane, Miles and Parker.

A prisoner of the mind when the patterns play and when the creation is not working out.

Sound and its silent spaces make music  sing.

Time passes with or without a beat.

A phone meets the listener, because the player makes a call that rings.

Bring the quarrelsome quintet into the chamber.

The blast echoes with Bings and bangs.

Spirits fly high and low.

Work for balance and enjoy the show.