Lost In Space Tribute: Season 2 on Netflix

I am watching season 2.

I put it on today for about 5 minutes.

You know, the intro and the opening scene.

I can say I love it.

The first season sold me on the second.

A great production, wonderful cast, acting and special effects

Rebound, season 2 will be great.

I am loving it.

Check out the link for more info.



Sex Is My Baby Finger

Taking the sex out of sex is hard to do,

whether talking to a ten year old or feeling friendly to people you care about.

The fun thing about paternal love or love of children, is the desire to do no harm.

It is a challenge to talk about sexuality on a good day.

But kids need to learn it is okay to be who they are.

People need to feel the same way.

How many awkward moments does it take to screw in a lite bulb?

Bottom line, sex is not the issue, people are.

Let’s always show that we care about people rather than the awkward, sometimes embarrassing moments that erupt out of sexuality experiences.

Money Mystery

The advent of where money comes from with the suggestion to update the central banking system to digital bank accounts may seems unimportant to most people.

Yet there seems to be some mystery surrounding money.

To have money seems like a no brainer.

To use money seems like a must.

And the problems with money seem never ending.

Perhaps it is just the combination of attributes we all attribute to money and its meaning in day to day life.

Well, for those who are game or up for a challenge, I recommend watching the video and thinking more about our understanding and need for money.


Bonnie and Clyde

These celebrities want you to notice them.

Can you remember who they are?

Rogue genius, and beauty liberating us from eternal sin, they just wanted what they wanted and to hell with you and me.

A mean time to live, especially if you liked to kill and get your own way.

Some old rangers like Jim, FBI and others want you to know they will get your man and woman.

Bad behaviour is in love with bad behaviour, or each other, they seemed to agree to disagree, even when it came to loosing touch with each other.

“Toothpick there knows it.”  the people say all sorts of things about others who claim to help, even the ones who killed them two antiheroes.

Shooting guns at each other to kill to have their own way!

The killers are tired of killing, that is why Bonnie and Clyde lasted as long as they did.

We learn and we change our ways.

Good night, Bonnie and Clyde.


Classic Good Works

Becoming a cognitive warrior is a way to face magical thinking and designing a new self-image.

In the 80’s, bibliotherapy became a new way to practice ‘good work’.

Prior to that, thousands of years earlier, hard won battles with the mind won favor.

Today, we know we are what we think, believe and act upon.

So, to learn what we can control about ourselves is a ‘good work’ or skill that we can practice to live a more contented life.

To meet with minds that know how to teach this tool, check out David D. Burns and the old philosopher, Epictetus.

Of course the simplest and best way to meet these two are through bibliotherapy, or what most people call book learning or putting things into practice that you read and believe in the book.

Good luck.


Affection and womanly (sister and mother) charm,

It’s my birthday, isn’t that for kids?

Don’t we all celebrate children as a way to help them be a healthy human being?

Okay, I won’t be a ‘smug martyr’ like Romesh Ranganathan.

But I do enjoy being low key.

But , be you, do you, vision and voice, you!

It’s a time to express the affection you have for yourself while allowing others to do the same.

In my case, mom and sis.

But there is more.  Really?

I’m loving to go to a movie and doing some reading and writing, and research, and journaling and philosophy, photography, talking, good habits (sleep, eat, exercise) and that is being responsible for expressing me!

But what’s it like on the inside?

Good, bad, ugly-it is a human mess.

And its also nice to see a little of that to spice up your day.

Maybe, in my case, I’ll do a little intrapersonal psychology throughout the year to express some of my mess.

In any case, be yourself, don’t let others push too hard, express yourself and let others express themselves too.  Happy living!