Agents Of Visualization

She is a vision.

He is a secret agent.

Love is beyond the universe.

And we are all one.

Cosmology of the heart is the spirit of togetherness.

Be it a friendship or a relationship, couples are like the angels in heaven for consenting adults.

Place love on the back burner for the moment, people care about each other.

We become friends for this reason.

It is a lot more than that, it goes beyond time and space.

Perhaps, these beings are really the angels that make the universe go round.

At least, let’s us all enjoy friendship more this time of year.

Hell, let’s enjoy friendship all year long…

At What Point Does The Conscious Become the Judge?

We all have problems.

Sometimes we judge them.

Sometimes they are bad.

Of course that doesn’t mean we need to judge bad parts of ourselves.

I am bad when my conscious becomes the judge of my stuck self.

Some problems rock me so hard I need someone or something to help me out of the mess.

I tend to love the benefits friends bestow upon me.

Many times they are oblivious to my problems, they are totally present to help me.

They are not suffering and sincerely see my need for compassionate understanding and support.

Often, I just need a good listener.

Often, they don’t feel compelled to judge.

Often, it is a positive supportive experience of a friend , simply listening to my problem.

Richard D.

My good friend Richard was a big fan of Diana Ross, partly because of his gay pride and  partly because he loved all things ‘queen’.

‘The Queen Of Motown, Diana Ross, is so big and so talented with all her glamour.’ Or so says Richard.

Although, Richard had many problems, and passed away a few years ago, he would be the first, to celebrate her accomplishments.

It is good to see she is still presenting her talent for good causes :  National Arts Centre Foundation.

Concert review: Diana Ross helps raise more than $780,000 at NAC Gala


A Hateful Longing For Revenge

The lord of power spoke to me,

Through constant craving for more.

He said I was right.

She said I was wrong.

Neither accepted my hate or reason for revenge.

He said, to error is human…

She said, love your neighbor.

But I was hating and thinking of ways to get back at the neighbor.

A deep feeling or resentment for the humiliation, along with an overwhelming sense of pride in my ways to be in control.

All the while I felt and thought, friends would listen and let me rant and rave.

One friend reminded me of a error he made.

One friend reminded me of the love she had for her neighbor.

Slowly my pride lost its power over my reason.

My hate stopped throbbing long enough to loose some of my impulsiveness.

I started to feel some self pity.

It was a pity that liked company, but my friends would not stand for it.

They kept getting me out for walks and asking me about other experiences that showed alternates to hate and revenge.

Should I have isolated or drank a drug, I would have misbehaved in stronger ways.

There is no easy way through pain and suffering…

It takes all the friends and support I have to help me recover from the loss of sanity.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the hate and revenge.

I can only remember a vague craving for them both.

I am grateful they don’t mean as much to me as my friends and my personal responsibilities.