Marijuana: The Black Market/Humour/Murder

This is a good movie:  The Gentlemen.  The topic requires less entertainment and more of a reality check.  But reality, crime and the ugly underside of humanity is better kept for another day.  Perhaps (the movie) a little obtuse, but very happy watching times!

Please check out the movie on your favorite movie rental service.

(That’s a pretty fucking good movie!)

“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker”

“May the force be with you”

The epic is with out parallel this holiday season.

A far reaching entertainment for all this time of year.

This new movie release will leave all with a better sense of Disney appeal.

Montgo Old Vines Monastrell 2015, Spain – The Globe and Mail

A well-rounded red from Spain’s bargain Jumilla region
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Nice review above, just picked up a bottle, around 20 bucks,

But it is from 2015, if you like oaky, toasted, this is nice…

Great for a chat with friends and relatives (drinking responsibly),

Just checking out affordable, drinkable wine…

Victoria Zombie walk 2019 at Centennial Square, Sidney

Victoria Zombie walk 2019, Centennial Square, Victoria, British Columbia, Sidney, Canada. Sat Oct 26 2019 at 03:00 pm, Its that time again! get out the blood and let the dead walk!start gathering around 3pm and be prepared to start walking at 3:30 sharp!//General event rules//–No fireworks/fi
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Yes, don’t forget, like me last year, to go on the annual Zombie walk here in Victoria, British Columbia.

See you there and be sure to read my live blog report on the event!

Den Of Thieves

There are people…

And things…

Scared yet, you should be.

I am.

Good people are bad people.

You won’t see them coming.

And bad people can surprize you.

But don’t feel like you owe anybody, anything.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll.


People take things they want.

We usually become their victoms.

People get hurt everyday.

I just don’t want to harm anyone.

Society does it’s best to make it safe for all of us.

I for one, will not be looking for trouble.

I’m glad I got no skills.

Check out the movie “Den Of Thieves”.