My Globe and Mail Newspaper

From September 12, 2020 to October 9, 2020, the digital copy will cost me $29.36.

In 2018, it cost $25.16. I’ve been a customer since at least 2016.

Or that is as far as my payment history will allow me to see.

So much for ‘basic’ service.

I have had little use for the paper, in that I’ve read it, faithfully, once or twice a week.

Mostly, I skim through it.

I’ve written a few blogs about related articles on topics of interest.

I like the newspaper, and I encourage others to read and subscribe to the service.

It is a great way to get some news coverage and an important ‘go to’ news source.

I feel there is a better way to keep up with the news.

I like to support good coverage, listen and read the local, municipal and national news.

Most of this is covered in the Globe and Mail and other similar papers in other countries around the world.

They keep a close control over their financial interest.

And they work hard to keep it running smoothly and on time to turn a fair profit.

All in all I give it a 7 or 9 out of ten. Please read more about the importance of news, the history and the need to support ‘good’ news coverage.

I highly recommend Wikipedia as an information source for facts and accuracy.

Freedom is my goal for staying informed and doing my part . It requires that I do a reasonable job and try hard to learn and understand the world I choose to support.

Lastly, a word about free will and anonymity. Better choices are hard to make without them. I choose to live with compassion, proper use of impressions and without necessarily making it public knowledge.

I think I can be safer and healthier this way.

I am grateful for the resources to live in this world.

Good luck with your journey and happy trails…

The Future Of AI

The future is here:

AI= specifically better at doing any one human task like driving a car.

AGI= As good at doing anything a human can do (by 2028)

ASI=Better than any human (?)

Let’s talk about quantum computers.

Let’s learn machine language.

Let’s learn other things to do before (2028) rather than after we become a victim of technology.

Begin your education.

Become sufficiently aware of AI.

Education is key.

There are over 1 million AI jobs unfilled available at present.

Check out Amazon.

Think about it, support the effort.


The Alien Perspective

“Will we survive?” is the question.


Dire outlooks seem useless.

But, ‘think the worst and hope for the best’.


Truth may express thinking as argument.

Noam is a strong messenger…

International Day of Peace

The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political.
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The more important question is about day two.

There is a need for continuing the work to a final conclusion:365 a year.

With this actuality, progress can continue to be strived for with concrete outcomes and a direction to improve on the day to day peace, ad infinitum…

Individuals need to be engaged, repeatedly to attempt a dialogue and affirmative action for ongoing continual peace.

John Lennon said it best, “Give peace a chance.”

Day by day, an actual scale to approach for everyone, in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.



A spectrum of possible outcomes exist in reality,

Not to put too fine a point on it, ‘we live a little and die a little’…

Like Hailie’s Comet, the cycle may only come around in along time

Or like some moths, a life cycle may be a few day.

To live a life worth living, most of us put limits on what we do,

A happy medium is usually the rule of thumb.

Society is complex, and what is good for society is the rule,

But what is good for the individual does not always align with society,

Currently there are many outcomes that fall short of the individual but bode well for society.

Education is the key to making a informed decision:

Officials have unveiled a new proposal that will help fund plans to implement universal basic income across the country.

As more and more jobs are threatened by robots, officials have come up with a plan to eventually introduce universal basic income – which is basically a minimum salary that will be paid to all it’s citizens. Though it seems like a great idea, it will be expensive. How expensive? At least $43 billion.

To pay for it, early this week it was announced that online casinos would be permitted to operate. It’s expected that tax revenues collected from these online casinos and those from marijuana will be enough to pay for its plans to implement universal basic income.

“We have decided to permit online gambling and allow a few licensed and regulated casinos who have been determined to be legitimate and real. The taxation structure will be similar to how existing lottery systems operate, except this will be on a bigger level.

When questioned as to what would happen with tax revenues in the meantime, they said “these tax revenues will go towards funding various pension plans, and later, these two will be replaced with a universal income system.”

After the announcement was made, it was said that only a few online casinos are permitted to operate in the country, with Grand Mondial receiving the first license “because they helped draft legislation, and have been reviewed and examined to be fully compliant and legitimate.”

The above was taken from a CBC News Canada By MICHAEL FORER 17 November, 2018



Media reports latest In Ebola Outbreak

There is trouble in this District republic of the Congo in the form of a nasty virus called Ebola.

Many people have died, been infected and some have recovered from this virus.

The numbers have slowly increased over the last four months, but the authorities have been pushing to maintain control over a serious situation.

Globally, China, USA, Canada and many others have been offering support and assistance as the problem continues to grow.

On the ground, in the region affected things have heated up due to the added violence due to civil warring and unrest.

WHO and many others are sending health workers and medical assistance to all those who need it.

With our hopes and prayers and support and assistance this outbreak may still be kept under control with persistence and tenacity.

Please remain calm, helpful and aware, this is still a difficult and unpredictable situation.